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Description : The vocals to a short song I did and uploaded on youtube.
Description : Layered vocoded track fit for any mix. Pkease contact me if used.
Description : fun pella summer vibes!!
Description : Nobody Wants To Kiss Me Under The Mistletoe Original Acapella by Shamoozey, muah! Key of A-minor, G, F,... Get in touch for commercial release and be sure to feat. Shamoozey in you title remix. Now, give us a kiss Santa!
Description : 'Give Me Jesus' original acapella by Shamoozey is getting in the mood for Christmas with a rockin soul blues pella that defies genres. Lets hear it Christians! As always, feat. Shamoozey in your title remix. Get in touch for commercial exploration of this acapella and all Shamoozey vocals. A man ya don't meet every day!
Description : I used the same instruments from my last song but it came out cool and still sounds different. Here's the link
Description : This acapella is titled "Take my time." Use Genre of your choice. This has been pieced together, so if you just download and place in over your song, it will not sync well. There are two tracks because I wanted you to hear potentially where you can place back vocals (effects added). The main vocals are raw. Also, please, try to match key and pitch as best as you can without having to make me sound like a man or a chipmunk. I want the people to know the real voice behind the name. I know I'm not the greatest singer, so I understand if my voice do not work well with your song. In that case, it is better to just not use my vocals at all. For those who want to take the risk, please ft. eSoreni and do not use commercially. There are instructions on my website to find out how to conveniently use my acapella commercially. Details: I used the following bass chords Cm Dm Gm Gm 4/4 Vocal keys D C A# C C A# A G A# A G A A# Thanks and sorry for being so picky.
Description : Just for fun, I'm NOT a rapper. I'm barely a singer. It's just a song I wrote about how crazy the world is today. Goes well to a Dubstep or Trap Beat. Notes I sang are C F D# A# and G# for key purposes.
Description : Electronic ambient vocal. Chords Cm Bb Cm Gm. Please credit and send me links to finished track. Contact me for commercial use.
Description : auto tune vocoder vocal but my beat reminds me of mario bros when you jump to the flag :) here it is
Description : First - For Free use name should be "Michael Mayo- What You Gonna Do (Remixed By YOURNAMEHERE)" That is the format for all my songs. Second, To show you guys it is possible to make a great remix with the loops and acapellas I give to you I added made my own remix to see if it was possible heres a good reference: (I can find your mix even if you don't link me. so) =)
Description : YOOOOOO GUYS THIS IS A THROWBACK! JUST REUPLOADING MY ACAPELLA! :D vibrant hip hop song MUST name it "Michael Mayo - Big city (remixed by your-name.)" Here's the official remix:
Description : Thanks for listening everybody! Can't wait to hear some new production on this acapella! If used in a non-profit project please credit Robby Hart and send me a link. Commercial use by request only and please contact at :)
Description : An Original by me, first play through with some basic piano chords , second play through pure acapella
Description : Just random short diddy i made in my head
Description : Free to use for NON-commercial projects (no selling!). Don't put 'Original' in your title and please give me credits in the title (Ft. Sehya). If you are interested in commercial usage -> contact me. Key: Bb Major Bpm: 128
Description : heres my version
Description : The Hottest New sound from South-south Nigeria! suitable for Trap /Hiphop email for business
Description : trap type flow heres my version I mixed and mastered it :)
Description : the was our first time recording. tempo no sure 90 or 120 been a while.
Description : heres mine made for trap but it might sound good on a house beat :)
Description : Pop, EDM, trap, hip hop For Free use name should be "Michael Mayo- Hope (Remixed By YOURNAMEHERE)" That is the format for all my songs. Second, the original can be found here: For Commercial use contact me on my soundcloud
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