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Description : So by the time it has has been passed along to, a few people, some extra bits get added, it turns into the greatest load of Bullshit that you've ever heard but this ain't tittle tattle. If you can use it please just credit me.
Description : Real life civil servants have finally been banned from using the jargon that has kept the comedy writers from Yes Minister to the Thick Of It in gags for years. Officials have been issued with an online style guide that tells them, for the first time, what unacceptable Whitehallese is.
Description : Looperman has been oh so good to me and I'm giving back. Here's the acapella for my last track 'Don't Let It Go To Your Head' that you will find here: The track is a dubstep track but this instrumental can be used on RnB, Hip Hop, House, etc... No limits! You can use this acapella in whichever project as long as you credit me (ft. Charlie Rose) and send me the final result!
Description : A normal resting heart rate for adults ranges from 60 to 100 beats a minute, I think this worked out at 115.If you use it please just credit me.
Description : Here's a a rap war song in 120 bpm. Yes, you can use it for yo project. I hate wars! Than God for music!
Description : Here's a good intro or outro for Shamoozey "Country" fans! lol
Description : Description :high fo this 144 bpm please emailif you use this acapella or tweet @amvismusic
Description : Feat Igor Pose. In case of use as a part or entirely the mention of credits is mandatory.
Description : Deep house or similar. If you use it just credit me, thanks.
Description : Spoken Word Poem. Feel free to use, add more fx, use only the bits you need etc. Deep esoteric stuff. Don't know tempo. Just put me in the credits. Sample -
Description : Might suit a few genres, let me know if you use it.
Tags : 200 bpm | Rap | 4.88 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : This an old Irish rebel tune. The beat is 200 - 4/4 measure. On this one Shamoozey turns into Irish rebel wrapper ! lol Feel free to use in ur projectile! Cheers!
Description : A poem written by William Wordsworth back in the 1800s. Its a pretty cool poem I think and hope you can work it into your creative project. Cheers!
Description : Deep House might suit a few genres
Description : Deep House feel free to use as you need.
Description : This one is a off the beaten track for me. A bit of harmony going on here with a BPM of 90 and in the key of C. Not sure what genre, a bit of soul or chillout i guess!
Description : New Acapella to "Legit Dreams" By K19. Contact me for exclusive acapellas and features. Follow K19 on twitter and instagram @Theofficialk19
Description : Voice & lyrics by Igor Pose. Here is bunch of vocals united by one idea. Make your own order of its following and the choise of those you really need. Some of them could be used as back vocals. Any existing genres.
Description : This file is clean, so edit it as you want and add effects. Feel free to use this phrase in your mixes, radioshows, other projects and Don't forget to send me a link for listening :) Thank you!
Tags : 120 bpm | Rap | 6.08 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : The Parting Glass is an old cry in your beer song that i wanted to revive with an upbeat hippity rap hopper style, if that's possible!? Shamoozey likes to break boundaries! lol Anyway, the BPM is 120, i think! Could be played in any key. Be creative and most importantly, have fun! Cheers!
Acapellas 1 - 20 of 3759
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