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Description : a phrase
Description : an old poem of mine recited by me
Description : Cool acapella for DJs to use. If used, place (feat. Stevie Branco) or (ft. Stevie Branco) in the title. For monetization use, contact Leave a link in the comments if used.
Description : house styled for the djs mainly
Description : Original song here Please credit me NEW$HOES and link to my soundcloud, thanks
Description : Rise to fame...
Description : Shamoozey meets with the Aliens and has "close encounter" UFO and terrestrial friendly! BPM 130. Key of D. Chords ~ D, G, A, D
Description : Slow Jam for the Ladies. please use original "song title and remix by (your name here)" when uploading it online. then please tag powderjay1. thanks have fun!
Description : Slow Jam for the ladies. please use original "song title and remix by (your name here)" when uploading it online. then please tag powderjay1. thanks have fun!
Description : Safari anyone? Here's another original from the great Shamoozey called "cougar lady on the prowl" Shamoozey loves cougars! woo-hooo! BPM = 130. Key of Am. Chords Am, G, D.
Description : Another idea, please credit me if you can use.
Description : A deep love song by Shamoozey called "comin out of my head". Did your woman ever tell you that you were not paying enough attention to her? That's what this song is about! Not sure if they have a "crazy" genre on LM but....... anyway the BPM 120. Key of "C"
Description : Think Fast and Furious! This song is for you if you love hot rides and if you love or are a hot girl! Rapidly emerging hip hop lyricist Kamal Supreme is talking about both at the same time, but you have to check out the lyrics to get the fire!
Description : This one Goes HAM! If you need this without the fx, just comment saying so, and I'll upload it.
Description : I wrote this acapella at 2 in the morning after a feed of pig-toes!! They put hair on your chest! ha! Shamoozey delivers a good positive message on this track! Its called "say yes". BPM 120. Key of Am. Chords Am, G, D. Its a catchy track with a good rock beat and would suit different genres. Good luck, have fun and say yes!
Description : Description : just a melancholy/determined 16 bar verse, if used: CONTACT me at ALSO give CREDIT. im open to FREE collabs as well
Description : "If used" please credit - Dirt-Digga
Description : Phone call effect acapella. Everybody on the radio now of days in the rap industry sounds exactly the same.
Description : A short deep poetry piece by Shamoozey
Description : Another original from the great Shamoozey with a verse and hook combo. Its called "i love you over and out" Sorry about the bleed thru but i was having fun recording it with my little guitar. Not sure what genre. BPM 115. Key of Am. Chords Am, D7, E. Cheers!
Description : Its a Sunday so who's in the "state of love"? Nice hook and chorus on this track. BPM 130. Key of Dm. Chords ~ Dm, Am, F, G. Might sound good in the Dance genre, put all them clubbers in a state of love! The great Shamoozey loves you!
Description : Just Don't Forget To Credit - HMS or H.M.S
Description : Deep lyrics and vocals here from Shamoozey called "man with a plan" Would suit various genres. BPm is approx 135. Didn't use the metro so you'll have to wing it. Chords are: G, Em, C, D,
Tags : 130 bpm | Dance | 2.77 MB | Male | Singing
Description : Bad Karma come in many forms! This time it happens to be a freight train. BPM is 130. Not sure of the key because i had capo on 5th fret and played in A-minor chord. Cheers! Please connect if you wish to release this commercially.
Description : Just something short I wrote
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