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Description : Advanced Nexus-6 replicant. Please credit and send me links to finished tracks.
Tags : 95 bpm | Dance | 9.03 MB | Male | Singing
Description : House or Trap heres my version
Description : all genre are allowed song about me being a doctor writing about Prescriptions music is the cure
Description : Hear the original track at Visit official website at
Description : Hear the original track at Visit official website at
Tags : 100 bpm | Pop | 434.71 KB | Male | Rapping
Description : the amount of support and feedback I've got on here has been amazing so i just wanted to say thanks
Description : If you use my audio, I would like to hear what you will produce me in credtos also as Backster, my email
Description : 105 BPM. Please tag me in whatever you make! I love the tracks you guys have been making! They sound awesome. Thank you! My soundcloud is
Description : This acapella 'Shes a kitten' might be a tough one for producers because of the slowed down beat. The Drumbeat was taken from Looperman member 'Hoptix' - . looperman Played Ukulele style in C, Em, F, G Listen to Shamoozey raw music version here for the drumbeat. Good luck and have fun! As always, if you want release these acapellas in your projects commercially, please get in touch with Shamoozey for permissions!
Description : Nexus-6 Android, serial code: N6FAB21416. Based around C minor & G minor. Please credit me and send me links to finished tracks
Description : trap maybe house heres my vers
Description : electronic heres my version
Description : Basically the title. Mostly a mid/low scream.
Description : Not really sure how to describe this, I just started the sound for a fry scream and went up higher in pitch.
Description : Just a held out scream of the phrase "wake up". Add some distortion for badassery \m/
Description : that for those who have producing an electro bass I add in the credits of the track Backster ross
Tags : 120 bpm | Dance | 3.36 MB | Male | Singing
Description : if you use my acapella me add in the credits as Backster and send me the link to listen to the track
Description : if you use my voice like dfe listen, acrecente me in the credits as Backster Ross
Description : I'm not using these no more for my official track. So you can use this but make sure you give me credit. my name is Servilious not soservilious. Thanks.
Description : Hip Hop/Pop/Trap/Edm. Could be used for a lot. TEMPO IS ACTUALLY 196.068
Description : Electronic vocal. Chords Em Am Em Bm C Am(b5) Em D. Notes for Am(b5)= A C Eb Please credit me and send me a link to finished tracks.
Description : A simple, short acapella I made. Recorded and mixed by me. Show me what you can make out of it!
Description : brima - hook
Description : Use this acapella as you want. Dunno tempo. Dunno key. There's NO DRY version. Don't give credits and don't post your tracks here. I won't make collabs, I won't read comments and I won't reply private messages.
Acapellas 1 - 25 of 5791
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