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Description : Its a chill out song , i hope you like it , if you use this please send me a link to your work . shout out to Djkass , go check his work :)
Description : Rap Freestyle
Description : Rap Freestyle
Tags : 77 bpm | Blues | 2.81 MB | Male | Singing
Description : A song about my trip to Idaho. . .
Description : Explicit Content, to hot for radio. . . no set tempo...
Tags : 120 bpm | Rock | 2.60 MB | Male | Singing
Description : No set tempo, just a song about wars between Cowboys and Indians. . .
Tags : 120 bpm | Dance | 2.39 MB | Male | Singing
Description : Troubled Thoughts. . .
Description : This is a song for the people who don't know how to dance. . .
Description : This song is a dedication to my mother. With whom today I would not be where I am at. . Luv U Mama. . . The tempo is not perfectly in time but, the music is felt in the tempo. . .
Description : Its a simple love song , you can take as much from it as you like , its only my first acapella here , so show me some love ! :D
Description : Uplifting euphoric trance acapella
Description : Lyrics by Amanda Nicole Martinez. Feel free to use it as non-commercial track...
Description : Reno Goes in with a "Trap Styled" Flow. Releasing a freestyled track titled "Get It". Email original reference
Description : Some Shamoozey shakin! BPM 128. Chords ~ D, G, A
Tags : 58 bpm | Hip Hop | 3.58 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : 14 Year old Phenom Rapper named Markese delivers an emotional verse and nice hook for a track titled "Aint Me". Email Original reference
Description : 70 bpm follow me on twitter @dopameanbrick send me what you come up with
Description : Electronic vocal. Chords D & E. Please send me a link to your finished track.
Description : Keep getting asked for house vocals, so here is one. Please Credit, if you are trying to sell tracks with my vocals contact me.
Tags : 130 bpm | Rock | 4.63 MB | Male | Singing | Key : G
Description : "sign of the times" written by Shamoozey Bpm 130. Chords G,Dm,F,C,G. Can be used in various genres! If you use Shamoozey acapellas in your project please put (feat. Shamoozey) in the TITLE. Get in touch if you want to use this acapella commercially! Cheers!
Description : Just got in from walking in the rain when I did this. Just an idea, if you can use please credit me.
Description : Electronic vocal. Chords D & A. Please send me the link to your finished tracks.
Description : Summer Vibe
Description : This rite here is verison 1. If used, Just credit - HMS
Description : Got food and clothes
Description : This one is about "When Youre Dreaming"... the great Shamoozey dreams in the colours of the rainbow!! BPM 125. Chords ~ C, F, G.
Acapellas 1 - 25 of 5157
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