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Description : I ride as fast as one wheel will let me go. Be Koo.
Description : Robot Voice! only for non-commercial uses. Original song:
Description : CHORD PROGRESSION (TRANSPOSED -3 SEMITONES): Verse: Cmaj, Fmaj, Cmaj, Fmaj, Gmaj Chorus: Amin, Gmaj, Fmaj, Amin, Gmaj, Fmaj, Gmaj
Description : Nobody sings the name Una. I knew an Una once. Well here you have it from the great Shamoozey. BPM 120, Key of C. Chords C, Dm, G, C, F Hit me up bros if you use it
Description : Not sure if this even considered a chorus haha. But here you go! CHORD PROGRESSION (Transposed +1 semitone): Fmaj, Gmaj, Amin, Cmaj, Fmaj, Gmaj, Amin (2x)
Description : Its a Friday night Shamoozey funny jingle. Well, maybe some of you just are raising your pretty heads and i pitty you. Anyway, to the bat cave Scotty. BPM 120 Gey of G Have fun Loopers, its the weekend, wooo-hooooo!!
Description : Enjoy! I'm on a roll tonight! Not sure what category this falls into :P CHORD PROGRESSION: Fmaj, Cmaj, Amin, Gmaj
Description : You ever get the feeling that nobody ever listens? I know that feeling and have come to answer the call with my new kapella! "Nobody Listens At All" Anyway, back to the business at hand. I hear a little Raegge maybe?, or funk-fuzz, maybe some electronic house stuff? Well, i let you decide on that. The BEAT is 120. Key of C. Chords C, F, G. As ever, if you want to make dinero on this acapella., see el Shamoozio for mucho information. Porfa vore. I learning Spanish!
Description : My second trial with the free plugin "AlterBoy" by SoundToys. Its great for making vocals sound bigger-than-life. The main vocal is my pure voice (no autotune) but the octave harmonies are and provide space for the vocal. Lovely plugin. first chord starts after the word "around" in the first stanza. CHORD PROGRESSION (transposed +1 semitone): [Cmaj] [C/F] [Cmaj] [Amin] [Fmaj] [G/C] [Gmaj] CHORDS REPEAT FOR SECOND HALF. I hope this makes sense haha. Remember, the chords are written in TRANSPOSE +1 SEMITONE
Description : My first attempt with the free (until April 1) vocal plugin from SoundToys, the "AlterBoy." Enjoy! The first stanza would fall between the third and fourth beat in a 4/4 measure. KEY: C
Description : Tis many a promenade Shamoozey was on and here's another original pella for your listening pleasure. its called "Roller Coaster", among other things. Its an upbeat tune about a seaside romance at a Carnival. Enjoy, but remember me...
Description : Shamoozey enters the pop world of rock with his baby "My Baby" BPM 120. Key of C. Chords C, Dm, G, C, F. Easy, huh? I can see green shoots on this pella with the proper chops accompaniment.! Oh yeah! As ever, give me a shout if your intent is to commercialize this baby. I can see my baby going a long way! Rock it baby! Cheers, guten tag und bis spaeter! Have a great weekend!
Tags : 92 bpm | Hip Hop | 1.65 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : Here is the full verse by request. The actual name to this song is GameTime. I may post the hook or may not. I would love to here what you guys come up with. Be Blessed n Be Koo.
Description : AntiDope song
Description : A New Vocal By Jak Wilks Add (Feat. Jak Wilks) So We Can Check It Out! For Licences Contact Jak Wilks On Facebook (Page)
Description : I actually love this song. Decided to do an acapella cover.
Description : Let me know what you guys come up with. Be Koo.
Description : positive happy vibe tune
Description : Please feel free to check my profile to get full acapella. Thank you!
Description : Champage Toast is the first song off my Sweet Love EP. It's a fun chill jam about relaxing and having a good time and turning up with your good friends. It reminds of chicago and I reference it a few times, those were the days we'd stay up late in the windy city. Copryight Oscar Del Amor. Feel free to Remix and upload to soundcloud. Contact for commerical use. Keep my name in title! link to my soundcloud follow to download is appreciated! thank YOU!! thanks
Description : Here's a Shamoozey special. A little waltzy number called "Death" Its in 3/4 measure @ 190 BPM. Just imagine waltzing across the ballroom floor and hearing this track. Its Heavenly! The chords are G,D,G,C,Am,D,G What, u want me to sing it for you? As ever, do the right thing or i will hunt you down like the dog you are!
Description : the key is fis-mol - so - it's fa# minor - it's 4/4 starts with the upbeat - one eighth late - so the melody starts with the second eighth note. Pam - spring is here...
Description : Mini Hook I used for an online Hip Hop song contest last year. 100bpm raw file not using my new mic. Best mixed with Hip Hop Instrumental because of the LYRICAL Context. But if otherwise you can make it work, go ahead. Stay tuned for better upload quality. Please place Feat. Venus Love
Description : This is another original mixed up love song and is ritefully called "Dont Stop Me" The guys will get it, not sure bout the ladies!!Woo-hooo! BPM 120 in Key of "D". Chords are D, G, A, G and so forth and so on. Let me know if you work this little weird music genius material. The great Shamoozey will nevva be stopped! Running away, maybe!
Description : It's just like the story of my life, it never seems quite, to work out as I, had planned it, right? it's just like the story of my life, st-story of my life. . . Another one I had laying around, figured I'd record it and get it up here for the looperman community. Always interested to hear what you come up with. Thanks
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