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Tags : 75 bpm | Hip Hop | 5.23 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : a song for your love ones who pass away
Description : If you use this acapella , me add to the credits as Backster , send me link
Description : hello , if you use this acappela add me to credits as Backster , and send me the link by email
Description : Heres my version of baby. Everyone on some Bae ish
Description : This is the acapella of our project. The original track you can find here: If you want to use put "feat Lily und Wolf" in credits and put the link in the comments. Feel free to use it as a non-commercial track.
Description : saying 'friend' in Korean
Description : if you use it credit me as Spunk and send me a message.
Description : if you use it credit me as Spunk and send me a message
Description : if you use it credit me as Spunk and send me a message.
Description : just a cover, if you use it send me a message (credit me as Spunk (Feat. Spunk).
Description : 100 BPM, Post your finished track, Placing Feat. Venus Love for Non-Commercial Songs only!
Description : Quick little phrase
Tags : 95 bpm | Blues | 5.39 MB | Male | Singing | Key : D
Description : Its Monday night blues session with Shamoozey's version of Robert Johnsons "me and the devil blues" BPM 95. Key of D.
Description : A cool melody that you can use in many genres. Slow it down and put a beat to it for a rap song or speed it up for a dance song. Chop it up and put it to house. There's a lot to play with. Have fun!
Description : Sample to be mixed into your track with the words "FEAT. VENUS LOVE" bpm 128ish
Description : Here's another original one called "homeless on skid row in la". Inspired by the latest headlines where a homeless man was shot by Cops in Los Angeles skid row area. This makes me very sad to see. Its in the rock genre but i guess can be manipulated to suit other genres!! BPM 120. Key of A As always, if you want to use my acapellas commercially please get in touch. Thanks!
Description : K19 does impressions of Big Sean,2 chainz,lil wayne,rick ross,ludacris and future. This was just for fun. Feel free to use. Put ft.various fake artists. for collabs email me at original reference
Description : Carnival vibe
Description : Just a little melody one could use in a dance mix or even a rap song depending on how you mix it.
Description : Free to use for NON-commercial projects. Please give me credits in the title (Ft. Sehya) If you would like to have exclusive rights for this acapella, -> PM me. I will grant these rights to one artist (for free). If you have contacted me before you have an advantage. Key: A minor
Description : A little jingle I made up while doing the dishes. Catchy sweet little song that can be used in a love theme.
Description : A bit of the Lord's prayer in Spanish
Description : Wrote this poem about some chick.
Description : Here is the original if you use the acapella, let me know id like to hear it.
Acapellas 1 - 25 of 4580
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