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Tags : | Funk | 4.34 MB | Featured | Studio One

Description : This is a remake of a track Mr. Joe Funktastic posted in 2015. I just couldn't resist putting my two cents in on a track. One of my all time favorites.

Description : Another track with Mark T and me. It's a little long but I think you'll enjoy it if you're into Fusion.

Description : Mark T on drums and bass, me on everything else.

Description : Mark T "The Drummer" Sent me this with him on the drums,Bass and some of the Keyboards,I play everything else. It's 8min30sec sooo grab a sandwich sit back and check it out.

Description : I wrote this track around a soundbite sent to me by the founder/lead singer of a band I was in, in the 70s.
He has lung cancer. I caught him on one of his good days and begged him to send me sample of his voice. He's a big Star Trek fan sooo. This is what I came up with.
He said he really liked it so mission accomplished. I'm totally open for any comments or collaboration. PEACE!

Description : "Mark T"(the funkiest drummer I've ever met.)BTW sent me this track with him on Drums and Bass,it was a blast putting this track together. I've still got a few issues with levels and EQ and a bunch of other stuff using this DAW S1v4. I'm sure you can get the jist of what the track is about. I picked Salsa for the genre because it's in the name, I don't know if this actually classifies as Salsa. Personally I was thinking Santana-ish.

Description : Technology is great, I haven't had a chance to play with this drummer since the 1970s. He's in Texas and I'm in South Carolina. He sent me a link to this track with him on drums and Electric Piano. I added the rest. I can't wait to put together some more tracks with him. This track has 4 min. of jazz then 2 min 50 sec. of fusion.

Description : This track has Funk,Fusion,Rock,Chillout and some Hip and or Hop VOX one shots. I'm still struggling with S1v4, but I feel like I'm making progress with it.I think Audacity is in my rear-view mirror now. LOL

Description : Cinematic/Classical,Jazz,Funk,Fusion,Electronic,Rock,Weird...
I strongly suggest you not be wearing headphones @2min6sec of this track!

Description : This is my 2nd track Funk/Fusion/Dance/Rock/Weird using S1v4. I'm beginning to feel a little more comfortable with it.I'm open for any help anyone can give me with the track and or the DAW,

Description : This is my first Non loop track with Studio one v4. I'm getting distortion from the midrange (I think) I can't seem to EQ it out. I don't know if there is a issue with my sound card comparability S1 settings won't go lower than 32 bit and my computer won't go any higher than 24 bit. It seems to sound better at 16 bit. HELP!

Tags : | Trip Hop | 4.29 MB | Studio One

Description : I finally got a "real" DAW. Audacity did nothing to prepare me for Studio One v4. Any tips or help would be appreciated. This is just loops off the DAW. It feels amazing checking the DAW box. Studio One is the last entry but, it's still there.

Description : A track me and Hamp wrote back in the 80's. Those were some mellow days.

Description : Funk/Dance

Tags : | Dance | 5.67 MB | Colab Request

Description : This is a dance/funk track.

Description : The background is a loop I'm playing a bass, electric piano,flute and synth track.

Description : I changed the ending from this track.

Tags : | Jazz | 3.21 MB

Description : Smooth Jazz

Tags : | Fusion | 5.04 MB

Description : This is a short rendition of the great Herbie Hancock's "Chameleon". This track by Herbie Hancock inspired me to play keyboards back when I was in high school, a million years ago LOL.

Tags : | Fusion | 8.03 MB

Description : Just a fun piece.

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