17th Sep 2022 20:16 - 1 year ago
Description : Imagine you’re in a smokey whole in the wall Blues joint on the Westside of Chicago.
The last band takes the stage.
it’s Grandma Throwdown aka Grannie Guitar Watson.
She has the Guitar slung on her back and with her grandkids backing her up, they
get the joint jammin!

Comments (17)

If you have time take a listen and give Jynxz some feedback.

T576 28th Apr 2023 03:43 - 1 year ago
I like all of this, from Granny to the end. Hot funk sound. The guitar has a synthesized sound effect to perfection. The groove is hard. Nothing like a AX on fire. I will be back for more. PEACE. T576 OUT.
Jynxz replied 29th Apr 2023 - 1 year ago
What's up T576,

I played every instrument on this track with my Keys.
It's a super honor to hear your positive comments on the
Guitar part. I have had at least two or three VST Guitars that I've been able to get a resonable resemblence to an actual Guitar, I can get the scales, phrasing and even the synthisized effects but in the end I can never seem to pull off the feeling I get when I hear a "Real" Guitar like yours. I will definately be checking out all the tracks you post. Your guitar playing speaks to me.

Thank you for the encouraging comments. PEACE from the East...
phantomproduction 18th Oct 2022 10:15 - 1 year ago
Hey Rob! the grandmother is in great shape with her guitar! nice track dude!
Jynxz replied 19th Oct 2022 - 1 year ago
Hey Michael,

I'm glad you got a chance to hear this track.
I always appreciate your feedback.
I have another track coming out soon.

Killick 23rd Sep 2022 02:41 - 1 year ago
Omg Rob... Just... Ffffffffffffffff... Ok, so that may well be my favorite track of yours so far. Holy sh*t, there is so much tasty packed into this song. Normally I'm not sure just how on-board I am with raunchy Grandmas but in this case I'd be happy for her to go on for 6-10 minutes rather than just 3!

Jynxz replied 19th Oct 2022 - 1 year ago
Hows it goin Cam,

I feared that I would lose a lot
of people with this "raunchy" track.
I thought it might be a little too raw
for the LM scene. I was wrong. So I guess
I can go ahead and let it all hang out. I think
you will find my next track pretty raunchy but on

I appreciate you giving my track a listen and humbly
apologize for such a late response.

a whole nuther level. I will probably post it after
the track Micky and I collaborated on.
RitajustRita 23rd Sep 2022 02:24 - 1 year ago
This grannie say yesssssssssss Jynxz we want more!!!!
Great track what you didd create here and the vox is perfect in it.
Jynxz replied 18th Oct 2022 - 1 year ago
Hello RjR,

I humbly apologize for the delay
with my response. I have been in a
cone of silence. To be honest I have
no idea how long I have been here but
apparently it's been at least 3 weeks. I
have still been writing so I should be
posting a new track real soon.

I appreciate your continued support and
encouraging comments. It's because of a
comment you made that I even use Vox. Thanks...

xstokes 21st Sep 2022 20:55 - 1 year ago
easty-boy! who allows such raunchy grannies and their nasty gets such freedoms? where are your property values?
a magnificent jam the rhythm section knows when to push and when to hang and gnarly mix of vocal/gtr/syn/organ lines is hot af. leaves a scar. watch out around those watsons!
Jynxz replied 22nd Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
What's up xstokes BOS

I'm a Chicago transplant to the east.
Actually I identify as a "EarthMan".
Your feedback and Faves is what it's
all about. I'm honored by your response.

PEACE from the Far East...
bringerofDOOM 20th Sep 2022 14:04 - 1 year ago
Is this Eddie Hazel's mom?

Also, I like how you are making chords out of the vox samples (I assume you are "playing" them).

Your music tends to always have that trippy "swirl" to it.

Jynxz replied 21st Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Eddie Hazel!!!???,

You are being waaaay to kind Ben.
oh wait, that was a joke.

All of my Vocals/Vox's are samples.
However I do re-pitch them to make the
chords I want.

You know that I'm stuck in-between 1970 and 2070 LOL.

Thank you for stopping by and giving the track a listen,
super over the top encouraging comments and for not
forgetting to smash the FAVE button.

PEACE from the East.. TTYL...
CINCOCENT 20th Sep 2022 03:41 - 1 year ago
Nice intro! Wicked psychedelic guitar!
2.20 brilliant! Great vox.
Definitely your comfort zone
Jynxz replied 21st Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
What's up CCC,

Your opinion carries a lot of weight with me.
I usually take your feedback straight to the lab.

Thank you for your listen and real time/world comments.

PEACE from the farout East.
DijamMusic 20th Sep 2022 02:58 - 1 year ago
Hey Robbie.
Am I going, mental mate?
I have commented on this track before and faved it too!!
I can't see it now!
Anyhow this is a great track, my friend.
It is really brilliant.
Well done mate.
Jynxz replied 21st Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
No Mate,

This was your first visit.
Perhaps you're thinking of the
previous track "YEAH BassFace"

I know a young fellow like yourself isn't
starting to forget things? It's a slippery
endless slope.

At any rate I'm always honored when you stop
by and subject yourself to my musical Tom foolery:-)
Thank you for the Fave Cheers.

PEACE from across the Big Pond...
2Sisters 19th Sep 2022 08:59 - 1 year ago
It's one of those rare songs that take me back to the great days of clubs. An incredibly playful guitar accompanied by extremely cheerful bass and drums. In my mind I drive through the semi-dark streets of the Bronx or the trendy districts of New Orleans. Oh my memories are mingling with my imagination again. You've done something there *smile. Greetings Manuela
Jynxz replied 20th Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Du bist Dichter, Schriftsteller und Sänger.
Es gibt keine Möglichkeit, so viel zu unterdrücken
Talent. Nicht einmal für eine Minute.

Ich freue mich, dass du vorbeigeschaut hast und dir meinen Track angehört hast
und für deine ermutigenden Kommentare.
Ich bin froh, dass es dich zum Lächeln gebracht hat.

pseudoble 19th Sep 2022 01:59 - 1 year ago
Smoking hot Nanna - now this is a proper track!! : )
Jynxz replied 20th Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Hey pseudoble,

Now that I think about it.
Nowadays Grandma's can be 40 something
and can still be pretty HOT!

Thanks for giving the track a listen
and for you Smokin hot comments.

Kirkoid 18th Sep 2022 20:53 - 1 year ago
Granny can play, I'm coming to this club again.
Jynxz replied 18th Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Hello Kirkoid,

I will be sure to tell her:-)

You get lifetime front row seats
for you and a guest.

Thank you for stopping by and giving the track a listen
Your comments are encouraging and appreciated.

Micky 18th Sep 2022 17:32 - 1 year ago
Robbie! Oh my goodness. I think it's time to put my guitar in the basement. Dust thoroughly, polish again, wrap in a soft blanket and then off into the suitcase for a long, deep sleep. Until we reach other galaxies where no one can steal the show from us, my wooden lover and I... sob

Peace from an admirer ;)
Jynxz replied 18th Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Mein Herr Micky,

Don't put your Guitar away yet.
We still have Quadrants to explore.
We're definitely going to need a real
Guitar player(You).
Thanks for giving the track a listen.

PEACE from the Beach hangar.
dimestop 18th Sep 2022 13:41 - 1 year ago
smokin intro Rob, granny leading the way, that guitar is lit, you keep doing you brother, its always a pleasure to listen and comment to your work, this is out the box thinking, im sure you surprise yourself at times with the quality you produce
Jynxz replied 18th Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
What's up Paul,

It's good to hear from you as always.
I try to write what's on my mind and
from my Soul.
Sometimes it turns out ok, sometimes
it doesn't. I'm just enjoying the experience.
Thank you for your listen and continuing encouraging

PEACE from across the big pond.
Zootman 18th Sep 2022 07:32 - 1 year ago
Hadda laugh at the first vox sample. And holy shit is that your synth guitar or the real deal?!
Jynxz replied 18th Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Hey Zoot,

Short answer; No... I wish I could play Guitar, I'm a poser lol. I do try to think like a Guitar player when I write Guitar parts.
For the last couple of years I have been experimenting
with a Guitar sound from my DAW that has the Guitar sound
and feel I want. So far I have about 3, I think the most
important part is the settings using a Jazz or Stratocaster
VST. Also I like the Bluecat effects VST when I want feedback or other Lead Guitar type effects.

I really appreciate you giving my track a listen, encouraging comments and for the FAVE.

PEACE from the topside.
crucethus 18th Sep 2022 02:22 - 1 year ago
Grandma got runover by a wah wah pedal, ehh! Did I inhale helium??? F*** me that guitar solo. Those One-a-day vitamins and Ensure G-ma is taking are paying off. The vocal treatments you are using remind me of Roger Troutman a bit. I think this as an idea was way.. to short for what you wanted to convey, but as always you just blow my mind every time mate! to the point that there might not be much left of my brain after this.
Jynxz replied 18th Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
What's up cru,

I have been taking my One-a-day's and drinking that nasty ensure (I turned 64, 10 days ago) so I figured I need to start
carving out a presence here on LM for the Seniors, AARP and all that. LOL...
As always I appreciate you stopping by and giving
"This Old Track" a listen.

PEACE from the far far Southeast
kingmt77 17th Sep 2022 22:19 - 1 year ago
Rob! Mannn…….. Grandma is plugged in locked and loaded. You even captured that corner of Madison and Pulaski ambiance with those effects. Drums on point. I’m good for the day with this one! Thanks for sharing. Faved!

Jynxz replied 17th Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
Hey Mark I thought you were going to say you went and got a
Maxwell street polish. I can smell them onions just thinking about them.
Thanks for giving this track a listen, encouraging comments
and the Fave fo sho.

PEACE from the East.
BaoBou 17th Sep 2022 21:12 - 1 year ago


Zappa eat your heart out!!
Jynxz replied 17th Sep 2022 - 1 year ago
What's up BaoBau,

Thank you for your positive feedback.
Coming from an excellent Guitar player
like you, makes me feel like I must be
progressing with this never ending pursuit
to write and play what I feel.

Thank you for your listen, comments and especially
the Fave.


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