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31st Jul 2020 22:54 -  3 years ago
Description : Finally got something complete after dropping my still-running hard drive onto a table, and what's better than a remix for Disciple's Biggest Remix Competition of All Time? I've gone for some 'Deathstep' this time because I feel like being an edge lord, and I'm fully confident that this is in no way a winner. Have you heard some of the stuff people made in the first two weeks?? It's unreal. Uploaded at 320kbps, praise be the file size change from years ago.
26th Dec 2017 20:03 -  6 years ago
Description : Another remix thats been about 4 months in the works, although I did get first place this time. Features some better Serum, synth EQ and drums. Is available for free download, along with the rest of the remix album, via the link on my Soundcloud (check my profile). This will take you to Pyr0's Bandcamp page.
9th Sep 2017 16:11 -  6 years ago
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Description : Missed the deadline for this because I have poor time management. This is the second Uplifting Trance track that I've felt good enough to publish, and to be honest is far better in quality than pretty much all my other tracks right now. Kick was synthesised within Ultrabeat, will all other drum samples there too. Serum was pretty much exclusively the synth I used for everything else (basslines, leads, acid things). Also managed to actually use a reference track correctly, which is nice. My only self criticism is that I still haven't managed to not get carried away and make tracks that are way too long. Download is on my Soundcloud, which you can find in my profile.
7th Apr 2017 22:58 -  7 years ago
Description : Yeah, not my title. This took about 3 months of intermittent work because school saps away at your free time like nothing else. This is my first published use of Serum and Massive (Massive being used for the screechy bits, Serum for the wob-wobs and lead noises). Also quite a bit of difference in terms of mixing, mastering and dynamics - I've been messing around with a little saturation (Softtube's Saturation Knob, if you are interested) to try and go for that 'loudness'. But I must admit, if the loudness war never happened my life would be so much easier. Download is available through my soundcloud, which is on my profile. Heads up, its got a download gate on it, because I need the reposts and followers.
28th Jun 2016 18:08 -  7 years ago
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Description : First attempt at Trance I feel is good enough to publish, its much harder than it sounds. I'm actually still surprised at my ability to sausage-ify my tracks without actually increasing the levels like I intend. Rip. -- Used the usual suspects of the ES2 Hybrid Synth for a majority of the sounds, with the ESX24 Sampler being used for the reverb-y Marimba effect and the 'choir' section. FM8 is also used for the Pads, and Ultrabeat for the drums. Listening back, I think the high end is a bit too loud and/or a bit too noisy, so that will be edited some time later, but other than that I don't think it was too bad for my first attempt (actually fourth, but the other 3 were not published). -- Download will be available after the contest ends (judging begins today, Tuesday 28 June).
20th Feb 2016 01:40 -  8 years ago
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Description : Back in with that 4/4 melodic pulsing; oh yeah! -- Assuming I haven't missed anything, this will be the first track of its kind that I have done on Logic. This time I was aiming for something sort of similar to Freedom with the sound, but ended up becoming a bit better after being influenced by PhaseOne's new album and getting FM8. The track has actually been sitting on my hard drive for the better part of six months, so... yeah, I needed to post something. Vocals have been provided (royalty free) for free by The Entranced (just google the name - she has some fantastic acapellas). -- The song is comprised of my usual synths, except I've replaced my original ES2 pad with a modified version of a Supersaw pad I worked on in FM8 (which, by the way is not the best synth for this; Sylenth would have been much better) and uses all six operators on saw plus the noise operator, as well as reverb, detune, a touch of analogue and massive panning. Other things of significance: much of the vocal content has been polyphonically stretched to fit to the beat, because for some reason the tempo change did not go as expected. -- Download here is a 224 kbps MP3 file, however you can download a 320 kbps AAC file from my Soundcloud (see my profile) or request a 24 bit WAV file.
26th Oct 2015 18:11 -  8 years ago
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Description : Completed for MitiS' Beatport Play competition, for which I used his vox and arp stems. Now, production: I recently got a Comb Filter (MComb) to mess around with after browsing various EDM forums and FM8 tutorials, thus you'll hear its use on the high-pitched noise riser throughout the song. I've also tweaked my kick a bit; I've taken the initial 75 ms of WhoAteDaMuffin's Dubstep Drums kick and created my own sub bass tail within the Ultrabeat drum machine, putting the pitch and gain through a decaying envelope. As an experiment I've also low-cut my crash cymbals at about 700 Hz and given them a subtle hi-pass noise tail, and I've revised my typical hi-hats pattern. Other than that, the entire thing was made using the ES2 Hybrid Synth, EXS24 sampler (for the piano) and Ultrabeat drum machine. -

- I've also experimented with attempting to give the track some form of decent mastering. The track was bounced and the audio file was imported into a new project, onto which I applied a formula of: Low cut (20 Hz), High cut (20 kHz), Gain (1 dB), Compressor (1:7:1 ratio), Multipressor, Stereo Spread (limited to the higher frequencies to spread the noise), two Linear Phase EQs (one peaking at various frequencies, the next cutting 3 dB off at 670 Hz) and an adaptive limiter at the end. Phew! Hopefully that won't smash the waveform into the ceiling/floor as much. ----

---- Like the track? Vote for it from 27 October to 9 November on the Beatport page! You can find the link on my profile!
12th Sep 2015 13:17 -  8 years ago
Description : [256Kb/s] - Messing around with the basic FM that the ES2 provided allowed me to make this, along with the trap-turned-dubstep rap by 'donnieozone'. The 808's in the intro have been made by myself (although its not hard) in the Ultrabeat drum machine, while the main beat uses my usual set of sampled drums from Looperman. The lyrics have some light vocal transformation on them (formant -2) and have been flexed and cut in various places. After the drop, its pretty much just a mix of FM'd Saws, Ring mods and various other waveforms. I've cut up and re-pitched growls from Eli426, thegibZy and DoctorDrew, while using risers from Enzotic and TheOfficialKatechism, thank you all for your loops. Yes, its another rectangular wave, and I know thats bad, but this song is almost six months old, its just been sitting on my hard drive in an almost complete state for most of that time.
27th Jun 2015 16:21 -  8 years ago
Description : [Comp now over, download available]--Yes you read that right. I've renamed myself as 'MegaTone', which is far better than 'Anno' right? --- This track was entered in the remix competition, of which the deadline is in 3 days. Much of it was created using the ES2 Hybrid Synth included within Logic, and the rest of it was either the Ultrabeat drum machine or stems and samples. No Massive, no Harmor. Just Logic synthesisers and a touch of Scarlett Reverb. Also posted on my Soundcloud, link on my profile for those who really wish to visit.
2nd Jan 2015 17:50 -  9 years ago
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Description : A remix of 'Swing as F*$k' by Kiwistar and Josh & le Chat featuring Flechette, submitted as part of the remix competition here: Created using Logic Pro 9 using the ES2, Ultrabeat drum machine (using WhoAteDaMuffin's kick and kenzo409's snare) and the ESP Polyphonic synthesizer. Samples and audio files used were the stems provided by Kiwistar as well as Najka's reverse cymbal (cut from a collection) and growls from BigDaWayne and Skeiz. Download will be available here (MP3) and on Soundcloud (AAC) once the competition has ended.
16th Dec 2014 22:15 -  9 years ago
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Description : !EXPORTED IN 160kbps! See my Soundcloud for a better quality version, there's no way I'm going to let you people suffer 160kbps.

Latest trance-techno-dubstep thing featuring new samples; cymbal bell and a growl courtesy of DoctorDrew, and some older samples; WhoAteDaMuffin's kick and kenzo409's snare, BigDaWayne's growl and two reverse cymbals, one of which from Najka on SoundCloud. Also utilises new techniques such as waveform modulation and side-chaining for the first time in Logic, as well as different compression methods for both the tracks and the master. Note: The structure is heavily based off Au5's 'Flower of Life', and the chord sequence is inspired by PhaseOne's 'Touching the Stars'

22nd Nov 2014 18:04 -  9 years ago
Description : [Updated 24/11/14 - volume boosts, re-EQ'd kick and added a tremolo at the end, 'cos why not...] Knowing how popular RomyHarmony is, there is probably countless songs with the same title, but oh well. Creating in Logic Pro 9 using the ES2 Synthesizer, the Ultrabeat drum machine with a sampled kick from inklewinkle2's 'Liquid Drum and Bass Break' and kenzo409's snare, the ES E ensemble synth and of course, the 'New World' acapella by RomyHarmony, which was once again, a first class acapella.
Acapella downloaded from Looperman, made by
31st Oct 2014 18:31 -  9 years ago
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Description : An instrumental bootleg remix of Basson's song:

This is my first track created in Logic Pro 9 (everything beforehand was Garageband 9), and utilises the Ultrabeat drum machine (into which I sampled kenzo409's snare and WhoAteDaMuffin's kick), the ES2 and EXS24 Sampler, into which I put a single loop of Skeiz' Reece bass and BigDaWayne's growl.
*Any issues with the original artist, please message me and discuss what you would like done* Updated 9/11/14 - Re-Mastered, cymbals should be clearer, sub bass and synths louder.
5th Aug 2014 14:08 -  9 years ago
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Description : Born from a little melody in my head that wouldn't leave me alone, its the second 'Gemini-style sidechained melodic' piece that I've made. In this, I have used a different kick (from EOS's EDM beat) and a new reversed cymbal from... somewhere... I've also tried messing with limiting then volume boosting in Soundtrack Pro to try and counter the low export volume (which hasn't worked was well as I wanted... oh well). *Updated 08/08/14 - higher sub volume and louder post-mastering*
Side note 25/09/14 - Thank you all for your comments! Sorry for not replying to each one, but I've been busy with GCSE revision and such. But it is really uplifting to see so many positive comments, so thank you all very much!
7th Jun 2014 17:37 -  10 years ago
Description : Drum n' Bass this time! Currently trying to get my self off of making dubsteppy things, so I made this. Inspiration comes from Camo & Krooked DJ sets, and is quite repetitive in my opinion. I've also tried turning the sub bass down on this one so it doesn't block out everything like my last songs. Same risers as all other songs. *This is the version straight out of GarageBand to keep within the (ridiculous) 10mb limit, thus is very quiet! To hear a slightly louder version, go to * Headphones recommended.
28th May 2014 17:36 -  10 years ago
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Description : My friend told me that my synth needs more 'grunge' or something, so I tried. Also, I just found out how to change the tempo, so I experimented with that. Uses some of the loops in my previous tracks, as well as a new riser from TheNayth.
26th Apr 2014 22:20 -  10 years ago
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Description : If you have a better idea for the name, please tell me, I can't do names. This time, I tried to do something a bit more like Culture Code (whether I succeeded or not, I don't know...). Uses the same risers as pretty much all songs I create now, and kenzo409's drums (dissected and reorganised). *This has been compressed at 192kbps to keep it under 10MB*. Still a bit WIP.
25th Mar 2014 22:11 -  10 years ago
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Description : Had a bash at making something, Gemini-style, and using lyrics. Drums are a dissected version of kenzo409's, the riser is TheOfficialKatechism's and the vocals, of course, belong to RomyHarmony. As per RH's terms of use: Acapella downloaded from Looperman, made by Go follow, because I have never found lyrics as good as those before. Feedback is always appreciated, especially if you're familiar with GarageBand, as long as its constructive.
19th Feb 2014 17:15 -  10 years ago
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Description : My attempt at dubstep, made in GarageBand. As far as loops go, I used a dissected version of EOS' RAD Octavia drum loop, Enzotic's riser loop and a reversed crash symbol I got from god-knows-where, but otherwise, thats all the loops, everything else was made by me. NOTE: This hasn't been exported at the full 320 kbps, that would have made it 14MB, so this is 192 kbps instead.
10th Feb 2014 21:25 -  10 years ago
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Description : Soundtrack to a game I am making for an ICT assessment (called 'Sci-Fight'). Made in under 6 hours and all at once in Garageband, so expect some errors in equalising and such. Inform me if I got the genre wrong, because I don't really dabble in much else than Dubstep or Drum & Bass.
17th Jan 2014 21:28 -  10 years ago
Description : My first song, made in GarageBand using instruments I created and inklewinkle2's liquid D'n'B breakbeat, go check it out. Don't expect this to be Dirtyphonics quality.
Tracks (21)