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Description : Feat with my friend Desface( sorry GUys I don't have his lyrics).
The beat is made by me and I also recorded the song. I don't mix it.

French part:
Cold war
I came like a Ruisse submarine
Beware of me like I'm a master fox
On this beat, I'm like a soldier of 300(movie)
your eyes, I'm gonna make cry with blood
You could never buy me with 100 dollars
Don't worry about your neighborhood
there will be no rain of blood.
holy s*** I'm the leader of the 100(series)

Tags : | Trap | 4.66 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : song create for intro for streamer game on facebook MrJungles

Sorry my bad english, me speak french

Tags : | Rap | 5.48 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : hip hop

Tags : | Trip Hop | 6.15 MB | Cubase

Description : Remix of Crazy Love by AAP Featuring Leo Valentine (Acapella from Looperman) - based around a simple drum loop played live then looped and layered with additional drums, bass, piano, guitar, Tuba, Sax, French Horn and some stupid noises - some looped, some played live throughout. 1st effort so don't be too harsh :)

Description : Didn't put as much time into this as I probably should have, but I'm happy with the result. This is basically a slow starting..I don't know, evil(?) or anti-hero composition. I keep thinking the beginning sounds French. lol.

Tags : | Cinematic | 2.32 MB | Cubase

Description : A very triumphant cinematic trailer style track. Huge drums, staccato strings and big french horns. Track number 2 from my cinematic essentials collection. Albums are available in all online stores and YouTube
I hope you enjoy ;)

Tags : | Trap | 6.45 MB | Soundtrap

Description : A french instrumental made with Soundtrap.

Description : Synth pads with wondering french horn and bass.

Custom pads available upon request ($20 each) ... any key, any length. Email me with specifics and/or ideas.

Description : Crisbadia Ft. Ashesndreams & French Summer Breeze - X Mi (Remix)

Soundcloud: Crisbadia.
Youtube: Crisbadia.

También puedes conseguir el instrumental en Beatstars.

Description : Vocal stem available in Acapellas section :)

Beer Can Vampire "Lockdown" [2020]
Virginia Slimm: Vocals
Baer: Drum samples
Fouz: Guitars
Ben Marmier: Drums
Gaby S: Horns
Laurent Sevezan: Bass
Martin Brédif: Guitars
Denise M'Baye: Vocals
Abdess: Vocals

keywords: BCV Collaboration Lockdown Reggae Dub Roots Coronavirus Covid Confinement Quarantine Unemployment Stay at home Freedom Privacy Optimism Hope France French USA English Germany German

Description : Here's an hardstyle version of a french film ! :D

Description : french rap

Tags : | Trap | 7.92 MB | FL Studio

Description : Do Whatever you want with this But Credit please
Contact Me For More !

Tags : | Reggaeton | 4.67 MB | FL Studio

Description : This acapella was very interesting to work on. Language is French. Feedback is appreciated. Instagram: bbivenn

Description : spanish
pop urbano
pop dancehall

you can downlod acapella here:

www. looperman .com/ acapellas/detail/14454/x-mi-ashesndreams-and-french-summer-breeze-90bpm-reggaeton-acapella

Tags : | Trap | 4.88 MB | FL Studio

Description : think the 667 french master and his guy's can destroyed it.

tell me what u feel about it.

contact on tt(@3v4nos) for collab.

s/o looprman guy's doing fu**ing great loop

Description : passion the best of the best

Description : Hey guys, just recorded this chill/hip hop track with a beat I made using some loops on here. Looking for someone who wants to get on the last verse and the short hook as well.

I apologize for the bad mix, its still a pretty rough draft and I'm looking for people who are able to mix and master who can help out.

Thanks, and hope you like it. Hit me up if you want to get on the track



Description : song I recently recorded over a beat I made a while back using some loops from looperman. Let me know what you think.

I'm looking for producers and rappers to collab with so if you like my sound then hit me up


Sam French

Description : french hip hop not sure what its about it sounds cool to me had fun putting it together .i think i got the final production ok

Description : Just a sick track I came up with a couple years ago and just sharing it on here to see if anyone wants to go on it.

Cant take the beat tag off cause i lost the original on my old computer but its still gold

Let me know and ill send you the download link.

Only serious inquires please


Description : Just an old track I found that I never posted so here it is. Comments,critism are appreciated.

Happy Christmas!

Sam French

Description : lets collab

sample of french jazz (not looperman)

chops, production, loops, mixing by Ocean Grown LOC

Description : Thanks to makhno93 for uploading these vocals! I liked them and started to make a beat around them. I did not finish it and so it's lacking variations, hi-hats and a proper mix so far.
Still the french rap fits well - as long as you don't understand it ;)

Tags : | Folk | 7.23 MB | Has Lyrics | Logic Pro

Description : A folk rock ballad done in 3/4 time.
I am performing all guitars, vocals, bass, shaker and tambourine. Drums and French horns written in MIDI. 2 Apple percussion loops used.

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