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Tags : | Classical | 2.34 MB

Description : Queen laify 93 classic another day
Elizabeth lail church going ig song unknown
Lynn jr. Good girl Guy midday track

Tags : | Rap | 4.08 MB | FL Studio

Description : I made this beat for my sister's church friend, bc he really likes rap music, and told him I produced and said that be cool. I texted him a vi of the finished beat, this vrother is GHOSTING ME TT-TT. Idk rn, but anyways, enjoy this str8 fire, if u use it, lmk abt the final product and maybe when u finna use it, and don't forget to BODY IT!!

Tags : | Classical | 9.89 MB

Description : I did this on the keyboard on Ableton

Description : music igor smirnov

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 12.23 MB

Description : Dark DNB

Description : Another track in my recent series of Christian music. Done in the style of soft rock; it's a slow song and I gave it a much gentler touch than my normal tracks.
I used to play guitar and sing this song during worship portions of church services from time to time. As the Worship Leader, I tried to fit this one in about every six weeks or so because it is such a good, meaningful song to do. It always moved me to the core.
I am performing all except for drums which I wrote in MIDI.

Description : Genre could also be Rock. I took this old hymn and modernized it. The first step was taking the 3/4 format and changing it to 4/4, then I really got down to work on it. I was a worship leader at a church for years and was also on several worship teams; this was always a personal fave of mine to do. I hope you enjoy it.

Description : Song written on the side of my bed before I went to Church one Sunday Morning Inspired by life God gave me. Let me write a song for you! If you have a track and it needs lyrics any subject I will write a song for you. I'm not the greatest singer but I love to write music! Want to expand my circle email if you want to work with

Tags : | Trap | 4.85 MB | Colab Request

Description : a beat i made ; the sample is Take me to church - Hozier (Jasmine Thompson cover)

Tags : | Trap | 2.61 MB | Featured

Description : I would love the feedback...This is just a track I whipped up in a few min for my EP. Dark trap I think XD
I used Sytrus all the way

Tags : | Trap | 2.89 MB

Description : Old but Gold Enjoy ^.^

Tags : | Dance | 8.50 MB

Description : A mix i did live on a set. If you like it feel free to download hope you enjoy.

Description : 2016 Part of the upcoming
Rap Battle Apocalypse Ep
beat by Church Bros. royalty free beat from youtube, these guys have fantastic quality beats worth it if u gotta pay!
Audio quality is for crap but gonna redo this one anyway so here's the rough!

Tags : | Weird | 9.38 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : xxxxxxx

Tags : | Electronic | 9.93 MB

Description : 3rd track of my upcoming 'echoes' ep! Have a listen, throw some feedback, maybe even share it if you enjoy what you're hearing! There are more tracks like this on my
SOUNDCLOUD: latinassassin

Thanks for the listen!

Description : New song. This one is more about flow and atmosphere. I wanted it to sound like you're in a big church hall in the middle of a thunderstorm, while a soap-box poet degrades everyone around him. Definitely dark and dense. Thanks to KneeGwahh for the background loop.

Description : CRAZY BEAT

Tags : | Rap | 3.60 MB | Colab Request

Description : Re-upload
Snoop Dogg's "Murder Was The Case" influenced this track. Some cool. Wav sound effects and crazy intro voiceover. Also the church choir in the hook added to the whole "murdered victims funeral" visualization aspect. Enjoy.

Tags : | Classical | 3.32 MB

Description : I have done this using fl studio - nexus grand piano - Choir - Harmless Church

Tags : | Cinematic | 2.59 MB

Description : All right, so here some facts you should know BEFORE or WHILE listening the track: 1) The repetitive piano/sort of flute melody is a symbol for time is going fast (flute) even if we try to slow it down (piano): it will catch us at one day or another (the end part with the synth). 2) Each instruments has it's time : Sort of synth flute melody sounds a little old to me: that's the past. The present is the piano, since it never gets old. If you listen closely, the haunting sound looks like a starship ready for flight. It is how I represent future, with the synth. 3) The track was initially the middle part of a 3 minutes length project... that still unfinished, it's the bridge that link two part of the track Time... yup! that's how I name my projects. :)
4) This is a preview for two tracks from my upcoming mini-album "Time", which is a sort of conceptual mini-album. Every track ends with a note or chord. Which makes people think about church bells on a funeral day. (When people will listen to the whole album they'll hear 6 times a single note or a two-notes chord... one time at each end of tracks.) 5) It's two feelings in one : I used two tracks ideas to create only one. So the feeling had to fit with tracks "Time" and "Before Apocalypse" that were not done yet at the moment I did that song. If you guys still have questions, or for more infos, please leave a comment. Thanks !

Tags : | House | 9.12 MB

Description : This is some tribal house. I had a ball making it. Hope you enjoy it as much.

Tags : | Jazz | 8.77 MB

Description : I'm not an expert on gospel music, but this track reminded me of the Blues Brother's movie where Belushi was in the church. It's very energetic with lots of things going on and of course, lots of drums! Jazz fans will also like this track. Give it a listen and PRAISE THE LORD!

Description : This is my version of Chris Tomlin's take on the classic Christmas song, "Joy to the World". All the instruments are played and recorded live, by me, and the drums were composed in Reason 6. This is one of my songs I play on Sunday morning at Church during the Christmas season. I load the tracks onto a Boss Loop Station, and play live acoustic guitar accompaniment and sing over top. ENJOY!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.33 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Just speaking the truth. It's been a long time since I put lyrics to a track. Back again, Glory to G-O-D!

Tags : | House | 6.02 MB | Featured

Description : This is a House track I made and the sample vocal came from my mom teaching at church

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