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7th Sep 2015 22:09 - 8 years ago
Description : Just me playing along a monday evening. Strat, precision, macbook pro and head set for iphone. Improvised vocals as always.
8th Aug 2015 20:59 - 8 years ago
Description : improvised vocals in swedish, a lot of mumbo jumbo really. But fun to record my first tune in months. And yeah, I love that telecaster
14th Jan 2014 00:14 - 10 years ago
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Description : This tune was recorded on my mac, checking out some riffs and this what it came to be. The bass is my telecaster pitched down an octave and I think it sounds ok. But hey, listen and let me know.
9th Jan 2014 23:11 - 10 years ago
Description : Trying to figure out how the new version of garageband works I came up with this tune. Riffing and rolling I had great fun. The guitars swell as the bass are recorded with my telecaster and the vocals are recorded with my headsets microphone. Improvised vocals of course. Enjoy if you can and comments are welcome as always.
31st Oct 2013 20:18 - 10 years ago
Description : This tune has been waiting to become finished and now it is one step closer. Anyway, it's an original, I've used one drum loop from Garageband, the rest is me having fun. Improvised vocals but I think they work ok. Please enjoy, and if you are up to it, let me know what you think. /pmk
30th Jul 2012 07:42 - 11 years ago
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Description : This song started out as a bluesy Hendrix tribute (I was actually testing some amp settings) and it evolved into something else with its roots in the sixties.
I recorded it with my macbook pro, Garageband, mastered in cubase (!) and used a strat, tele, precision bass. How it sounds? Why not listen and let me know? Enjoy.
25th May 2012 22:38 - 12 years ago
Description : Sunday 120527: Added some new backup vocals. Enjoy.

Friday 120525: Recorded this one song yesterday, improvised vocals in Swedish just to remember a the vocal melody. With a few notes off key and off beat – it felt like a May kind of song with the summer coming up. Bass, guitars, vocal attempts and a good feeling inside. Enjoy.
28th Jan 2012 22:50 - 12 years ago
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Description : One of my musical heroes passed away last week. This reggae in swedish is an homage to Stig Vig, the front man of one of my favourite bands – Dag Vag. The song is a non roots rock reggae punk type of thing. Improvised swedish lyrics just to get the Stig Vig feel. Enjoy and skank a bit. /pmk

ps Lite till means a little more.
4th Dec 2011 16:52 - 12 years ago
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Description : I got an idea as I played around on my guitar and trying out amp settings a few hours back. I liked the sound and recorded it – improvised nonsens lyrics just to get an idea of a vocal melody. So please consider it a work in progress and feedback is most welcome. So listen, comment and maybe enjoy. /pmk
3rd Dec 2011 09:43 - 12 years ago
Description : My son Erik came up with an idea for a song, we arranged and recorded it in Garageband, complete with a guitar battle towards the end of the song. I wrote the lyrics and sang this demo, the next time we meet he will sing a new version. 'til then, here's the latest song from The Fabulous Kikajons. :D

Update: Listened to some critique and cranked up the vocals a bit. For the better I hope.

Music: Erik and PM
Lyrics: PM
Guitars: Erik and PM
Bass, keys, vocals: PM
1st Nov 2011 22:07 - 12 years ago
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Description : Demo written for my friends in the Transatlantic Experience. Improvised vocals just to get the hang of the melody and harmonies. Used my new Telecaster, strat, precision, iphone for vocals (the microphone is broken), Garageband, Logic. This song will hopefully be completed soon and will show up on TransatlanticExp page. Until then, enjoy this preview and if you like, comment. /pmk
13th Aug 2011 10:47 - 12 years ago
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Description : Update: chorus volumes.

The first version of this tune was a part of my bands repertoire back in the eighties. Back then the lyrics was in Swedish but the vocals in this recording is an adlib in english based on the same theme.
Apple loops for the drums, garageband, Logic, precision, strat and my cranky voice disturbing the neighbours. Enjoy!

16th Jul 2011 15:30 - 13 years ago
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Description : This is actually a song that just happened. I was playing my guitar when I suddenly got this lick in my head and I recorded it as a demo for my bandmates in Transatlantic Experience. The adlib vocals is just for Jim and Allen to get an idea about the melody, so the words might not make total sense.
I use a Macbook Pro, Garageband, Logic, Strat, fretless Presicion and have tolerant neighbours. Apart from the Apple loops drums, it's all me. Even if it's a rough first demo for my bandmates, I'm curious to know what you think about the tune so far...

p.s. The finished result will eventually turn up on the TransatlanticExp page here on Looper.
22nd Apr 2011 17:04 - 13 years ago
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Description : Update: Adjusted some volumes and remastered.

I had to respond to the 4-track challenge and here's my entry – a Transatlantic Experience tune called Music man. I wrote the music in Sweden and Jim Byrd wrote the lyrics and sang in in Philly PA.

track 1: Drums – apple loops
track 2: Bass – Kikajon (precision through a Marshall)
track 3: guitar – Kikajon (strat through an Orange–stack)
track 4: vocals – Tacatta

There's a full version of this new Transatlantic tune on the TransatlanticExp page here on looper. Have fun.
13th Feb 2011 00:41 - 13 years ago
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Description : This track in swedish, originally titled Om Kärlek, was written a few years back. As I went through my songs tonight I listnened to it and I thought I share it with you.
I had great help on this one, My oldest daughter and my son sings the backing vocals to this song about a man seeking forgivness.
With new strings on the stratocaster, a macbook pro, garageband, a fretless presicion and the loving help from the kids, this is how it can sound. Enjoy.
22nd Jan 2011 18:23 - 13 years ago
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Description : This reggae/pop song was originally written for my band back in the 80ies and it sort of stuck with me. The lyrics in swedish are about a son coming home after 14 years abroad and the most important lesson he learned while he was away.
Recorded in Garageband with my usual set up, mastered in audition.
Happy skankin'

p.s. check out the latest Transatlantic Experience tune too, quite a difference from this one. :)
18th Nov 2010 08:02 - 13 years ago
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Description : Update: Finally me and Erik found the time to add his vocals to this country tune. I remixed it and added more of Allens country pickin' guitar. It's hard to make it more country than this... :)

My son Erik (kruus @ looper) had an idea about a rock/country song (more country than rock maybe). We started to jam, had a blast and started recording. My vocals are an adlib as ususal, to be replaced by Eriks voice. My friend Allen heard the tune and added some country style pickin' . Recorded on a Macbook with garageband, a slide, strat, precision and tolerant neigbours, here's a first rough draft of in my country. Enjoy.

Minor update: adjusted volumes, still waiting for the big one.
29th Oct 2010 23:49 - 13 years ago
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Description : Update: Went through the timing and cleaned it up a bit. Also remastered it in Audtion for some extra freshness.

When I moved into the city, instead of the mountains for a view I got a church tower in my skyline. The song in Swedish is about everyday life in my surroundings and the title translates to The City Bells. Recorded with garageband, strat, precision and some strait NYC-loops.
18th Oct 2010 09:49 - 13 years ago
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Description : Nils Ferlin was a swedish poet from Värmland county, his statue is sitting on a bench in a small town called Filipstad. This song is about talking to Ferlin about life.
The track was originally written for my band way back in the eighties and I always felt that I should rearrange the chorus. So here it is, a totally new version of the song with lyrics in english.

UPDATE March 3: My buddy and former band mate Jens Comen is now a fabulous sax player in a folk rock band called Hoven Droven (check them out on itunes). His soprano sax added a nice touch to this song. If you want to see the Ferlin statue, check out my pics.

28th Sep 2010 11:53 - 13 years ago
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Description : Update: Remastered in audition. A bit sparkier I think...

While my friends Jim and Allen are doing their stuff on some Transatlantic Experience tunes, I thought I might do a pop/rock song on my own. Recorded on a macbook pro using my strat, the presicion and my latest guitar, a flying V. Drum loops by guitarjock (check out his work, great guitar and drum work).
The lyrics are an adlib so it might sound a little strange here and there. :) What do you think? Let me know,
3rd Sep 2010 10:06 - 13 years ago
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Description : A simple pop/folk tune in swedish that came about after a crazy evening. Well, the song is about what can happen when you hang in the bar too long and try to dance after that. Please consider this tune as a work in progress, I need a good pianoplayer and a nice tin pipe...but, it was fun to do and I hope you like it.

UPDATE: Remixed and remastered with Wayne the Humps on mandolin. Hopefully it sounds better,
17th Jul 2010 07:40 - 14 years ago
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Description : Update july 2011: I had a go at this song again, rearranged it slightly and did a remaster with fresh ears.

July 2010: This is a rock/pop song in swedish.
I pretty much wrote this track to my youngest daughter as we were waiting for the bus to take us home. She had been to school, fell asleep on her way home and woke up i a city some 50 miles away. The lyrics is about making mistakes that gives new experiencens, and some of them are actually good. Garage band, strat, fretless precision as ususal. Hope you'll enjoy this one. /pmk
10th Jul 2010 01:02 - 14 years ago
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Description : Update: New amps sounds a bit differnent in a new mix and with a new master. The song remains the same, though.

This is another heavy rock song (I've got two left to release). It started out as a tiny riff on my fretboard – I recorded it right away and as the take went on, the chords just came. I played up to 1:50 before I cut the recording and started editing. This track came strait out.
Mac, garageband, strat, fretless precision and drum loops from Groovemaster.
Hope you like it.
15th Jun 2010 18:22 - 14 years ago
Description : Final update: Mahloo13 contributed to this song with an amazing mix and new master (I sadly had to compress it slightly due to looperman size limitations). If you've heard this tune before – listen again – I think it's worth it. Lots and lots of cred to Malu for his effort.

Update: Totally new vocal tracks by tacatta.

100615: Yesterday I came across a man who lost his angel. This really moved me and I just had to finish this track which suddenly found its reason. A couple of weeks ago i found an acapella by Eshar that now made its way into this song. Garageband, Strat, Eshar, fretless precision and some compassion


p.s. In case you wonder – yes, I'm a big fan of Pink Floyd.
16th May 2010 22:58 - 14 years ago
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Description : 25 years ago I had this pop rock reggae band called Grenserasta and one of the members was Jens ComÃÂn – an excellent sax player. We have re-recorded three songs from that era. Damen med hunden means The lady with the dog and is about a women who longs for a different life where the rain is warm, the breeze is soothing and the sun shines.

Since I've used all the fifty slots, I am replacing old songs and I hope you forgive me for that. So take it easy and enjoy this little pop rock reggae song with amazing saxophone playing by Jens.
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