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Tags : | RnB | 5.27 MB | Colab Request

Description : Love story blues : A little french song write by a friend women collab of the net

Tags : | Blues | 6.79 MB

Description : My thoughts for a Halloween track this year was to work up some foreboding Drone music with a little Delta Blues slide guitar mixed in. My inspiration being the classic story of Robert Johnson and his infamous deal with the Devil.

In Clarksdale, Mississippi in 1930, Robert Johnson supposedly made a deal with the devil at the crossroads where US highway 49 crosses US highway 61. Johnson had been playing down in Yazoo City and was on his way back up to Helena. He had hitched a ride that dropped him off next to the levee. It was a cool October night and a full moon glowed in the dark sky. He continued walking up the highway, guitar in his hand. As he approached the crossroads he was thinking about his friend Son House preaching to him about giving up his guitar playing. He really wasn't a good player and most people would joke and mock him when he was on stage. He hated it and was thinking he would give anything to be as good, no, better than his friend Son House. It was at that moment he noticed a figure in black standing there at the crossroads. As he approached him, a deep voice issued "Let me see that guitar boy"! He then took his guitar from him, tuned it and upon returning it asked if he would trade his soul to become a famous Bluesman. He agreed and the rest is history. Johnson's ability was seemingly transformed overnight to the amazement of everyone who knew him and he went on to become a Mississippi Blues legend. However, his fame was short lived. A mere eight years later the Devil returned to make good on the deal.

So this Halloween, be careful what you wish for, especially at the crossroads.

Tags : | Blues | 3.16 MB

Description : 3 string fretless cigar box guitar blues done for Ghost of a guitar art 3 string electric cigar box guitar, 5 string bass see them here and addictive drums.

Description : this is reggae blues dubstep, I hope you like it

Tags : | Hip Hop | 11.25 MB | Featured

Description : Update 22.09.2016 - took Brado's advice and lowered the bass quite a bit. Check it out yo :D

Need your advice regarding the mix and volume lads, so lets have it! It's free for download, but please tell me first what you think about it.............................................
I had this idea of doing a Hip/Blues track with my mate Pico on vocals. But as he is not available for vocals at the moment, I recycled vocals of other songs we done previously. And added a couple of loops, see the credits at the end. Just a bit of fun :D

Recorded at the private band section at
..........................................................Drums by the human drum machine Raymond rp3drums, .....................bass by Kimbo.. ......... ....................all Guitars by me------Vocals by Incivanpico, lifted from "Breathe" ......................... ....
"I feel so fly" loop by xVeteranReaperx -
"You don't need E" loop by Eshar - ........................and the trap scratch by Josephfunk - thanks for listening, peace. Chill!!

Tags : | Ambient | 16.00 MB

Description : An ambient/cinematic version of the instrumental track 'The Falling Man' released by Dutch rock band Bastardi Di Blues in 2011

This original music video was accepted into the 9/11 Memorial Virtual Museum'

In 2014 Bastardi Di Blues-bandmembers Johan van de Beek and René Vlems decided to do a slowed down version of this ballad in a more subdued, cinematic style. First demos were recorded in 2015. Final mix recorded in 2016 with a new percussion track played by Vlems. Music and video were mixed and combined in the weeks preceding the 15th anniversary of 9/11 in September 2016.

This is a non-commercial project.

This music video is a tribute to the people who jumped or fell from the WTC Towers on September 11, 2001.
The project was inspired by a picture, taken by press photographer Richard Drew (AP) on that fateful morning. This image was the subject of a famous essay that journalist Tom Junod wrote in 2003 about 'The Falling Man'.
This iconic image went around the world and....disappeared. Nobody wanted to see it anymore.
The falling man in the picture became, wrote Junod, ‘the Unknown Soldier in a war whose end we have not yet seen’.

You can see the video on YouTube.

Tags : | Blues | 3.58 MB

Description : Carrol sings blues...

Description : Update 12.09.2016 - I widened the Metaled vocals a bit, reduced volume on the "machine" rap section at around 3:00, and also added some effect to make it less harsh. dropped a little the guitar so the drums are louder, and some other small stuff. Let me know if better now :D
This song started with me finding the vocals by Metaled, and thinking what can I do with it. Again, is it rap? Rock? Blues??? Please give me your thoughts on it, and also about the mix, always happy to get input. And if you just listened without commenting, that's cool too my friends. The track was made in the private band section at

OK, here are the credits ................... . . . . . . . . . . . .
Drums: My trusted mate Raymond (rp3drums).......bass-Ernie44o - great bassist I have the pleasure of collaburating by me. Vocals on this track are: --------------
Male vocals by metaled
Dreaded phone call by Stephanie Kay
"The number you have called" by Currybienchen
No mans land by Janis71
and "hey oh haa" also by Janis71.

Tags : | Soul | 8.13 MB | Featured

Description : Soulfull track with a touch of blues, somthing I was reay feeling as I was writing it. ENJOY.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.24 MB

Description : Sampled off of a few Little Milton songs. This is the short version.
Soundcloud Link

Tags : | Blues | 5.17 MB

Description : Blues Instrumental

Tags : | Blues | 3.96 MB

Description : Slows blues backing Calling Sister Midnight's vocals.

Tags : | Blues | 7.73 MB

Description : This is funky techno blues instrumental track that explores the many textures of blues as an interpretation whose aura is known only by vigmaestro.

Tags : | Blues | 8.20 MB

Description : Cosmic Eastern chillout atmospheric shuffle blues with loads of bluesy/Eastern electric guitar playing and warm sub bass (the same synth patch I've used in about 20 tracks). No drum loops and just two programmed acoustic kits - probably the simplest drum setup I've ever used. One day I hope to make a track containing only one drum kit. Also: a few female vocal samples (including a heavily timestretched one), one section of bass guitar, a few sample-based string instruments, a few notes of organ and two synth pad instruments. So, quite a minimal instrument lineup for me. It goes uptempo around 4:31 into a grooving, stomping bit of shuffle blues and I wonder if I should have brought this section back at the end for a triumphant finale. But I'm trying hard these days not to make things too long and this is already a decent length. Also contains some darker, Eastern sections but nothing too dark. Have a listen and leave me some interesting feedback - the more detail, the better.

Tags : | Blues | 4.79 MB

Description : Slow Blues

Tags : | Blues | 3.57 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : From my song M.Blues (D key)
Ferryterry (drums and guitars) Stef (Hammond) Pete (bass)

Description : Named artists for My Blues 125bpm - ebeats feat Rasputin 1963 + Exfain + Michiel555 + SilenceKills incl DJ Premier 4.07.
Artists` loops from Other samples from ejay and data-becker. Hope you enjoy this bluesy jazzy dance track :)

If you aren't dancing to THIS...then you just aren't in da MOOD!!!! TIGHT as HELL!
I am looking for a male Rapper and a BADASS FUNK/DUBSTEP singer to sing with NO effects on this! I want the rapper to stay on topic....with the lyrics....Work together...on this! I have INCREDIBLY HIGH standards and Your vocals MUST be STRONG!!! American IDOL strong! Professional strength! (See Lyrics section for more)THIS WILL be playing in some local Colorado Clubs!

Description : I am looking for a male and female that would be willing to put their vocals to this as a duet....Subject: The hustle and Bustle of working
in a large city....

Tags : | Blues | 9.02 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Phatkatz made a nice bayou blues track. He made some steems and send them to me. All guitars are cbg's and have a cool sound. I really loved them and did a new mix and mastering. And on the top i put some vocals. What came out is this (in my ears cool sounding) blues song. Hope you can enjoy it. The original track can be found here on looperman
Lyrics in german and english can be found under Song Lyrics.

Description : This is a Dubstep-Blues-Jazz Fusion instrumental mix from my forth-coming album called "World-of-Wonder due out by August or September of 2016.
I AM looking for a male and female backup vocal collaboration on this track. Listen to the track and create some badass lyrics...The song is in the key of Em

Tags : | Electronic | 8.48 MB

Description : Alright, my first single. Available on iTunes, Spotify etc. More is to come. Support me by following me on facebook, youtube, spotify, i'm going all-in for this to make nice songs for the world. See ya!

REMEMBER: "Dani Kays" now, NOT "Gaji" :P

Tags : | Acoustic | 7.33 MB

Description : This is something unusual stuff from my side but something very special. First thing i have to say is that Phatkatz made a cigar box guitar by himself and loaded a blues loop up. Next thing was that i just played around with a virtual accordion that is inside my new DAW. the third thing is that i watched a picture on audiosparksforart. And all together fits so excellent that i send it to the side as "music for art" .... then Dan (Midisparks, the owner of audiosparks) told me that there was a contest on his side and this little track was inside. And what shall i say - I won with this one - comments always are desirable. -joe-

Tags : | Fusion | 6.24 MB

Description : A fast groove bass and fusion jazz & blues

Tags : | Blues | 6.67 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured

Description : I found this track here...on the loop...I'm sorry I misplaced the track info, but once I find it, I will credit the tracks creator! I am only assisting in placing a possible direction for his sounds!

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