14th Mar 2024 11:18 - 4 months ago
Description : recorded live on cassette tape
featuring LMs angelus1818 on guitars

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If you have time take a listen and give xstokes some feedback.

bringerofDOOM 5th Apr 2024 03:46 - 3 months ago
Mind if
I download and mess around?
xstokes replied 10th Apr 2024 - 3 months ago
i would be delighted to have you go at it man
Zootman 27th Mar 2024 09:20 - 3 months ago
This made me quite emotional for some reason. Maybe the rawness of it. Great track man. I saw it a while back, never got a chance to listen, but I tracked it down!!
xstokes replied 10th Apr 2024 - 3 months ago
Hey mate i’m happy to hear your response. Been away dealing with complications for a bit, this is def my cathartic side on display. Looking forward to catching up w the loop soon. Good to hear from you, Chris
Cyberflares 16th Mar 2024 17:48 - 4 months ago
hello mike
reminds me on the beatles cool

kind regards
xstokes replied 22nd Mar 2024 - 4 months ago
hey pal, yeah this could be a masked track by george and yoko
ZoxoSonor 15th Mar 2024 10:44 - 4 months ago
Scratches in the soul never heal.
xstokes replied 22nd Mar 2024 - 4 months ago
sometimes they’ll sing, though. good to see you, brother!
DijamMusic 15th Mar 2024 04:09 - 4 months ago
Wow, my dear Mike.
I'm so glad I've sneaked in again to see you all.
Man, what a gem. Great track as usual my dear friend.
Well done.
xstokes replied 22nd Mar 2024 - 4 months ago
Maj, keeping an eye out for you mate. i hope things are well with you brother!
2Sisters 14th Mar 2024 21:47 - 4 months ago
Hello Mike, reminds me a little of the great Roger Nelson Prince (God rest his soul)! Did you actually record this on a cassette deck? I can't believe it! But it actually sounds as if someone simply left a tape running during rehearsals. Everything is so beautifully unclean. A fascinating homage to the good old days! If Joseph Beuys had made music, his songs would have been similar to this one.
Best regards
xstokes replied 22nd Mar 2024 - 4 months ago
dear Manuela, your kind words could almost legitimize this as genuine dada! i’ve only been peripherally aware of beuys, i’m glad you pointed me in his direction. even on short acquaintance, he’s really speaking to me. hope all’s well with you, my friend.
CINCOCENT 14th Mar 2024 16:41 - 4 months ago
It's cool man I see why it does sound like that because of the LIE recording on the tape but I'm not sure about the distortion at 1:30. I don't know maybe live it might sound indie but it kind of sounds more psychedelic.
xstokes replied 22nd Mar 2024 - 4 months ago
yeah man genre is a toss-up, the distortion’s how i used my cassette recorder as a kid trying to sound electric on a cheapo aco
dimestop 14th Mar 2024 14:35 - 4 months ago
Mike i really like the harshness of the track the guitar distortion, the tape cassette vibe too there is pain in there and its clearly expressed, maybe the intro of the guitar could be faded in to not dominate the vox and i would definitely repeat the vox again going into the end transition but that's just my personal flava, its not even a critique, if we were all the same music would be shite, you have your own identity here mate others only wish they could achieve it
xstokes replied 22nd Mar 2024 - 4 months ago
hiya Paul, i dig what you mean on structuring a tune, i’ve been messing about with this too long tho and the only way to be shut of it was to use as little deliberation as possible. brother i appreciate your ears and thoughts, yer a gem.

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No comments, just posting this because I haven't uploaded a song in awhile.
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Haven't posted in a while but just wanted to hear feedback here!
It's also out of Spotify and YouTube and Apple Music and Soundcloud for anyone who wants to listen.
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...Yes haha it's spelled wrong on purpose

It's about a bad relationship where the person only realizes how good you were to them only after they left... it's based on my friend's experience
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Tags :
Description : Made this a few months back but just added some vocals - well a few different ones : )
Like the sound but as track it still lacks a bit of structure
Feedback welcome
4th Jan 2022 04:51 - 2 years ago
Description : Really awesome acapella from clxrityyy, those are some straight forward vocals from her, nice!