• From : North Wales, United Kingdom
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About Me

I'm in my late 60's and loving computer music.
Some of my stuff is on Soundcloud some going back more than fifteen years to Windows 98. Pink Boots was produced on that!!!!!

I'mjackbackband on Reverbnation

Instruments I play

Guitar keyboards not very well but the technolgy helps me out. Nope couldn't play any of my uploads live but even the Beatles ended up not being able to reproduce their stuff live because they had become so deeply involved with the technology of the day that they were helping to create for us today.

Software I Use

Ableton live 9 Acid keystation49 MIDI keyboard and a bazillion VST's etc.

Hardware I Use

Yamaha DJX M-AUDIO Keystation49 Yamaha electro acoustic guitar pots pans mics etc.

Listening To Right Now

I hear music in the traffic the trees a crowd the wind .... always have done.
and an amazing now dead - Lucille Bogan.
Check her out on youtube.
eighty years ago .... parental guidance
Eighty years ago she made a track called ...Shave 'em dry .... WARNING ADULT EXPLICIT LYRICS!

10 Favourite Albums

Rain Dogs by Tom Waits but that's this week.

My Influences / Fav Artists

My favourite artist is Tom Waits.
Grew up on the Stones Dylan Floyd Sabbath Hendrix Zappa etc.

My Music Sounds Like

Only me as far as I know.

In My Other Life I ...

I'm not very well and sometimes leave here for long periods unable to do much through exhaustion.
There's a certain person sending emails around to belittle me.
Please don't fall for this kind of crap.
I'm here for fun and pleasure and nothing more.