19th Jun 2016 15:12 - 8 years ago
Description : OK, I finally managed to find a song name, so here it is. But the genre is still open. WTF is it? World? Trip? Trance? Rock? psychedelic? .

I started this song with the wahwah background track, I think I wanted to go in the triphop direction but when I played with it and tried out things I added some Tabla sounds from the available sound library of the cubase software to it, just to get a feel for it. It sounded right somehow, and so it developed from there. As before, we did the work on wikiloops band section: bhunt1 (Brian) on Bass added his track, and rp3drums (Raymond) on drums (one straight drum track, and one para-diddle track). I then added several more guitar tracks.

So I would be happy to listen to your comments and advice, and if I get a good suggestion for name and genre I will change it. Cheers, TG :D

Comments (18)

If you have time take a listen and give TeeGee1965 some feedback.

Kirkoid 27th Nov 2022 21:23 - 1 year ago
Wow that track fair blew me away. I'd agree with those who suggested psychedelic funk rock.
TeeGee1965 replied 27th Nov 2022 - 1 year ago
Thanks man, so cool that you dug up this old track. There is actually a video clip with this I made for this ;)
CitizenMofo 10th Feb 2017 16:47 - 7 years ago
Great track. Really enjoyed it. I would call it psychedelic funk rock myself. Definitely a funky element, and definitely rocks. You can dance to this and that's vital. I loved the interplay and flow of all the different guitars. Some great wailing, some great bass especially in the section where it's featured. It carried me through to the end bangin' and boppin'. Cool tune and successful collab.
ramsinghelijah 22nd Jul 2016 17:53 - 7 years ago
This is real music, I'm working on a project for an album that is yet to be released, the sound is psychedelic R&B with pop elements, and I'm asking for your permission and I'll credit you and you can listen to it and I am interested to use this track for a duet that I'm planning on recording with a friend of mine, I know the album would take a while just wanted to share my ideas.
TeeGee1965 replied 29th Jul 2016 - 7 years ago
Sorry it took so long to reply, was busy busy busy. Thanks for listening, and great that you like the track. If someone wants to add to our music, isn't that the biggest compliment? Regarding the other issue, I am sending you a private message in a minute. Thanks, TG
BillionaireExclusive 9th Jul 2016 18:22 - 8 years ago
Cool Song
TeeGee1965 replied 29th Jul 2016 - 7 years ago
Thanks man, appreciate you listening to it :)
Spivkurl 8th Jul 2016 19:29 - 8 years ago
Hey this is pretty sweet, and an intense ride! Since you ask about genre, although I have little experience with music in this specific mutation, it sounds most suited to psychedelic or possible fusion to my ears. It isn't that important of course. Your guitar work is impressive and refreshing to hear, in this time of virtual everything. It was jamming and fun! My cat had an upchuck accident while the song was playing, but I don't how that is relevant... ha ha. I liked hearing this very much! Fave!
TeeGee1965 replied 8th Jul 2016 - 8 years ago
LOl I almost had an accident myself reading about your cat, made my day :D :D :D . Thanks for your input, I guess psychedelic is probably right, I mean I grew up on late 60ies music, and I do like to incorporate weird sounding scales... Thanks man :)
Planetjazzbass 3rd Jul 2016 03:10 - 8 years ago
Hey there mate, interesting track!...finding a suitable genre category is a complicated process these days, it was way easier 30 years ago! lol anyway I digress, sounds very reminiscent of plenty of jams I was involved with back in the day and possesses that free flowing element you just don't hear in most modern music, it's great to see some actual 'played' music where the variance degree is dialled right up and the predictability level is dialled right down, enjoyed it from start to finish with some cool changes happening....nice one man! cheers Dave
TeeGee1965 replied 6th Jul 2016 - 8 years ago
Thanks man, appreciate it. I guess we both grew up in a different time... :) Thanks for listening!!
SupaFreakshow 2nd Jul 2016 10:03 - 8 years ago
I would go with psychedelic. The lead guitar reminds me of Iron Butterfly, and they were as psychedelic as it got.
TeeGee1965 replied 6th Jul 2016 - 8 years ago
Thanks man, Iron Butterfly, that is band I haven't thought of for some while now. I will go and listen to them, thanks for reminding me :) TG
crucethus 2nd Jul 2016 03:36 - 8 years ago
Pete is spot on with the Belew reference with a hint of Fripp. Your work on guitar work is awesome. Then at 2:12 that little melody line, was just exquisite. Loved the ethnic percussion underneath. But the melodies were awesome. Favd for sure. great work and a great listen.
TeeGee1965 replied 6th Jul 2016 - 8 years ago
Hey Cru, see what I wrote to Pete below, both of you are so kind in your comments. I can't deny that Fripp is a great influence, although I can't play any of his stuff. 21st Century Schizoid Man is a song I love, always listen to it, that guitar sound...and the distorted vocals...yes! So thanks for listening and the lovely comments!
theHumps 24th Jun 2016 13:53 - 8 years ago
Certainly a good blend of genres, funk, rock and world music sound most prevalent to me. The ending is where I hear the ethnic vibe.

The guitars sound great and well played. They carry the feel of the track as it progresses through it's changes. The wah wah has the '70's funk feel, I should get one of those. The world music part at 2:00 the gits are clean and that sound is used a lot in world music.

Are you mic'ing an amp when recording the guitars? Sounds like they are, you get a real good guitar sound.

Cool track TG! Nice collab!

TeeGee1965 replied 24th Jun 2016 - 8 years ago
Hey Wayne, thanks for listening and commenting, much appreciated! If you would see my recording setup you would laugh, it consists of my Fender Strat with probably 2 year old strings, a "Vox Tonlab ST" multieffect (it has a built-in tube to get a warm sound), and from there I go with a simple guitar cable directly into the microphone socket of my 10 year old Acer notebook... and my sofa - where I do all the work :D . So in a way it is very analogue-ish :) ---

I use Cubase 8 to record, but I hardly ever use any of the effects on the guitar, usually it all comes from the Vox. It has a built in Wahwha pedal (or you can configure it to use as an expression pedal etc, , and the great thing about it is that I can save up to 50 settings. So if I were to play live and I wanted any of the sounds on this song, all I need is a "clean" amp, plug the Vox in and I got it. For me the Vox is great, it an do a lot of sounds and effects.

But, I am thinking of getting a mic and record the Vox through a small amp - this would probably add another "live" dimension to it.

CHeers, TG
TinyFinger 23rd Jun 2016 21:44 - 8 years ago
Hi! Very good track.
TeeGee1965 replied 24th Jun 2016 - 8 years ago
Thanks man :)
imakebeatsLF 23rd Jun 2016 12:28 - 8 years ago
music soup ! liking the wah at the start too

very creative

TeeGee1965 replied 24th Jun 2016 - 8 years ago
Hahaha Music Soup - if I hadn't had a name for already I'd use that :D :D :D .
mildperil 23rd Jun 2016 08:14 - 8 years ago
To have blended all of those genres together is a brilliant skill, I would have made a right old mess if it was left up to me.

Great first song to start the day with, it's put me in a great frame of mind.

Thanks for sharing :)
TeeGee1965 replied 23rd Jun 2016 - 8 years ago
Thank you man!

You make it sound as I did something on purpose - the truth is I started just riffing with the wahwah, and then I got this 8 bar sequence down, which was a little tricky as I tried to gently squeeze the wah pedal all the way in one direction during the "chackachakcka" bit - (the "instinct" is to go up and down). Then I did the second wahwah loop, and once these were down I built up the song, adding bits and pieces. Then when the drums came in I asked Raymond to do another track of percussion, and gave him a link to some drumming I thought would fit. He did something completely different, but actually much better. Same with the bass. I had something totally different in mind, but Brian insisted on something else - which was not less good by all means - and I just mixed it. So it came out totally different from what I wanted - but I love it - it is better than I could have imagined :)

Thanks for listening, and thanks for your kind remarks, that made MY day :)
Darknives 22nd Jun 2016 21:21 - 8 years ago
Just incredible man. I would just call it psychadelic rock with a lot of influences. Inside that psych chill rock, u go through some different styles.
TeeGee1965 replied 23rd Jun 2016 - 8 years ago
Thanks man, appreciate your comments. Yes a lot of things mixed in there, all more or less "happened". You can read how it happened in my reply to Mildperil.
Bindanox 21st Jun 2016 18:43 - 8 years ago
If Frank Zappa went the blaxpotation music route he would have sounded like this.
Despite the use of several sounds from different sources,the track is really well balanced.
Glad i downloaded your track.
Road Trip To Casablanca
Thanks for sharing

TeeGee1965 replied 22nd Jun 2016 - 8 years ago
Man, I love the Zappa comment, you made my day :D. Big fan of his, I wish I had the talent of the tip of his mustache :D . Thanks for listening and commenting, and glad you enjoyed it. TG
silverman 21st Jun 2016 17:45 - 8 years ago
You are my wonder wah!
TeeGee1965 replied 22nd Jun 2016 - 8 years ago
LOl thanks :D
Mosaic 20th Jun 2016 06:32 - 8 years ago

Thought have a listen and see if can help with what your not sure abouts :) first off nice clean mix, from listening it nearly fits the rock genre, but does seem like a couple of genre's blended further into the track funk being one of them, so maybe the fusion genre? Title wise MAYBE (Long Day At The Office)??? Anyways mate nice work on this one, enjoyed the listen very much...Fav...mosaic...PS Hope helped a little...
TeeGee1965 replied 22nd Jun 2016 - 8 years ago
Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it and thanks for taking the time to comment. In the meantime I think I got a name for it, will update it shortly. TG
LittleJay 20th Jun 2016 03:36 - 8 years ago
lmao, thats a funky track, thats like an african-american music so for me its a funk.
TeeGee1965 replied 22nd Jun 2016 - 8 years ago
Thanks man! Yes, there is indeed funk in there :)
mudhoen 19th Jun 2016 19:37 - 8 years ago
I dont know what genre to place it in but it sounds very good. A lot of funky sounds and very solid grooves. Love the electric guitar in it. The break is very warm and welcome. Great stuff!
TeeGee1965 replied 22nd Jun 2016 - 8 years ago
Thanks man, appreciate it :)

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