2nd Jul 2021 12:17 -  2 years ago
Description : Not really 'industrial' although some aspects might fit with the genre...generally robots and stuff...hehe...and a hint of heavy metal is also there...:)

Comments (16)

If you have time take a listen and give Orlando51 some feedback.

bringerofDOOM 9th Sep 2021 01:52 -  2 years ago
That's a great sound at about 2:37. And again at 3:45, with the delay... nice work.

Also, let me know if you want to make something, some complex chord changes to solo over or the like, if so just message me. TTYL.
ValveDriver 28th Aug 2021 15:59 -  2 years ago
Oh, Leon...what have you done?

This comment is probably going to take at a minimum, 4 listen-throughs.

I've listened to many of your songs. All of which I absolutely love. They all have so much depth and feeling. They always capture the beauty of life. Even in the more melancholic ones. But this one, my friend, in this one you go to a place that I haven't heard from you, but I always knew was there. However, you do it with absolute authority.

The piano in the opening is by far the most important moment of this song. They tell the entire story, in just those 7 chords. Everything before, and after that is just an explanation.

This is a very introspective piece, but it's also a perfect social commentary on the world today. Especially from the perspective of those of us who were here before the massive influx of technology. The beginning being a distorted memory of a peaceful, natural world. Those pivotal piano chords being the moment when you realize that all of that is gone. Overshadowed by what's to come. It could be health, age, or what I'm guessing it to be, the technological machine that has brought a darkness over us all.
But you know, even in the midst of the darkness, and the aggression of the lower guitars, and the chugs, (which I absolutely love!) There's still a level of determination and refusal to be consumed.


That's how I would describe this track. I know you said that you used "Industrial" more out of necessity than reality, but I would certainly go with Dystopian.

Up until the drums come in, it's like standing in one point just taking in the surroundings. Looking at everything and how it's become a charred shadow of it's former self. Whether that's literal, or symbolic. But when the drums start, it brings a new level of determination and an acceptance of the fact that you need to just carry on regardless. The clean guitars, and the piano that's sprinkled in throughout this part accompanied by the guitars harmonics deliver a feeling of peacefulness that says you will still find the beauty even in an ugly world, and you will not be broken.

Leon, this one is by far my favorite of yours, and not just because it's a darker theme. I mean, that helps, but this one seems to tell a much more poignant story. It has a level of vulnerability that your other work doesn't have. I would even go as far to bet that you felt you were in a moment of weakness when you wrote this one. But let me assure you, this is your strongest piece yet, and it reflects your own personal strength and drive.
As an artist and a person, I have tremendous respect for you, so hopefully, I didn't cross any lines in my assumptions on a personal level.

Oh, it was a grand total of 8 listen-throughs.
Leon, as always, take care my friend.
Orlando51 replied 1st Sep 2021 - 2 years ago
Wow wow wow Aaron...I really don't remember if I ever received such a comprehensive feedback !I had kind of a sixth sense that you might be interested in checking this one, so I shared the link, but frankly I didn't expect so overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic response.This really means alot to me so I can only say big thank you my friend for this generous review !:)

With maximum appreciation_____Leon
MrRivus 20th Jul 2021 20:13 -  2 years ago
This could be so good for a movie soundtrack
Orlando51 replied 28th Aug 2021 - 2 years ago
Thanks alot...much appreciation for your opinion !:)

theHumps 7th Jul 2021 22:26 -  2 years ago
What a cool trip I went on as I listened. I loved all the effects/sounds you created and the atmosphere becomes dark and menacing. Seems like you have stepped slightly away from your expansive, beautiful creations you usually post. It's an interesting track, progresses nicely, cool dynamics. It starts off rather peaceful though, a little mother nature then some nice piano chords then it goes slightly awry. ;)

Take care Leon!

Orlando51 replied 8th Jul 2021 - 2 years ago
Yeah Wayne...I think it's healthy to step out of the usual
sometimes, and so I did...and I'm surely glad that you approve it...thank you most kindly my friend !:)

With much appreciation____Leon
randomuser13 6th Jul 2021 01:49 -  2 years ago
love the guitar chugs!!!!
Orlando51 replied 8th Jul 2021 - 2 years ago
Glad you do...thanks alot !
CaraDeSol 5th Jul 2021 21:21 -  2 years ago
I went by many names you know. Spd2, iNTERGALACTIC cHAOS, but you’ll know better as Pete Jon Tebar. Always a pleasure mate :)
Orlando51 replied 6th Jul 2021 - 2 years ago
Yes, Pete my's you ! So sorry for not recognizing you sooner but later on I checked some of your tracks and instantly recognized your incredible vocals. So nice we meet again and I hope I will be more around here in the future...

All the best____Leon
CaraDeSol 5th Jul 2021 13:44 -  2 years ago
Oh Leon, it's so good to hear from you. You are missed my friend. Incredible piece , I would love to hear it with vocals, I bet it would sound incredible. As always, stellar production. glad to see you back my friend, can't waut to hear more of your music. Until next time my friend.


Cara de Sol
Orlando51 replied 5th Jul 2021 - 2 years ago
First of all many thanks for this positive feedback and kind words...but, oh my...I don't know exactly who you are,
because I don't remember you by that nickname (so sorry), but I would like to know...:))

With much appreciation____Leon
pseudoble 5th Jul 2021 11:52 -  2 years ago
Nice track - somehow I missed this - some of those transitions as not quite as smooth as others but at least (unlike some of my own efforts) there are transitions and I think you have a really nice production/ sound
Orlando51 replied 5th Jul 2021 - 2 years ago
Many thanks for listening and comment...ah, those damn transitions...tell you what...they're mostly deliberately made that way (non-smooth) to better fit the subject matter of the track...:)

With appreciation_____Leon
Verdiqo 5th Jul 2021 11:52 -  2 years ago
Greetings Orlando, If this genre is industrial i would say no. Still it has some elements in it though. But this sounds a bit rocky and more metal like than idustrial. Still it was a interesting piece to listen to. It sure has a lot of different elements and nuances in it. But it seems all to fit in this song. So it was definately something different than your other works i heard before. But still a job well done. Have a good one, Verdi
Orlando51 replied 5th Jul 2021 - 2 years ago
Thanks for stopping by mate ! Well, I think I already told in the description that it's not really industrial, only some ingredients, as it's not heavy metal in the same way, but I had to pick a genre (unfortunately Looperman doesn't provide a 'custom genre') and I think I picked it more on the basis of the title than the actual music...anyways thanks alot for your honest feedback !

With appreciation_____Leon
ClickbaitCabaret 3rd Jul 2021 19:38 -  2 years ago
Rather suspense filled track this is. Very cool.
Orlando51 replied 5th Jul 2021 - 2 years ago
Many thanks for listening and comment !

With appreciation____Leon
crucethus 3rd Jul 2021 19:32 -  2 years ago
Like an awesome film score. Awesome transitions and a fantastic mix. 1:34 we change it up in tone and key.
The build-up is fantastic. It reminds me a little bit of Suduaya. great job Leaon.
Orlando51 replied 5th Jul 2021 - 2 years ago
Thanks alot Steve...always a pleasure to hear from you !

With much appreciation____Leon
Kiisha 3rd Jul 2021 07:27 -  2 years ago
This is so amazing, the amount of work put into this is just stunning for me, you are very talented, keep it up my bro
Orlando51 replied 3rd Jul 2021 - 2 years ago
Thank you most kindly Kisha...much appreciation for your positive feedback and kind words....means alot !:)

All the best____Leon
Danke 2nd Jul 2021 21:34 -  2 years ago
incredible work Leon ... prog/rock, if I could define it ... kinda movie soundtrack ... transformers or so :-)
in any case it doesn't sound like an ordinary sound of yours ... after a lot of chill it's a big refreshment ... :-)
more please ...
ValveDriver will love it, if he pays your respects here more often and catch this masterpiece ...
in the meantime, let's listen a lot ...

fistbump my friend, Danke
Orlando51 replied 3rd Jul 2021 - 2 years ago
You might be damn right my friend...I surely share your opinion that this doesn't sound like usual Orlando stuff. From time to time I really feel a need for something different It's not always easy to do it, because nobody can
get rid completely of oneself, but sometimes could be a success...I'm really glad you're supportive of this one...thank you so much !:)

With much appreciation_____Leon
Zootman 2nd Jul 2021 20:42 -  2 years ago
This has great sounds and the structure is cool. Forbidding, and a cool tension, always on the verge of something going down... Kept me on edge.
Orlando51 replied 3rd Jul 2021 - 2 years ago
Many thanks for your kind comment my friend...really glad you enjoyed it !

With much appreciation___Leon
DijamMusic 2nd Jul 2021 20:36 -  2 years ago
Wow. LM females watch out the golden man is here!!
Mate what to say about this track is Orrie's usual superb work.
Brilliant as usual and more.
really well done my mate.
Orlando51 replied 3rd Jul 2021 - 2 years ago
Very glad seeing you stopping by my friend...always a pleasure ! Thank you so much for your positive thoughts and support !

With much appreciation____Leon
sirefox 2nd Jul 2021 14:36 -  2 years ago
Me gusta como suena. El principio es impresionante con ese piano poderoso y presencial. Los cambios son sublimes con esas guitarras y esas cuerdas saltando de un lado a otro. La mezcla muy trabajada. Bien hecho amigo Orlando51.
Orlando51 replied 3rd Jul 2021 - 2 years ago
Muchas gracias amigo !:)

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