9th Jul 2015 18:43 -  8 years ago
Tags :
Description : This track contains only free loops from several Looperman artists. Inspired by the excellent anime series "Durarara!!".
Applied loops of: Danke (2), Slapjohnson (2), Drofon (2), DjGreen (2), Mirsi, RogueAI, Psychotropic_Circle, Centrist, TheHumps, ImproveWithError, Bonsanhavoc, Orangon, Realstrings, OneByOne, MrWolf14, Ngsbb, Trancefer, Djole94hns, Ebaby8119, Spivkurl.

Comments (11)

If you have time take a listen and give traz75 some feedback.

GameZoneRecreation 20th Apr 2021 02:16 -  3 years ago
Really Enjoy this track. Thank you so much for making it. Keep up the great work.
traz75 replied 25th Jul 2021 - 2 years ago
Thank you!
trancefer 12th Nov 2019 10:09 -  4 years ago
Ty for using my link, nicely done (and ty for the tip:) ) Backlink:
traz75 replied 25th Jul 2021 - 2 years ago
Thanks for the loop! :)
Regards, traz
Jynxz 22nd Jan 2019 20:08 -  5 years ago
I like this track. I think opening the possibility of any genre appearing in one track is exciting and refreshing. This track shows your ability to take a simple cord progression, make it complex and lavish then break it back down and bring it back home.
traz75 replied 13th Sep 2019 - 4 years ago
Thank you!
Actually, i think this is one my most complex works ever despite the mediocre number of applied loops...Only thing made me a little sad the sound quality of a few loops (too noisy). But still one of my fav. I love the sad-funny mood coming out of it. :)
Btw, sorry for the late reply...

Regards, traz
AlfredTheButman 2nd Jun 2018 16:48 -  5 years ago
traz75 replied 13th Sep 2019 - 4 years ago

Sorry for the late reply...
vigwig 7th Apr 2018 17:03 -  6 years ago
People call this sort of track busy. Busy sometimes can gloss over little inconsistencies. Acknowledging the "too much" point of view, I think it is a fine example of using many loops: Putting them together seamlessly. It is always fascinating to me to listen to a track where loops are incorporated together, presenting a feel of a real band playing. Cheers, vic
traz75 replied 9th Apr 2018 - 6 years ago
Thank you for the kind words, Vic!
I can absolutely agree with you - when you work with (mostly random) loops, there will be a lot of inconsistencies, imperfections. Mostly the most i can do against them is to fake them or enhance them ("it's not a bug it's a feature!")... Who can look over these anomalies, will enjoy my tunes (mostly). Who can't... Well, he will not. :)
This tune is one of my best i think, the only thing i sorry is the really different quality of the used loops.

Regards, traz
BradoSanz 10th Oct 2015 20:51 -  8 years ago
Even if it is quite busy, I don't think it's that horrible. Quite entertaining to listen to haha. The only thing that I find that sounds too out of place - as others have mentioned - is the guitar haha. But besides that, it was a very entertaining listen :)

traz75 replied 11th Oct 2015 - 8 years ago
Thanks ER!

That guitar part is intentionally such as it, like a flick. :)
theHumps 15th Jul 2015 08:34 -  8 years ago
Wow, this is an ambitious song. My guitar parts sound a bit out of key though a bit There are some very cool parts to this song, I really was digging the part about 55 sec where the strings come in, I replayed that part a dozen times.

There is a lot going on here and you seem to have been given some input. I recommend simplifying the song and just picking the best parts out and focusing on those parts. I have to hand it to you though, you used a lot of people's loops, pretty creative on that level alone.

traz75 replied 15th Jul 2015 - 8 years ago
Thanks, Wayne! Yeah, i see your point. Your guitar loop are really out of the tune a bit in this track, and that part are a bit "flat" or "rough" compared with the rest, this is because i find it interesting to leave that part a bit simple, made for a contrast against the more complex other parts.

I think i will make a shortened and "harmonized", less chaotic version of this somewhere the mid-range future, when it's already "out of my ears", but that will be another song i think (like an nitro and outro version for something).

Regards, traz
soundhound 12th Jul 2015 23:33 -  8 years ago
Somethings were just never meant to go together...
Like trying to fit a round peg into a square hole, you can
try to do it all you want but it will still be wrong...
In this case sounding wrong, I use to play a tune with My Friend
George and the Parliament Funkadelic, it was called "If it don't
fit don't force it" a lot of stuff sounds forced here...
Never the less it's a Mammoth project you've taken on here, hope
to hear it again when it's completed...

traz75 replied 14th Jul 2015 - 8 years ago
Hi TG!

Thanks for sharing your opinion!
I did not think as a mammoth project for this one, but im happy, because i especially like those tracks where i get contrary opinions (however, i'm always just hope that the positive comments are honest, and not just an gentle "a bit lame song, but why make him sad?" :D).
I think this means that the track is really "craggy", someone can hate or love it too because its features, can generate feelings - which means a lot to me.

regards, traz
DijamMusic 11th Jul 2015 21:58 -  8 years ago
Hello mate
This is a very good track with a hint of jazzy feel.
Very good
Well done.
traz75 replied 12th Jul 2015 - 8 years ago
Thank you!
Spivkurl 11th Jul 2015 20:48 -  8 years ago
Hey, dude, this is very cool! I'm enjoying it very much, and I'm happy to have a loop of mine as a part of it. Silverman's comment seems to stem from a lack of listening to jazz, as often in jazz the different instruments will have their moments throughout a song, which is also a characteristic of much fusion. You're right, those guitar parts are quite cool! Such an upbeat pleasing track! I really like it. Definitely a fave and download (thank you for the DL)!
traz75 replied 12th Jul 2015 - 8 years ago
Thanx! :)
My only heartache is that, one of the guitar loops are mono...
silverman 10th Jul 2015 00:08 -  8 years ago
I think there's to much going on.
Plus a lack of structure which you can get away with often but I don't think you have in this piece.
It seems to go from one instrument to another like every instrument is going to get it's individual turn.
Sorr to be a little negative on this one.
traz75 replied 11th Jul 2015 - 8 years ago
Hi Silverman!

Lol, you dont need to apologise for your opinion. :)
Im always be glad to get any critics (with concretums ofcourse, because i cant do anything with "this is shit" likewise posts), because from those i can learn other people's thoughts about what i made, and sometimes i can learn from them. When i post sometimes for other people's tracks, me too trying to point to the "errors" of the track from my aspect.

And this time I even don't feel your post as a negative one, despite that i don't feel like you about the structure (but true, its very loose even with my standards too :D).
As i write in the track's description, i made this one under the influence of a really cool japanese anime called "Durarara!!" - i finish with the full first season (25 episodes! :D) over the weekend, then start to make this one at the night instead sleep. :)

I can't really explain without the knowledge of the serie but i try. Its all about atmosphere. In this anime, there is not a single lead character, it's about several (about a dozen) very different and really weird people as protagonist, both of them with own individuality and stories (a lot times crossed, ofcourse). I find it simply sensational.

My concept here were especially what you wrote : to go from one instrument (like a person) to another, and bring them his individual turn (story) and to put them (somehow :D) to a loose structure. Originally i designed as a short track around 3 mins and without any repetition of parts (and for a bit more dinamyc sounding), but i find the guitar parts so cool that i can't resist to repeat them. :)
This chaotic style and discurvise structure is very close to me anyways (actually, i find the only difficulty with working loops is to fit very different cool full "parts" together for a structure), but this time i unleasheed it. :)
Still, i can't look at the song with "neutral eyes", to me, the track is really brings back the anime's atmosphere (despite the fact that the show's official music totally other styled - and lot more structured :D) and i'm very happy with the result. I feel it as a very addictive, sweet and easy song. :)

Maybe a few months later me too will find it less impressive (this occurs a lot times with me after 6-12 months) and will see the flaws too.
regards, traz

ps : sorry for the WOT. :)

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Nuts : )

HNY (despite covid)
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I strongly suggest you not be wearing headphones @2min6sec of this track!
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Description : Found some 70's funk drum loops that I liked and added some funk horn loops. Then I found some effects and percussion loops that worked well with the bass loops I found. Yeah, all loops but 1 vocal track of mine. :) Funk/fusion? Might be cool to have some hip hop styled vox on this, any takers?
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Description : It is pretty hard to set a genre to this music sorry. So if someone have a better idea about what genre it is feel free to tell me.For that one I focused on the melodies instead the complexity (a lot of instrument with fx). So basically this tune is a piano one featuring piano, organ and 2 synths only no drum or fx.All those instrument follow the same melodie(composed by myself took me hours for that XD) The name is due my mom loved that one as the one I did for her long time ago.This is more a experimentation for me so plz have that in mind when you will write a comment.Also there are a surprise at 1:42 min.Hope you will enjoy this one.I also profit to say all my works will be avaliable to download without having to post a comment for the may 30 only.the reason is a mystery.
23rd May 2016 16:43 -  8 years ago
Description : Which has relit the flame to create again, so many thanks to you my friend.
This a remix of Spiv's I Fall Down, I have add a trance element through this remix, even though not tech a trance piece, so have put under fusion genre...Strong kick beat, house beat and some drum lines, with nice basslines.Hope you enjoy this one, did a couple of versions, this is the one Spiv liked so here it is.Please comment/review, but most of all enjoy.
29th Sep 2016 18:19 -  7 years ago
Tags :
Description : 29 December 1890
Target Miniconjou Lakota
Hunkpapa Lakota
150-300 killed
84 men
44 women
18 children
51 wounded (7 fatally)
United States army 500 effectives:
7th U.S. Cavalry:438 troopers 22 artillerymen with four 1.65–inch cannon