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Description : vocal thing with weird harmonies

F Sharp minor

94 bpm

Description : i be in my girls ear like
this is in A major
bpm 99

Description : brakence type beat
mr beast build wells type beat
mr yeast

Description : joenuts 002
170 F minor
dnb / rage

Description : joenuts 001
G major 120 bpm

Description : sine compression bass and foley of random things
bass is playing D sharp and A note

Description : granular guitar with sidechain
bpm 87
key D major

-joenuts :)

Description : electric guitar loop inspired by Midwest emo / brakence
key: g major
bpm: 132


Description : electric guitar loop for brakence type beat
key is Em
bpm is 147

Description : electric guitar loop good for brakence/ aries beat
key Bb Major
bpm 148

Description : drum loop with foley and glitchy texture
bpm 160
loop pack coming soon

Description : good for sad lil peep juice wlrd brakence type beat
link what u make
not sure about the key but pretty sure its D major

Description : Guitar loop with aries vibe
link what you make
open to collabs

Description : Key F minor
BPM 92
Feel free to contact me
Comment if you make anything with it :o

Description : im still kinda new at this whole guitar thing so i apologize if it sounds scuffed lol
link what u make with it :0

Description : lmk if u make something :)
prod. joenuts

Loops (16)