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Description : lil baby ft. the easter bunny type loop

Description : inspired by the batman

Description : hella grossbeat 1/2 time on this jawn!!! B-)

Description : made with zebralette vst

Description : poppy piano melo w/ gross beat

Description : feels like a rare chance to start again.

Description : made this with 3x osc and gross beat

Description : made with nexus

Description : made using garageband

Description : very chill loop made with FLEX

Description : got really bored and used gross beat on drums

Description : made using sytrus flute// show what you make below... oh yeah and put rc20 for best effect

Description : show what you make plz

Description : show me what you make

Description : leave what you make below // keep it fresh my gs

Description : island, tropical sounding, pretty cool imo

Description : scary synth loop

Description : nexus 3 was used in the making of this loop

Description : this was leftover but kinda cool if you ask me... leave what you make belowm :)

Description : very exciting sounding :D
tags: lil uzi vert , playboi carti , tyfontaine

Description : had this left over.. show me what u make below!!

Description : cool bell pattern + counter melody made using FLEX vst in FL Studio.

Description : kinda west coast type vibe

Description : used keyscape, might be nice for drill

Description : used an arp from Nexus for this one... leave what you make with it below!

Loops 1 - 25 of 35
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