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Description : Show me
Description : Show me what you make yeah?
Description : Have Fun!!!
Description : powerless
Description : powerless prec
Description : b side ? idk this was a request
Description : Hope usable
Description : Classic Shhhhh
Description : Hope usable
Description : Smoooooth
Description : East Coast
Description : Straight from the heart...
Description : just a sad guitar riff
Description : G Funk
Description : Warmth, Grit, Tape, Saturation, Swing = Perfect Drums
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Description : A synthesizer simulates human speech.
Description : Old school 93 BPM loop - enjoy
Description : if you use the loop in anything, leave a link in the comments so I can check it out (:
Description : share a link if you used this in anything (:
Description : Made with Kontakt instrument
Description : Played in: Amaj7 - Emaj7
Description : Let me know, your thoughts. :)
Description : Twinkle Synth from an untitled and unused track.
Description : Steel Drum from an untitled and unused track.
Description : Piano from an untitled and unused track.
Loops 1 - 25 of 302
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