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Description : Beautiful String Arrangement made with BBC Symphony Orchestra

Description : Vibessssssss

Description : Vibey Lofi Organ
just a 2-5-1

Description : Hi guys, I'm back on looperman, stay tuned I am going to be uploading much more often this year...

Description : Homely keys played by yours truly.
Threw in an Amaj chord at the end to add a tiny bit of spice.

Description : Cm Blues Scale

Description : Old Custom Sample I created, Dmaj

Description : C9
C7 b9

Description : Already Mixed, feel free to mix more obviously.

Description : I MADE THIS WITH FL KEYS!! and a lot of reverb...


Description : FIREEEE

Description : Bass stays on F#
Not sample I made this in FL

Description : Not Sample
I made this in FL for the previously uploaded wolves loop.

Description : Not Actual Sample
I made this with kick drum in FL

Description : Not Actual Sample
I made this with LABS Choir
C# Major

Description : Spitfire check it
Listen to second half its flames
D# Major

Bass Notes
D# G G C

Choir Bass Notes
A# C G D#

Description : This was made with Labs, but I thought it sounded similarly to the opening screech in Batman's "The Dark Knight"
F# Harmonic Minor

Description : Cooking up in the kitchen

Description : Doo Doo

Description : Great Flute Chop
Key of E
I used KeyFinder to find the key so it might not be accurate but it should be.

Description : Fire Trap Drum Loop

Description : A Harmonic Minor

Description : I am SOMBER because EVERYTHING is DARK
Am Harmonic

Description : So Much Blues
Blues Scale in C
C - D# - F - F# - G - A# - C
The bass moves back and forth between notes below
Bass Is Just Fifths
C G - C A
F C - F D
G D - G E

Description : LABS IS A BLESSING
everyone needs to get on that LABS train.

Loops 1 - 25 of 64
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