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Description : C blues scale
C - D# - F - F# - G - A# - C

Description : Sounds like Sakura but not

Description : Not an 808, piano that I added some effects to. A major, if that is even applicable.

Description : Sakura for weird geetar but free flute VST for flute.
C# minor harmonic I THINK

Description : Very Weird
A# harmonic minor

Description : G Major
Chord Progression
G - G7 - C (I think)

Description : C major scale, any cord works with this melody cause of the way I worked it.

Description : G# Major Pentatonic, Pretty dope in my opinion. Anything sounds good in that scale, in my opinion.

Description : It's in C Major
Chord Progression is
C - G7 - F - C
Very Happy Chord Progression
Very Detuned Melody

Description : A# major, I found this melody very motivational.

Description : D Major Pentatonic, super calm/chill. I've been on that Sakura train lately, some fire presets in that program. Sakura for the chords and toxic for the melody. Other misc used as well. Post what you do.

Description : Fire Japenese-esque melody, made with Sakura, for the chords and Labs for the melodies and pad. It's in the key of D minor pentatonic.

Description : D Minor Melodic, I think, some notes in the chords might not be on the scale, I kind of went crazy with this one.

Description : Trap style.

Description : Blues Scale, look at part one to learn what that is.

Description : In the typical blues scale, C D# F F# G A# C

Description : Plucky Cord Melody, made using Sakura!!Kind of Dark-ish? but not really? I don't know but I'd love to hear what you do with it.

Description : Came up with this using HYBRID synth in fl studio.

Description : I made this in FL with the Hybrid Synth.

Description : This is a bell loop I came up with in FL that sort of sounds similar to the Lucky You bells, by Eminem featuring Joyner.

Description : Custom Drum Loop I made. Added some fl distortion to really make the kicks kick.

Description : I think this is a accordian, I'm not sure, but I just created a melody with it.

Description : Some warm EMAJ chords.

Description : This is a creepy melody I came up with in fl, message me if used, I would love to see how people use it.

Description : I just whipped this up in FL, it's using the closed grand default piano in FL studio. It's just some choppy chords. Comment what you do with it, please comment and if possible link what you did with it. I would love to hear it.

Loops 1 - 25 of 27
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