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Description : Works great as an EDM bridge, or intro...

Chord Progression
i - VII - VI - VII - i - V - VII - VI - iv

Description : Its been a while...
Really good piano loop for chopping up in a sampler
D Melodic Minor

Description : Guitar Sounding Arp Synth, made in Sytrus, in FL Studio.
E Natural Minor

Description : Lofi Swing Drum Loop
Made in FL Studio
With Some Compression and Distortion

Description : Lo-Fi vibraphone, made in FL Studio with Decent Sampler.
Bb Major

Description : Custom Trap Guitar Loop, in E natural minor, made in FL studio.

Description : Recorded into FL Studio with vintage ALESIS module.
Chord Progression goes as follows:
GMaj - C/D - CMaj - Emin - DMaj

Description : Latin Piano Trap Loop, in A harmonic minor.
I left this loop SUPAaaa dry, this loop sounds really good chopped up, and I did not want to mess that up with a bunch of effects.
This loop was made in FL studio.

Description : Very vintage UK Drill string loop, recorded into FL Studio with old an Alesis module string preset.
I left this loop very dry.
A Harmonic Minor

Description : This is a drum loop made in FL Studio with a lot of compression, and some minor distortion for taste.
This is a classic RnB drum groove that has a 12/8 feel, while being in 4/4

Description : Juno Arp with vocal hit at beginning, made in FL with Analog Lab V
E natural Minor
Part 3 of 3

Description : Vintage Style Synth Made in FL with Analog Lab V
E natural Minor
Part 2 of 3

Description : Vintage Style Rhodes made in FL
E natural Minor
Chord Progression goes as follows
Emin7 Ddom7 CMaj7 Amin7
Part 1 of 3

Description : Custom Boom-bap Style Drums, with some distortion, saturation, and compression.

Description : Custom Rnb Piano Loop Made With Decent Sampler
A harmonic Minor
Chord Progression Goes as Follows
F7 - E7 - Am7 - Gdom7 - C7

Description : RnB Drum Loop, made in FL Studio
I left this somewhat dry, with only some compression, and RC-20 for some nice color.

Description : Disco Funk Drum Loop Made in FL
I left these drums very dry, just with some compression for loudness (:

Description : It is not a mandolin it is a yangqin, which is a hammered dulcimer.
Key of F Hirajoshi

Description : Sort of a Pop chord progression, but with a weird synth with swung filter

Description : Custom Vintage Sounding Dramatic Pop Piano Loop
2nd Half is same loop and key but with filters
Ab Major

Description : Dark Piano Trap Loop
Made with Decent Sampler Maxs Bentley Piano
F Natural Minor

Description : Vintage Sounding Custom Synth Loop
Trap Synth Loop
D Natural Minor

Description : Swung 8-Bit Sounding Vintage Custom Synth Loop Made in FL Studio
Very Vintage Video-Gamey Sounding

Description : Bb Major Organ Soul Loop
Grimey Organ Loop

Description : Custom Hip-Hop Piano Loop
I thought this progression that I came up with was so good, so I left it mostly untouched.This is like a classic hip-hop vibe.
A harmonic Minor

Loops 1 - 25 of 101