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Description : Download this loop if you identify with t_error 404, P·A·L, Scrap.edx, Unter Null, Hydrocyanic...

Description : i hope my piano loop is helping you a little bit in this bad world. pls can you show me your work?

Description : cold rain

Description : using the "old squeeze box" preset on logic pro. cool chord progression creates a super vibey eerie feel. post down below if you make anything! 66/132 bpm

Description : The woman is not satisfied with half tenderness or half confidence, she wants all or nothing.

Description : An electric guitar plays a slow, expressive riff with a 1970's Soul mood. (Feel for the underlying 16th-note Funk feeling.)
Harmonies: F#m7---Fm7----Em7-----Fm7

Description : kinda sad I guess idk

Description : My own voice, layered 7 times and given lavish reverb.
Harmonies: Bb----Dm7----Ebmaj7----F6

Description : genamusic

Description : text me via instagram

Description : can you show me what you do with this?

Description : 0 0 0 0 0

Description : Simple 2-5-1 chord progression
(Bass notes are F#, B, E, G# C#)
6/8 time

Description : Wavy Flute Riff in A sharp minor.

Description : Created using Maschine 2.8.7

Description : Virtual Instrument: Halion Sonic SE
FX: Waves MaxxBass

Description : Acoustic Guitar x Flute

Description : Bell Riff in D sharp minor. Also see Layer 1 Acoustic Guitar Synth Riff

Description : Acoustic Guitar Synth Riff in D sharp minor. Also see Layer 2 Bell Riff

Description : A synthesizer, set to a fat trombones patch, plays some syncopated chords.

Description : A little moody piano theme in the style of the Italian Gialli films of the 1970's.

Description : tragic outcome
mi fa# sol# la si do# ré#
E F# G# A B C# D#

Description : A slow tempo riff on the Fender Rhodes piano, with a gentle Funk implication.

Harmonies: Amaj7----Dmaj7

Description : Find contact in bio for customs / packs

Description : 4 seamless bars of a shimmering musical passage.

Harmonies: Db---Fm7---Gbmaj7----Cbadd9

Loops 1 - 25 of 98
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