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Description : Blueface - Holy Moly 808 Loop

Description : Blueface - Holy Moly Piano Loop

Description : Blueface - Holy Moly Drum Loop

Description : synthy wonderland where all things synth belong. Pierre Bourne Type maybe? 62/104 bpm

Description : Made it playing around a bit. Thought it sounded cool. As always share your awesome work and use the link in my bio to reach me for custom samples.

Description : Virtual Instruments: NI Massive & Addictive Keys
FX: Neutron Elements & FabFilter Pro-R

Exact Scale: C Locrian

Description : Fixed
Legato and NY church reverb

Description : Losing Focus Guitar Loop

Description : Slide

Description : super reverby guitar loop, I'm pretty sure its G maj

Description : Thugger X Polo G . Made in Nexus

Description : Classic style 4/4 Blues Guitar. I kept it on the dry side to avoid a long fxs tail that would have been chopped after the fourth bar. Make sure you juice it back up!

Description : Key: unknown
Tempo: 62 bpm

Description : Keys
1st (c/d#/g)
2nd (b/d/g)

Bpm 62

Let me see what you got!!

Description : Hope usable

Description : bright firmament

Description : Dreaming Out

Description : the unforgivable

Description : Sad Hours.

it took time and effort to come up with this melody, so please enjoy.

Description : above suspicion A

Description : above suspicion B

Description : graveyard

Description : A gentleman goes to see a psychic:
Knock, knock!
Who's there, asks the psychic?
Disappointed, the gentleman leaves.

Description : dust thickness

Description : sweet keys

Loops 1 - 25 of 122
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