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Description : seems like Im on a drum roll today(badum-tss)
jokes aside, here are some lofi drums :)

any key, again, drums, 71 BPM

enjoy :S

Description : the infamous drum roll style of the ogbonge producer kelp vybe. if you want more afrobeat samples download my shango drumkit: link in bio

Description : Drum roll


If you use this, send me the link in the comments

Description : For this, I used

Cymatics Astro Divinity Snare

Hope its... close enough. :)

Description : If you use it, upload it to Soundcloud or youtube,
Link your channel or account and I will check out your beat!

Description : links if used!

Description : Be sure to give links

Description : Done with Kontakt 5. Same with a more rapid pace and harsh snaring and drum roll. This one is with percussion. Cymbals.

Description : Again another part of the drum track. The drum roll at the end of the bar sounds really powerful and sharp and works well with powerful sharp vocals. Made using Logic

Description : a drum roll hope you can use it

Description : Drum roll

Description : An 808 roll with toms and snare; good to use at the end of a pattern

Description : Good when used with a drum roll to really hit a climax in a track

Description : Phil Collins style drum roll with cymbal Crash used FL 9 sorry about the silence

Description : Made using EWQL Vsti

Description : Basic Snare build up W crash.. Main loop has no remainder!!

Loops 1 - 17 of 17