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Description : Anticipating my daily one-pack-a-day challenge on my YouTube channel, set to start in 2024

Description : Just some electric guitar with a lot of reverb and delay. Inspired by artists like Two Feet and Rosenfeld.

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Description : RnB Piano in E minor


See Acoustic Guitar version

Description : 90s Type RnB Synth Acoustic Guitar in E minor

In the style of 90s R and B that used keyboard acoustic guitar

See piano version

Description : Upbeat Vocal Chops in C sharp minor

From an Original recording not sampled / vst

Description : Reach me on IG, CLICK ON PICTURE.
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Description : I hope you like it

Description : Enjoy this mellow piece! Pairs great with Country Hills Acoustic!

Description : Enjoy this piece!

Description : yuuuuup

Description : The sky is green

Description : A sextet of trombones plays gentle chords.

Description : R and B Guitar in D minor


Description : New loop available
Send anything you make via email or link
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Description : New loop available
Send anything you make via email or link
Enquires for more loops hit me up

Description : mangled loop I created, pitch sweeps, dry fx

Description : Some chaotic textures to you use!

Description : acoustic lofi filtered guitar

Description : An original musical composition by Adilson Lucau. Hope you find it useful and in case you use this loop please leave a comment.
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tags: Rod Wave, Adilson Lucau

Description : Emotional Trap Drill Guitar Loop

Chords with backing lead

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Description : How am I making these awesome loops? All my tricks shall be revealed once I reach 1k subscribers on youtube. Spoiler: I'm using some nodejs scripts...

Description : Emotional sad piano loop

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Description : piano chords and melody.

Description : Rich tremolo'd chords played on a Fender-Rhodes electric piano.

Harmonies: Cmaj7___Em7___Dm7___G13

Description : Polo G Lil Baby Type Acoustic Guitar Loop
Chords with lead
Part of FREE loopkit 'Molly'
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Loops 1 - 25 of 161