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Description : 108 bpm no clap

Description : 108 bpm organ

Description : played a melody in heat up

Description : Notes for bass A4 F4 C5 E4

Description : Notes for bass A4 F4 C5 E4

Description : Plz send Beats Using This Loop

Description : the delicacy
fa# sol# la# si do# ré# fa

Description : Aaron 24

Description : At a crossroads
lab sib do réb mib fa sol

Description : Enjoy!

Description : Broken Branche
la si do# ré mi fa# sol#
A B C# D E F# G#

Description : contemporary concept
sib do ré mib fa sol la

Description : Spooky sound effect, four bars long at 108 bpm. Use as intro or weird break.

Please, if used, I'd like to hear the result!

Description : Mail to contact me is in my profile - click on the profile photo

Description : hmu if u use this

chords are Dmaj7-Gmaj7-Dmaj7-F#m7-Gmaj7

Description : Created in Maschine 2.0 using E-MU midi board for input. If you use this please just show me love in whatever way you see fit. Enjoy!

Description : Produced by rae / Prod. By Rae

Description : Sad Electric Guitar Synth Riff in F sharp minor.

Description : Similar with: lil peep

Description : boom trap drums?
enjoy it

Description : guess it was the Korg SV1 I recorded but I don't really remember ... put Gross Beat on it. Nothing else.

(Goes as LoFi don't know wich genre to choose for upload sorry)

Description : Piano loop I made in inspiration of JCole and Drake

Description : enjoy using as you please

Description : Loop is based off of Raf Camora, MERO...
Genre: Trap/Rap/Dancehall/Reggaeton/Pop

If you want a custom loop, you can send me a private message or leave a comment.

Description : lead loop

Loops 1 - 25 of 336
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