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Description : Poppin Dababy Stunna PART1

Description : Hope usable, click on my pic for reach to my looperman profile

Description : Let me know what you make

Description : A dark melodic guitar flute loop with a seperate part 2 flute to go on top. Perfect for a travis scott future or drake type vibe with pyrex drums.

Description : Choppy Spanish Guitar

Description : pizhiphop
Chord1 : A/D/F
Transition : C#/D/C# - D/C#/A#
Chord2 : A#/D/G
Transition : A#/E/F/D/C#
Chord3 : C#/E/G + A#

Description : comment

Description : lifeoftheo.

click my profile picture to link up.

Description : Worked with 95bpm previously so this one had to be that. I like both Reggaeton drums and trap drums to this just as much.

DM me for custom loops, beats, collabs and other BUSINESS. Find me via the name I put on my title, you know where. Or just DM me here.

show us your beat (with this sample) :)

Description : I'm nervous this evening.

Description : determined 160

Description : A mixed loops "tribal"

Description : Hope usable

Description : sax loop

Description : Check out my profile for further details and more loops!

And send me your link fellas

Description : Treasures on K7 (cassette) - I will upload recordings from my teenage years which I found on old cassettes!
This is a recording of me hitting a stick on an iron pot which is has some water in it. Followed by some shaker-a-like sound. Tempo 126 bpm. Useful as fill in or percussion.

Description : Show me what you made with this!

Loops 1 - 17 of 17
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