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Description : URDU/HINDI Song.

Verse and Chorus- Left some gap in the middle for BRIDGE.
Contact me on Instagram for commercial purposes.

Description : A min or D min key, NOT sure. Please let me know.


Description : A min- 134 BPM
Sad Vibe

Description : MID-ACAPELLA I changed the Octave. Sang it in the Higher notes. Just to express the most emotional part of the song. It says , "I am seeing all my friends, I am seeing all my guys, I wanna say Good Byes, to all the friends I lied".
In these times of corona virus, try you best to value everyone and everything you have.

Description : Really sad emotional vibe. Came out clean, so I am sharing. It's just a small verse. Made on 140 BPM. But I guess it is relative. 69 BPM or 111 BPM. Who knows.
Instagram: emkay13d2

Description : This is a MIXED vibe, URDU/Hindi Song. Original Song is on on my Soundcloud Account.

Description : THE ORIGINAL WAVE/MP3 FILE was too large to be upload.
Serious people contact me on Instagram for original Wave File.

It's a mixed Sad Vibe in Urdu/Hindi

Nice clean Acapella with Bunch of Interludes.

Song Structure:

Intro Vocals, Chorus 1, Chorus 2, Interlude, Verse, Chorus 1, Interlude, (Space for Instrumental Bridge), Chorus 1, Chorus 2, Space for Outro

Description : 1st Verse - Radio Filter
2nd Verse- Easy on the Radio Filter

Description : This acapella is inspired by "Fuck Love" Song from Xxxtentacion. It's in B-min key. That song was in C min. So...

Description : It starts with slow easy notes and then the rest of the song is basically on a higher octave. (Last Verse of this Acapella is kinda random of the top so please ignore).
I tried to hit the high notes in this version.
I tried to express the emotion behind the words.
Let me know if you guys like it. I can be reached on Gram through Emkay13d2

Description : G Maj Key- Demo Vocals.
Contact me through Instagram for Clean Vocals.

Description : I wanted it to be in G#Maj Key, But I sang it in Fmin Key.

Description : Sad Vibe
E Minor Key

I hope y'all can feel the emotions behind the vocals.
Language (Urdu)

Description : B MINOR
I wasn't really trying to sing on a beat. It's just a thought, like I know I'm gonna leave you-But still I am trying to meet you, in a hope, that may be I can fix things between us. But it's just my wish.

Description : Sad Vibe,F#minor.
There is little bit of latency on the loop. You might want to move it forward a little bit on your Daw to make it sit at 105BPM.


Description : C# Maj Key

When something's happening in your life , but you feel that exact same thing has happened before?
Deja Vu!
May be in your dream, may be not!

Description : F# min


B minor Key

Description : Fmaj in 90 BPM
Reverbs and Delay

Description : D Maj Key 104-105 BPM

Description : Recorded with a very basic mic- Noisy and Glitchy

D Maj
Tempo- 84 BPM
On the DownBeat- 100 BPM

Description : Sad Vibe

Description : Sad Vibe

Description : G Maj Key- Mixed Vibe.

Ban Kay Saya Sath Mere Reh Jao gay Tum
Translation- You'll stay with me as a Shadow,

Ham Na Hongay Pass Teray Kal Hongi Apni Dhun
Translation- I will not be with you tomorrow, but my music will be.

Description : D minor- Verse and a Hook. Sad vibe- 174 or 87 BPM

Description : Deja Vu- Moments that make you feel that they have happened before. Sometimes, something is happening and you wonder that damn, this might have happened before. Same feeling.
TECHNICAL INFO: The vocal here is in conitnuous form-Editors and Producers can CHOP off the verse and chorus and fit as needed. TEMPO: 87 or 174

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