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Acapellas, Vocals & Rapping

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Description : B Major key

Description : F major

Description : Eb Major

Description : Anthem Version

Description : This intro has an unsettling first chord.

Description : I played with the pitch and created this Chorus from an acapella of mine.
Could be used as an Intro of a soul track or Lo-fi

Description : B major or G# Minor

Description : B major or G# Minor

Description : Hindi/Urdu Vibe

Description : Just tried to match the chords. Sorry about the noise. This will fit Techno or Electronic Music well. Needs filters and De-Noise.

Description : Mixed Vibe
With Translation

Description : F#minor
Emotional Vibe

Description : F# MINOR Scale

Acoustic Vibe

Description : Original By Mohd. Rafi

Description : An Urdu verse with the chorus

Not sure about the tempo.

Description : 82/164 BPM
C minor

Just a vibe
Original by Ankit Tiwari

Description : Eb Major
Sad Vibe

Description : WIDE AF, Downtempo A minor scale

Description : In this technique I used Reverb.
The vocals are clear (Hindi language) yet, they have a big reverb effect.
Let me know what y'all think.

Description : Just a vibe-- Trying to improve.

Description : Original By Arijit

Description : Just a Vibe

Description : Just a vibe

Description : Just a vibe

Description : COVER VOCALS
Please give credits to the ORIGINAL BAND if you upload commercially.

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 207
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