28th Feb 2009 20:25 - 15 years ago
Tags :
Description : Travishuckins glitch comp entry called aphexuation! never knew this genre existed till now really different ! had a blast creating this one all Travishuckins loops

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If you have time take a listen and give johnnygadget some feedback.

Cybertooth 10th Jun 2010 02:17 - 14 years ago
i think i may have used one of those loops once or twice. yes they get way crazier, gantz graf (autechre) is a good example. this sounds mechanical, like a factory making things in a chaotic, though unseemingly orderly fashion
johnnygadget replied Unknown
thanks cyber i never new this genre existed until i did this one i think it was a competition? way back in the day!
Nosleeves 31st May 2010 20:06 - 14 years ago
now this is real glitch sounds a giant space computer has come to take over the world with glitch music

awesome track
johnnygadget replied Unknown
i have learned a lot from looperman I never knew there were so many different genres out there it's freaking crazy ! not sure if I got the Glitch thingy correct or not but again it was fun to do!
Thanks for the review!
C69 31st May 2010 17:23 - 14 years ago
Odd, weird, out-there. Sort of liked it though. Very well put together....C69
johnnygadget replied Unknown
Thanks for the review! never knew there was a genre called glitch but I gave it a try with a little competition awhile back!

Johnny Gadget
Gadgetland Music Factory
DaMann 15th Mar 2009 22:19 - 15 years ago
You need to drop some crazy FX on it. Make it go "wooopooodadaddeeeHEEEEE!!" If you know what I mean. You gotta warp the sounds. Great for a first glitch track!

Great track!

Seroksaty 11th Mar 2009 20:54 - 15 years ago
sounds interesting...
good work...
Dharo10 9th Mar 2009 10:41 - 15 years ago
Great track, had me headrocking. Great sounds
ultrabase 8th Mar 2009 12:34 - 15 years ago
it's the best glitch comp entry i heard,crazy enough for me!glitch parahouse are just labels,you made this sound fresh
ECKSjoe 7th Mar 2009 23:07 - 15 years ago
Great sounds Gadget, GadgetGlitch! You've manipulated the loops, well, the arrangement is great and the mix is perfect. I would like to have seen it a bit longer, but it would have been hard with so few loops.
Great track!

Planetjazzbass 7th Mar 2009 22:24 - 15 years ago
Hey..there's a glitch in my soup!...I can see the sanity clause has been rolled out to be signed Considering this is a competition entry you get bonus points for audacity! haha this is very cool with the unmistakable gadget whimsy flowing through it...anybody can honk a horn,but put Johnny behind the wheel and your going to get a whole new experience...Viva Gadget!! cheers dave :)
BigPete 2nd Mar 2009 22:46 - 15 years ago
insanly fun track, like drunk robots singing, really fun to listen to, worthy of your nickname johnnygadget.
bosonHavoc 2nd Mar 2009 13:55 - 15 years ago
you do know how to get crazy, thats for sure :)
RogueAi 28th Feb 2009 23:08 - 15 years ago
Nice glitch track, even though you never heard of the glitch genre. Glitch tracks are usually a lot more warped and crazy than this.

Check out my track "Y2.009k." If you want to here a crazy warped track.
johnnygadget replied Unknown
thanks travis had fun working it all out! "more warped than that?" Damn that's nuts man! sounds like i won't win this one but that's ok! Warped?
thanks for the fun!................G.
spacestationwagon 28th Feb 2009 22:13 - 15 years ago
cool track! like the all the great sounds! fun stuff!
johnnygadget replied Unknown
Thanks Neil! you should get good gas mileage in the stratosphere with the vista cruiser! "sweet"


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