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Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.55 MB
Description : the most important aspect of making music is having a blast!! to focus on being "original" will only incorporate your ego into the game and that kills the feeling of preforming and recording;) if u just be youll see how original u can truly be cause its in those moment you flow effortlessly and create the magic youve been seeking
Tags : | Spoken Word | 4.20 MB
Description : The Story: He knows himself! A huge perverted Mongolian sex machine warrior. A selfish individual who keeps love at bay. Having a peculiar lifestyle, and interests, he knows he's not normal. He keeps his mask perfectly clean, so no one can see his true-self. He knows what she likes, and pretends to be that person. He knows himself. Animation Concept:
Tags : | Drum And Bass | 3.68 MB
Description : some more from me enjoy more to come :)
Tags : | Rock | 7.49 MB
Description : Good Sex Brings Happiness
Tags : | Electronic | 6.32 MB
Description : what more needs to be said ;)
Tags : | RnB | 6.13 MB
Description : Free for non commercial/profitable use only. Credit must be given to Kredible Beats for making the beat. Feedback?
Description : Some russian words about sex after driving BMW car/ So i mother fucking do russian rap and use my oun beats, get it let some grove to be maximaized. So i don't know what a fuck i talking about in english? but it about hip- hop/
Description : Home Recording Session
Tags : | Grunge | 3.66 MB
Description : All made in Fl Studio which is why the guitar sucks. I know nothing about drums so the beat is probably kind of sucky as well. I'm putting together a band for the final make but here is the electronic version. Cool outro at 3:00
Tags : | Rap | 3.69 MB
Description : A SEX SONG. But not as "romantic" had fun making this beat but the bridge before the end was tough to sample. Other than that i really like the beat.
Tags : | Cinematic | 9.93 MB
Description : Dark, slow, ambient, cinematic jazz with funereal piano turning into something much funkier, psychedelic and beautiful in the second half. Out of the darkness and into the light, you could say. Instruments: electric guitar + bass, lots of synth sounds, including a horn, double bass, another big legato bass, pizzicato strings, two types of piano, a heavily delayed slide guitar instrument, zither, synth arp, one brushy drum loop, kettle drum rolls and 4 programmed acoustic drum kits. This is quite a special track for me and is only the second I've put in the cinematic genre. The more you listen, the more it changes (it even has key changes) and the last three minutes are really quite far out and should probably be longer. Best track I've made for a few months. Interesting thoughts and reflections appreciated. Free sex for the best reviews...
Tags : | Trap | 5.04 MB
Description : my remix of sex whale's track. sincerity (Feat Ranja). Its a trap remix. Check out my soundcloud!
Tags : | Chill Out | 5.66 MB
Description : Psybient stone-age psychedelia
Description : inspired by true events. This was me at my most creative. Funny this song came from me trying to make an acapella for a sample. i like to sample my self. Its soooooooo groovey. Please leave a comment if you like it or not.
Tags : | Dirty | 2.42 MB | Adult Content
Description : Dark Dungeon Sex vibe on this one. The instrumental was made of 100% Looperman downloads. Looking forward to getting some feedback on this track!
Tags : | Blues | 8.17 MB
Description : This is a tune dedicated to my friend, Nancy, who followed me to the clubs I played at for years, and is still following me with my studio work. Why do I dedicate this to her? Onnacounta cause she's soooooo naughty! She never liked violins, but loved her sax! Here's to you, Nancy. Anyway, this is a little blues track with some nice guitar and sex...oh, sorry, I mean sax. Enjoy and download away.
Tags : | Weird | 7.13 MB | Adult Content
Description : Sex,vortex and IDM fun
Description : Track from the collection URBAN STORIES. I would like to find a voice and lyrics for the song. Maybe a friend could try. Urban Stories.My new collection with songs which reflect everyday life in a big city. Anxiety, distress, poverty and riches, entertainment and crime, and job abandonment, love and hate, love and sex ... all those experienced by residents of a big city.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.61 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : From Camp Boss Thugz Mixtape
Tags : | Techno | 1.06 MB | Featured
Description : Well, it's time for something new, a free samlpe pack with sex diffrent bass line, harmonic claps and hihatz, placed together in 4x4 bar loop, FREE DOWNLOAD
Description : Little original done by me, have a listen and free download.. some explicit sex sounds
Description : You can also find this song on youtube with the same title.
Description : Here's a cool hip hop instrumental with "HOOK" i made some few days ago when me and ma gf had some miss understanding it's kinda romantic sex type. Comments are all welcome.
Tags : | Dance | 2.57 MB
Description : After I had fantastic sex again with my girlfriend I wrote this song. Therefore this name
Tags : | Dubstep | 5.21 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : bass music
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