Creating the soundscape of my life
  • From : Long Beach, United States
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About Me

Born and raised in Compton, while everybody else was bumping hip-hop, funk and R&B, I was bumping The Carpenters and Spandau Ballet (go figure).

So, I guess it help me to develop an eclectic taste in music.

I have been a professional Dj now for 15+ years and now I am back at amature rank as a producer.

So be gentle with me, but be honest with me when you give a listen to my tracks!


Instruments I play

Use to play Clarinet when I was a kid, but I have forgotten how to play it, and I need to relearn how to read music again!

Software I Use

Adobe Audition
Acid Music Studio
Pro Tools

Hardware I Use

Computer and speakers right now. I have keyboards, an Old Yamaha Drum machine, mixer, mics, and 2 4 track players. Just have set all that stuff up yet.

Taking it slow with my flow on them.

Listening To Right Now

The Weekend
Trey Songz

10 Favourite Albums

Dark Side of The Moon
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Life After Death
The Black Album-Jay-Z
The White Album-The Beatles
The Grey Album-Dangermouse

My Influences / Fav Artists

Kanye West
Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
Willie Nelson (who hates Willie)
Ceelo Green
Bruno Mars
DJ Irene
DJ Shadow
Mad Lib
The Roots
Black Eye Peas
King Britt
Snoop Dog
Trent Reznor

My Music Sounds Like

I haven't a clue so I guess you have to tell me who my tunes remind you of I guess! =)

But it would be dope to have the following people ask to do a collaboration with me:

Trent Reznor
Ceelo Green
Nikki Minaj
Andre 3000

In My Other Life I ...

was probably either some tribal warrior, or Shaman healer.