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Description : One of the arps is a loop. There's a vocoder loop somewhere. Oh yeah, and the melodic brass parts are loops (not the one-shot at the beginning of each bar, though).

Tags : | Trap | 4.40 MB | FL Studio

Description : For the loop used in this beat.
Go check SlimeCastro profile.

Tags : | House | 7.08 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : This live mashup is made on a DDJ-RB Pioneer Console using RekordBox software. Thanks to "Milk & Sugar with Barbara Tucker - Needin U (Edone & Bodden remix)" for drum loop and to "Amanda Lear - Fashion Pack" for chorus loop.
Turn up the bass (sub frequency) & enjoy it!!!

Description : Don't Let It Go To You Head (ft. Charlie Rose)

Vocals by Charlie Rose
Guitar Loop by Lightwxrk

Description : Sample used was a Vox wav file uploaded by Sushibowla on looperman.

www . looperman.com/loops/detail/126348/vox-sushilbawa-130-bol-bol-bol-means-tell-tell-tell-by-sushilbawa-free-130bpm-trap-vocal-loop

Everything else was created by myself using Logic Pro X.

I used Ozone 8 Advanced to master the track and a slew of plug-ins during the mixing process, some of which are manufactured by iZotope, Cableguys, Xffer, Valhalla, and more.

Tags : | Dancehall | 4.04 MB | FL Studio

Description : Drum Pitch Ride Abelouis by abelouis
Wavy Dancehall Type Loop 5 - PT 2 by KiestyleProductions

Description : very simple beat with nice loop

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.52 MB | Logic Pro

Description : #hiphop #rap #trap #instrumental #song #sing #hard #piano #808 #loop #dance #new #2019 #beats

Description : I've made this track using some loops from you guys !!

Hope you'll enjoy it !!


loops used:







Description : Thanks to @elxseu for this beautiful loop

Tags : | Trap | 3.12 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : So i started this song with a guitar loop, then i added some perc and drums, then serum wobbles and leads, and finally, Sfx and ambiences and this is what i got. Hope you like it!
Comment what you think about this track

Made with fl studio 20
Search for me as ´´Calsey´´ on Soundcloud

Tags : | Lo-Fi | 4.42 MB | FL Studio

Description : this one is a littleeeee different from the other ones thus far

basic drums, annnddddd i also did some of my own things in this :)

actually got to use my acoustic guitar in this one

funny story the guitar strums are actually an octave higher than the original loop

but they still fit for some reason xd

have a beautiful day :)

Description : Releasing these 'loop-based' songs puts me in shady territory, but whatever. If someone could help me determine the genre that'd be much appreciated.

Description : wonky serum patches


Loops: Drip bouncy Drum loop
Skynight nightclub 20xx
Future Bass drums build

Description : Found a cool loop on here and used it

Description : Featuring my own son on Vox, synth bass loop from MrRobot, Strings from DJGadget, this was fun to resurrect from a quiet instrumental into an inspirational

Description : Whipped up a personal beat using some loops from these people :

ViBiddy: Loop # 177431 'Stranger Things - Cubeatz Type Melody'
very fire , i reversed it and panned it around for a good pocket in the instrumental

Rigge146: Loop # 177239 'Pierre Bourne Nick Mira Type Loop'
love the simplicity of it, thats what sparked it all

much love to these two for sharing their craft .
hope you enjoy what i had to offer

( everything else was produced by me with free to use sounds )


Tags : | Trap | 9.51 MB | FL Studio

Description : Trap remix of the short flute loop for a game called Apotheon.

Tags : | Lo-Fi | 2.19 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : it's really been one of them days :(
I feel like this beat speaks the mood I've been in today, slow, sad and simple
Shoutout to the homie who made the original loop

Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.33 MB | LMMS

Description : Short relaxing hip hop beat.

Gunna x Lil Baby x Juice WRLD x Cubeatz Type Loop by landsharkbeats

Description : creator of the loop is OneTrick123

Description : soulful sound

Description : this is out of my Boom collection, nothing fancy. I used joneschr002's "moments with bae" loop

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.56 MB | FL Studio

Description : I don't know how I feel about this one, let me know your thoughts and criticisms:)
Shoutout to the homie who made the original loop

Description : Got a vocal loop on here (hbl lux vocal synth F sharp) and did some simple editing with a nice sub pattern and it came out beautifully.

Free for download and use for whatever as long as credit is given! C: thanks. Check out Hblsamples for some amazing loops! Thanks to them, wouldn't of been able to create this.
If you make anything with this comment and show hblsamples and I!

Tracks 51 - 75 of 4218
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