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Tags : | Electronic | 6.31 MB | Acid Pro

Description : A time to cry and a time to laugh. A time to grieve and a time to dance.

Tags : | Trap | 4.04 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : write me in SOUNDCLOUD if you use my beat:Unholycarnage beats

write me in SOUNDCLOUD if you use my beat:Unholycarnage beats
write me in SOUNDCLOUD if you use my beat:Unholycarnage beats

write me in SOUNDCLOUD if you use my beat:Unholycarnage beats

write me in SOUNDCLOUD if you use my beat:Unholycarnage beats
write me in SOUNDCLOUD if you use my beat:Unholycarnage beats

write me in SOUNDCLOUD if you use my beat:Unholycarnage beats

Description : You gotta laugh cause it takes more muscles to frown. You gotta laugh when you hear our funny sound.

Description : A little project I did a while ago. Thought it was funny, hope you get a laugh out of it. :)

Tags : | RnB | 5.71 MB

Description : "Who am I? I don't really know.I'm that decent guy everbody avoids ? the domestic naughty one? !
I believe I'm a human born with certain incomprehensible qualities.
One of which is the uncertainty itself, doubtful, &always seekink what's in the dark but I also want to be in the light....with you (family, friends and love).
romatic sometimes , other parts of time im nothing but a cruel brutal meat.
One sure thing I dont know who I am......Dont blame me if i did wrong! I don't know which version of me you will encounter."

Credits to Jared leto's Joker's laugh, Suicide squad

Description : Comedic spoken word poetry with a hot house beat by Kamal Supreme. He tells the funny story about how he met this lady from the upscale Soho section of New York City and how they had this hilarious rendezvous. Listen & laugh 12

Description : am back and thrilled to report that this song is fire!! maan am very proud of myself cause god knows how much energy i put into this production, especially when mixing it in the studio:D yall gonna laugh your asses off XD it has a comedic feel mixed with knowledge//wisdom,distinct style and a killer flow, what more can i ask for?::) stay blessed and take care!

Tags : | Jazz | 9.22 MB | Colab Request

Description : This track contains only free loops from several Looperman artists. This one is especially sweet to me - i hope you will enjoy to listen it as much as me while making it. :) UPDATE 2015.10.24.: improved audio quality - lower lows, higher highs. Now in 256kbps!

Applied loops (fully or partially):

FERRYTERRY: 0747210-0054759 (90 bpm spacetrip single guitar),
0747210-0054758 (90 bpm spacetrip double guitar),
0747210-0055660 (120 swing drum 2),
MIDISPARKS: 0479957-0059406 (bonang groove),
0479957-0047347 (sunrise percussion),
0479957-0047312 (sunrise riders),
PSYCHOTROPIC_CIRCLE: 0071878-0005564 (Fat Fusion 120),
0071878-0002790 (Fusion 01),
THEDREAMMERCHANT: 0431343-0040289 (Creepy Groan),
0431343-0040290 (Creepy Laugh),
ELASTROTOM: 0878928-0059665 (ElastronicallyYours Bass),
QWERTY12: 0460559-0058073 (101 Spacey Studio Kit),
NIGHTINGALE: 0207475-0035862 (Doll Tears),
VANTAGE: 0468737-0037624 (Vantage - Snow Drop Piano),
DANB10: 1137042-0069663 (Wasser rauschen),
THEPANTHERLAB: 0430930-0049010 (solo hats delay 2 - 100 bpm),
NGSBB: 0094137-0047984 (Cmin9 Bossa Nova Nylon Guitar 120 bpm),
SONICLEARNINGS: 0518158-0045674 (Above the sadness),
TEXARCANA: 0434810-0053253 (A 21st Century IPCRESS sound),
TONYRAY: 0481887-0039714 (Acrili choral over piano),
ACRYLIC: 0170043-0009506 (Swingshift 3),
SCOTTSIMS1970: 0867406-0057508 (Jazz Guitar),
TRANCEFER: 0052497-0001017 (Rhodes Lounge),
MEGAPAUL: 0448131-0065256 (Gorgonzola Burgers 80bpm Gm),
CRAIGBLACKMOORE: 0593331-0057231 (ambient-drums-80bpm), - (unavaiable loop?)

Tags : | Weird | 613.84 KB

Description : There are drums, basses, synths, and even a chicken just for giggles.

I just put together the first thing that came to my mind during cutting and slicing practice.

Have fun!

Oh and yea I had like 30 tracks open with no possibility of mixing it in a couple minutes, so i said screw it and put a mastering plugin to 'fix' all the clipping lol!!!

All a bunch of loops form LPman.

Description : Just a track I made for a laugh

Description : It's been ages since I lasted uploaded on here. Yo this track is off my current project Conceited, but a lil disclaimer I over use the N word somewhere near the end but it will be change when I drop the final production!

Feedback as always is appreciated!

Tags : | Rock | 3.96 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : One of 5 songs I did with kids from 3. grade(9-11 years old) as part of a CD made to raise funds for a trip to finish of their 3. grade.

These kids don't sing that well, but they had a blast, wich was the most important part of the whole project!

Lyrics are in danish, so laugh it up :-P

Instumentation by me
Vocals by 3.a Gudumholm Skole

Tags : | Cinematic | 3.49 MB

Description : when she was laughing in facT ....composed @ nov 2012 ...,the first & last time I played mandolin in a trial of mine .



Tags : | Orchestral | 4.89 MB

Description : I dedicate this track to all the mothers who are born to us, who love us, teach, console, laugh and cry with us. very special thanks to my mother.

Description : Beat by Djquickrick
true hip hop styled tongue-in-cheek track
a funny song about getn girls...meant to make ya laugh and i think it succeeds...check it out

Description : Instrumental piece. Major key. Mid tempo.
Re-posted 6/19/2013. A smoother and more tuneful version.

Tags : | Rap | 2.34 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : So my sons were "freestylin" over this track. So I played around with their vocals and pieced together this song. Just something to laugh at. Shimari, my 16-yr-old (1st verse) is always talking about food. Eli, my 8-yr-old (1st part of 2nd verse)always talks about his brothers. And Noah my 6-yr-old (2nd part of 2nd verse), well, we call him "Professor Random".

Description : Techno / Hardcore track. Thrown together for a laugh with some samples I downloaded a while ago.

I love the vocal intro...

Comments please.

Oh and the vocals are a bit rude, not normally my kind of thing, but they work here.

Tags : | Hardcore | 1.25 MB

Description : hard step

Tags : | Dubstep | 4.33 MB

Description : Fresh out the lab this is something I call JazzStep Jazz mixxed woth Dubstep kinda crazy yes i know muhahahahahaha -Dr Evil laugh- well ...comment

Tags : | Pop | 1.02 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Pop Song. Never regret your past, every good thing you did, any mistake you made, every tear and every laugh... I'd do it all over again!


Verse 1:
If you ask me
If I feel regret about something I did
If I wanna change the past that brought me here
If I feel ashamed of the way I chose to live

Oh no

Every tear, every laugh, every struggle in my life
Every thing good or bad, all my truth and all my lies
Have made me who I am
And Im proud of who I am

So If I had one more chance
I would do it all over again, do it all over again, do it all over again
If I had one more chance
I would do it all over again, do it all over again, do it all over again
If I had one more chance

Tags : | Ambient | 3.37 MB

Description : Yet again an experimental track. Trying to find a sound that defines myself as a composer. This time I attempted an ambient backing track. Hope you guys can chill to this. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT!!! A musician is never happy with his work, and more than half the time needs his listeners to analyse his work. Also, where possible, you might want to use headphones. One of the instruments sounds out of tune unless headphones are being used.

This track also marks the first time in which I've sampled an ambient noise (birds in the background). The inspiration to add these critters came from birds outside my friend's window, which my friend mistakedly thought was comming from the track. We had a laugh about it, and I realised that it'd actually flow pretty well with the track. Bit of fusing and fading, and I had a complete ambient track.

Thanks for reading all that jibber-jabber; now I hope you enjoy my latest experimental beat. Peace.

Description : this is an electronic dubstep track which id thought id mention in the title cause according to looperman it don't exict. i was just messing about having a laugh but it turned out quite good so i put it up for you guys to hear. its mostly electronic but it has a really sick bass line about 2 mins into it so stick around and tell me what you think

Description : I guess the devil and I get a little laugh. I try to think as the most evil of all evil and I get a parody. Mohama, The Mohama is the sausage much like the ham and I, when I like, I think it is not so bad.
This song is called Mohama bin Laden, but it could have been called George Bus (line)

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