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  • From : Willich, Germany
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About Me

Hey y'all!
I'm Ciko from Willich, near Düsseldorf, Germany!
I'm 25 years old an produce melancolic banging Hip Hop Beats! I like very dark or dreamy and catchie Beats which left an emotion on your mind!

Sorry for my bad english writing but i promisse i will be better in a few month;)!

Instruments I play

There are no Instruments who I can really play.
I use every sound if its sounds well in my project and so I end most of the time with the best results;)!

Software I Use

Magix Music Maker 2007 ;(
Some VSTi's

Hardware I Use

Microsoft Pentium 4
Behringer UMX49
Jamo- Monitor Speaker
Vivanco - Mixer
Akai MPD24 - USB MIDI PAD Controller

Listening To Right Now


there are so many good songs afield...

10 Favourite Albums

Nas - Illmatic
Tupac - Greatest Hits ;)
N.W.A - Straight outta Compton
De La Soul - Art Oficial Intelligence
Michael Jackson - Thriller
The Beatels - Greatest Hits

My Influences / Fav Artists

I'm influed by many historical Soul and Blues Legends like Jimmy Guitar Watson, the whole Motown Legends and many more! Today I like the Kanye West Beats at most because they are very melodic! He's a Cheesecake this Genius Bastard;)! But as a human he sucks a lot....
I'm also influed by many musicians who aren't really in the Hip Hop Scene!

My Music Sounds Like

nobody else

In My Other Life I ...


There is another life existing???