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Tags : | Cinematic | 3.76 MB

Description : Darkness is the first song off of the Dark Limbo album. Dark Limbo is a small horror cartoon I'm working on, which tells the story of a girl who got into an accident and is now living in a world in between ours and the after life. A world which is known as Dark Limbo. If you have any criticism for me, be sure to leave it down below. Thanks for tuning in!

Tags : | Cinematic | 5.57 MB

Description : Hi,
Here is keira, a girl who saw her friend leaving the land, he sworn he'll come back one day. in fact, she knows he won't come back, he's going to die in ocean! This is a tribute. It was a oath, this is now a memory...

I really hope you'll enjoy!!

Tags : | Trip Hop | 5.09 MB

Description : Made with garage Band
90 or 180 bpm




Tags : | Breakbeat | 3.56 MB

Description : Martin Miller (Khiflee) - Sixty-Nine (Roothouse Remix) from "Bad Girl / Sixty-Nine" single (2016.06.09)

Tags : | Industrial | 16.00 MB

Description : Martin Miller (Khiflee) - Bad Girl (Roothouse Industrial Mix) from "Bad Girl / Sixty-Nine" single (2016.06.09)

Tags : | Rock | 11.19 MB

Description : Martin Miller (Khiflee) - Bad Girl (Rock Version) from "Bad Girl / Sixty-Nine" single (2016.06.09)

Tags : | Acoustic | 2.64 MB

Description : My acoustic track "Candle" plus the great talent of BabyGee.
Her voice and her lyrics are just perfect for this one, an amazingly talented girl. As this tune goes, we invite you to take care of your inner candle and keep it burning!
Thank you BabyGee !

Tags : | Pop | 2.86 MB


Tags : | Moombahton | 7.87 MB

Description : Martin Miller (Khiflee) - Bad Girl from "Expanded Universe EP" (2016.07.24)

Description : You are a Colonel in the Confederate Army, in love with a kind, gentle girl from a plantation family steeped in Victorian tradition. Tonight, at the ball, you will declare that love and make your intentions known. Old School Victorian contest entry at Midisparks Art Sales for this project: Please let me know if you would like to compete!

Description : Pawel.S Feat.Angela Flemming - Fantasy Girl
Progressive House
Amazing Vocal, check This!

Tags : | Pop | 7.54 MB

Description : The vocals on this track are from Magix Sound pool, I made this track some time ago, and really don't remember all The packs that I used then. So I just remixed the loops and mastered it out. I hope you enjoy.

Tags : | Dance | 3.07 MB | Featured

Description : Done with Nate's vocals on track.

Tags : | Pop | 5.80 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : THis girl i tell you totally has me right where she wants me, I'm not complaining. This is for her. In today's world it seems more common the get deeper with a person before labels are cast for the better or worse. Thanks for listening, and cross your fingers we become offical someday.

Description : A very special girl got me into this, so much that i completely reworked and remade her fav. cinematic song. I hope some of you know this one. Im having a rough time these days, need my daily drama in form of emotional piano music so i guess i did it for myself as well. -Timmy

Tags : | Acoustic | 4.58 MB

Description : This track is about a little girl named Jane she had been in a wheelchair since birth. The song was all put together from start to finish in about 1 hour

Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.67 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Listen to the response to Meghan Trainor's NO

"Yes" is a response to a song about a girl who isn't

letting the guy spit any game. At least he's not

getting anywhere with it, but he's found out that when

her friends are gone, he has a chance. Enjoy!

Description : Alexy Large - Ma reine Ft YOU, (Send me the track at my mail, and if i love your work, i'll post the song on my Youtube channel)

I'm French so yeah the song is in french ^^, you can do what you want, English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, the lyrics is: In the verse, i talk about a girl who's always in a bad mood with me and i tell her that i love her, and the hook is "tonight you'll be my queen, bla bla bla..

Tags : | Hip Hop | 9.45 MB

Description : Here is the first single off my new project with SoloCult, which consists of myself and my girl XelXel. We made a video to go with this one, which is a first, it can be found on youtube by searching ;

Follow SickHop

So far this track has broken our single day records by a wide margin and even outplayed our last EP in the first 72 hours. Beat is solid AF I think and that is part of the succses but also Xel killed her verse in a way that only she can.

Killed it with a kinda Creepy Cuteness that is apparently the secret ingredient our fans have been waiting for.

Hope all my fellow loopers enjoy as well.

Dublin Mc ScaRy

Tags : | Electro | 4.76 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : electro

Description : Another creation with the help of Looperman Acappela uploads. Thanks so much to the following people, you are awesome:
DJ Phil (True Definition, The girl is mine),
Katrina Barr (I'm the type of girl, go ahead and buy that ring),
Patricia Edwards (The on my list Tidbits)

A song with a twist. I hope it finds appreciation.
The instrumental is full Midi and my own creation.

Tags : | Electronic | 7.26 MB

Description : My favorite girl on here - vocals, spoken word. Her material so easy to work with. I really resonate with her style.

Description : A little track I made for the heartbroken people on valentines day
VOX is actually a girl I dated a while ago

Description : Vocal used: Jak Wilks - Lose My Mind
You can play it also on my YT chanel:
Genre of this track is hardstyle, but looperman won't add it to the list of choises.

Tags : | Jazz | 1.70 MB

Description : Music by Antonio Carlos Jobim. This particular piano arrangement is from one of jazz sheet piano books I found on scribd. The electric piano is MrRay22 plugin which I played on Casio CDP220 digital piano. This is also a new piece that I learned today so it was quite tricky to get a proper touch at places and overall make the entire thing sound anywhere realistic. I tried many times and this was probably the best take. Also I am relatively new to playing latin piano music. I didn't manipulate any notes after recording - instead I added few virtual vintage amps. I choose jazz but it is a bossa nova latin style. Enjoy and feel free to comment and download.

Tracks 76 - 100 of 807
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