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Tags : | Deep House | 9.73 MB
Description : Deep House, with a splash of Disco vibe on top.
Tags : | Disco | 2.44 MB | Featured
Description : This is my first song by me. I made this song without any help from my Daddy. I am 9 years old. I hope you enjoy this song. Thank you very much.
Tags : | Dance | 10.02 MB
Description : A little bit of synth and elctro pop or even old, good Italo Disco can be heard in this piece. Nothing special, just to pass the time over the weekend.
Tags : | Disco | 5.99 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : midi file from the web + new instruments + Original Voice Sample
Tags : | Disco | 3.01 MB | Colab Request
Description : MF Doomish sounding beat. First time using ALL samples. Someone PLEASE rap to this.....or at least give me feedback. All criticism acknowledged. Enjoy :)
Tags : | Soul | 3.18 MB | Featured
Description : Wrote this song using megapaul's cool "Do it in the proberaum" guitar loop. Soul/disco/rock-ish tune. Hope you enjoy it.
Tags : | Rock | 2.42 MB | Colab Request
Description : -Not a club song, but in my head i see a crowded disco dancing to this tune as the shy guy tries to make his way to the most dazzling girl.- Trying out my new gear ! As always, pure alternative rock from yours truly :) If anyone feel this song, feel free to lay the smack down on it ! For contact:
Description : Disco house RMX you and me, Produced with Ableton Live 9 Suite.
Tags : | Disco | 8.55 MB
Description : Imagine if you will a discoish song with acoustic guitars and a killer hook. Sort of Santa Esmerelda like. leave a comment if you would please.
Tags : | Trance | 8.05 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : BaseTime is an emerging European dance and club music formation, inspired on 90's dance music from artists such as DJ Bobo, Real McCoy, Ace of Base, and even reaching deeper into the Italo Disco era in terms of sweet and smooth melodic approach. BaseTime prides itself on staying true to the roots of one of the best musical phases to date!
Tags : | Chill Out | 7.22 MB
Description : I took a hit of acid one Friday and had one hell of an awesome Midnight Dream. I got to playing with some of Danke's wonderful loops and composed this to depict my Midnight Dream. Credits for these loops: looperman-l-0671112-0080465-danke-retro-disco-style, looperman-l-0671112-0080200-danke-talk-to-me-gently, looperman-l-0671112-0091390-danke-ambient-bells, looperman-l-0671112-0081290-danke-shiny-pad, looperman-l-0671112-0081761-danke-midnight-sunrays, looperman-l-0671112-0082514-danke-go-baby-go, looperman-l-0671112-0082517-danke-glass-towers, looperman-l-0671112-0090894-danke-atmo-pluck-2, looperman-l-0671112-0093028-danke-waving-synth, looperman-l-0671112-0097388-danke-dream, looperman-l-0576432-0077618-kaynine-heavee-deep-house-loop, looperman-l-0878670-0073065-ckdepaul13-simple-clear-electronic-drum-lopp, looperman-l-1039629-0069995-vraino-hihat, 1CY00003 cymbal
Tags : | Electro | 6.26 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Electro-house with a touch of disco. Thank you to lilyundwolf for the vocals, had to re-tune slightly to fit the key.
Description : This is one of the first disco inspired, dub style tracks I have attempted. One of my fav bands, was lucky to find acapellas4u. Kept more simple with distorted sounds from Tunafish vst, not a fan of making crazy electrified robots, so a more melodic simple take. I hope you like! -Jess
Description : Updated Disco Jam Hopefully my ideas are getting more concise. Any suggestions from the many experienced producers and engineers on how to make this one better are sure welcome. I can change a few things and this one might accomodate a vocal. Vocalists out there? or maybe just some additional instruments or production ideas. Many thanks!
Tags : | Disco | 4.54 MB
Description : New Remix for genious italo disco track "GoGoYellowScreen" from Digital Emotion. Nice to hear a sound from 80ths!
Tags : | House | 4.28 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : Just a little fun track I did in FL Studio. Vocals: www.looperman.com/acapellas/detail…m-disco-acapella
Tags : | Disco | 1.15 MB
Description : To give myself a break from my Vocaloid album Acerbus 2, I created something a bit different. Hope you like
Tags : | Disco | 8.99 MB
Description : nu disco
Description : I made this track with vocals from looperman. Thanks a lot at this part.
Tags : | Disco | 4.78 MB
Description : History about Ghost coming soon!
Tags : | Disco | 6.87 MB
Description : Do You Remember The Future
Tags : | Disco | 9.66 MB | Colab Request
Description : A funky disco dance track for your parties. Just lacking of good funny voices.
Tags : | Disco | 7.47 MB
Description : Fresh funky remix
Tags : | Jazz | 11.91 MB
Description : This track was recorded about six years ago as a musical present for my daughters birthday. I had spent countless hours on the finished version only to have my computer crash and I lost all the original tracks. Of course I was crushed, fearing all was lost. Fast forward a year or so later and I found this unfinished version of the track. Keep in mind that this was about two thirds of the way finished at the time and there are missing sections of the bass, keyboards, strings, etc. And for some reason there was a unknown soure of "static" on the bass track which had been corrected in the finished version. I had never thought about releasing this track for those reasons. But since it's such a fun track and it is my daughters birthday today (June 5th) I thought why not? Now that you have the back story, this is a multi-genre track. Disco,Jazz, Funk, Lantin percussion and hip hop. I would like to greatly thank all the musicians who gave of their time and talent. Art Miller (guitars), T.J. Watson (Soprano Sax), Slap Johnson (sax solo) and big D (that's me) bass, keyboards, piano, synth, clavinet and arrangement. Happy Birthday Kayla! :)
Tags : | Dance | 4.92 MB
Description : It's summertime guys! Made this track in the thoughts of the summertime with a funky, nu-disco like chill groove. The outcome of this whole track is really nice. Just recently finished a remixing competition and the results can be seen here : https://www.looperman.com/forum/thread/184956/saturday-night-remix-competition Enjoy guys!
Tracks 1 - 25 of 388
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