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Tags : | Classical | 9.89 MB | Featured
Description : I did this on the keyboard on Ableton
Tags : | Chill Out | 6.84 MB | Featured
Description : I hope this is at least close to what title suggests...a kind of old fashioned easy listening chillout with some classical elements.
Tags : | Classical | 9.45 MB
Description : .....
Tags : | Classical | 7.20 MB
Description : The holidays are over .... the recovery is now well underway ... This march to motivate the troops!
Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.59 MB | Featured
Description : sample from lofy21 - modern classical piano
chopped and swapped a bit let me know if i should adjust the bass treble or mid levels of the piano or any other tips thank you and if you think i should allow downloads
Tags : | Classical | 7.20 MB
Description : .....
Description : Scottish style that inspired me ... it's up to you to see if you like it or not! Good listening and do not hesitate to make a comment whatever it is to help me evolve! Thank you in advance !!!
Tags : | Classical | 5.26 MB
Description : Produced by Dennis Decker
Music by Dennis Decker
Sampling & Arrangement by Dennis Decker

Copyright 2018 (C)dD Dennis Composition - Dennis Decker
Tags : | Acoustic | 5.66 MB
Description : Written for Claudio's birthday (my Italian friend) in obvious waltz manner and with slight classical touch this tune appears to me almost painfully simple and minimalistic (and indeed it is)....and yet, Claudio who's very familiar with my music says that this is one of the nicest pieces of music I've ever written even if it wasn't his birthday present....well, who knows if he's right..:)^^
Tags : | Fusion | 5.95 MB
Description : MS2000 is the main synth driving this non-looped recording. The bass is called a frog bass that I invented using the pitch control of the MS2000 and the jazz chords are from the Yamaha RM1X tone box synth Classical Piano. Also used was a synth patch from the Korg called Ice pad. Using Atonal and diminished sounds to progress this fusion of synth and jazz.
Tags : | Classical | 5.06 MB
Description : this my first track 125 bpm
Tags : | Pop | 3.05 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Production mix and vocals - 2nick8
Featured Looperman samples by
Tags : | Classical | 2.84 MB
Description : A hypnotic track. Sounds like a lost jungle. Aztec feeling.
Tags : | Classical | 11.46 MB
Description : .....
Tags : | Classical | 5.20 MB | Featured
Description : Relaxing piano that wil make you sleep...
Description : Rockni
Tags : | Classical | 5.13 MB
Description : .....
Tags : | Electronic | 16.00 MB
Description : This song is very special, try to combine Classical Intruments whit a touch of Electronic Music and at the same time give that touch of a goodbye.

Hope you like it.
Tags : | Classical | 2.20 MB
Description : I made this song a couple of years ago, When i was learning it brings me nostalgia to listen to it and i wanted to share this song, it is no the best song, as i said, i was just starting i hope and you like it and sorry if it is too sad and my english.

Tags : | RnB | 3.26 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : R&B song with a little Boom Bap Classical Feel
Tags : | Classical | 10.38 MB
Description : .....
Tags : | Classical | 3.49 MB
Description : In this music I regressed to three hundred odd years in the past. This piece is my attempt at the old school Baroque and Classical music. I tried to write a Baroque piece, but there were a few spots where it slipped into classical, haha. I do have to say it was a challenge writing a piece of music without any modernity. I think it turned out rather well regardless. Anyway, I hope whoever listens enjoys.
Tags : | Classical | 12.91 MB | Featured
Description : .....
Tags : | Electronic | 10.93 MB
Description : Sacrifice of the self for utility through disutility. Is it really worth it?

This is the final version of a track I posted yesterday. I took all the feedback I got and did as much as I could to improve the track by adding more elements, mixing the genres more, and fixing the mixing.

This track incorporates future bass (0:27), trap (1:46), and classical elements (2:13) and puts them all together.

Check out the art here, and if you like my stuff hit that subscribe button:

And as always, criticism and feedback is more than welcome, no matter how harsh it is.
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