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Description : I Made this as my first Track on Fl Studio. Before that i used Garageband. So still in process to learn FL Studio.
The Track is on 89 Bpm

Description : Send me your acapellas. If u want wav. file text me on my sc
Or leave comment with contact

Description : 110 bpm, G#m, thanks BAZZYBOY for vox sample

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.25 MB | Reason

Description : Sample from looperman-l-2672991-0181243-bells 114 bpm.

Description : 80 bpm in da key of C

Tags : | RnB | 3.43 MB | Featured | Garageband

Description : Instrumental beat made on GarageBand IPad OS.

Tempo 100 bpm

Thank you

The drum loops was made by DJFIBBS and I added some “sauce” to it

Description : HIP-HOP 140 BPM REMIX GRIME

Description : Hi, I made a new track, and request to you collaboration.
Only inst track, and vocal, topline melody needed
Thanks a lot.
(If you can feel space or deep sea, I made it right lololol)

bpm 105
key Eb minor

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.25 MB | Reason

Description : Sample from looperman-l-1792875-0188633-cobin-x-spook-black 108 bpm
Added some extra beats

Tags : | Trap | 4.00 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : 116 Bpm LatIN TRap inSTRumentAL VibE

Description : Free to Use
I took this Name cause, i used the new Oz Drumkit (Batmans Darksoul II)

BPM: 161
Key: F# Harm Minor

Description : What Truth Inst track for Hiphop or Pop bpm 100

Hello, this song name is 'What Truth'.
Do you know what is truth? if you want to know let's do collabo!
There is no vocal in this track. Get this track for you.
Feel free to contact me .Thank you.

bpm : 100
Key : Am

Description : Hi I made a track for rapper.
I need rap, and if you want to open this "Betrayer's Gate" let's do colabo and make it better!! I am waiting you.
Thank u

bpm 72
key Cm

Tags : | Trance | 16.00 MB | FL Studio

Description : My last vocal trance composition featuring the voice of Elles de Graaf. I don't own the rights for the vocal. For the chords I used Gladiator. For the leads/pluck Spire and VpsAvenger and for the pads I used Spire as well. The preferred part is where I used Kontakt to get that awesome sound of the armenian Duduk. The tempo is 130 BPM

Description : A track I made with a Cymatics pack called WRLD
First time singing in a project hope you like it.
130 BPM

Description : Hello.
This song Vocal wanted! I request here for making colabo.
Feel free to contact me. Thanks
I think pop is most match, but it is up to your style and tempo.

Bpm 105
Key Cm

Description : This song is ' Starving'. there is no vocal here. so I request colabo.
(it mixed very roughly, please understand sound quality and balance)
Thank you so much

bpm 140
key Fm

Description : Dmin 122 bpm

Description : Beat is free to use the BPM is 115.
If used please make sure that the track is linked down in the comments and has prod. INS4N1TY in the name of the track.
Thank you for listening & have a good day/night!

Description : I found this Rap sample on looperman.. let me know what you think ..
Description : 2 MCs, 4 verses. The language is french, but the idea is international. 90 BPM. The name of the crew is Dégâts Rap (like the title of this song).

Description : 120 bpm 2 hook 1 paart

Tags : | Trap | 8.70 MB | FL Studio

Description : i dunno if this is good enough or not, but I think the concept of it is interesting. Its a mish mash of Chiptune and Trap. Gimme some feed back please, I need it.

Gminor-key, 160 BPM

enjoy :S

Description : Murda Type Melody Murda x SP

fl studio gang

136 BPM

Description : Collab with me ASAP

This is fire, i need someone to put a soul into this beat! message me or show me what can u do

140 bpm btw

Description : Demo Beat, Loopermann exclusiv
Need some Vocals it's 92 bpm

Tracks 1 - 25 of 1754
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