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Tags : | Fusion | 4.20 MB

Description : Collab with Salook and Avanaco. Salook sent me the stems and I was inspired to do something n0madish to it. Added bull roarers, rattles, and effected barimbau to the mix and tweaked and manipulated the stems to tease out the urban aboriginal sounds.

I've tried to turn this thing into a sonic ritual - and let the sounds effect the psyche in significant ways.

FINAL FINAL DRAFT2 - rerecorded with Live and the APC 40. Added an additional track (to create more bass) of an effected monochord attempting to emulate the sounds of a friction drum. Further revised the effects on the barimbau, and rattles, too. Addition of ululations for purposes of equilibrium. Pretty intense.

Salook and I have been discussing this project as a kind of sonic triptych, with each of the 3 collaborators having a version like a panel in a painting. The iconographic triptychs were portals between the mundane world and the spiritual one, and it really feels like the "base" of this piece connects to this function.

When I was a graduate student at Western Washington University, we had a visiting professor from the Northwest Province of Cameroon join the dept. for a year. Shortly after arriving, he went to visit the nearby Lummi Reservation and was surprised to find that their masks were very similar to his own. Additionally, the Lummi had wooden longhouses just like back home, and danced the same dances but in the opposite direction. The only real difference he could see (of significance) was how the rattle is a sacred object in America, but not back in Africa.

Much thanks to Salook and Avonaco for allowing me to do this one.

Avonaco's "Action Figures" should be listened to first.

Salook's "Ham Radio" should be listened to next.

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  1. Kgomotso
    Kgomotso on Wed 4th May 2011 - 10 years ago

    This is really great stuff. the sound I never imagined, the sound that forced me to close my eyes listen. God bless

    Reply by n0mad23

    Really this was an attempt to bring many traditional traditions together and make them all dance. All three tracks for the Triptych piece really are very visual, and I think should be listened to with eyes closed at least once. If you'd like to hear the full song, you can stream it here -

    Thanks for the listen and review!

  2. jfw
    jfw on Tue 5th Apr 2011 - 10 years ago

    Reading through some of the reviews this track has garnered, I am taken by John Boutilier's notion of a "Sonic Safari". The idea of a hunt for new sounds and textures has a resonance with the search all of us on the Loop are engaged in! This track demonstrates that pursuit. May the quest continue...


    Reply by n0mad23

    Touche. For me the site's been really good in both identifying who my audience is and being validated in pursuing new sounds and context. Maybe the Grail for us is a yet undiscovered sample or loop! Cheers!

  3. MCHN
    MCHN on Fri 18th Mar 2011 - 10 years ago

    A month plus later I drop the review. Haste makes waste lol. I originally heard this one in the first order you suggested. Then in the second order. In my head it's still hard to kinda separate them down to single tracks. I guess that's a good thing as it being a triptych sonically. The first thing that caught me was the Bull Roarer. I have only ever heard this once before. Sad my expertise in ethnic or non westernized culture sounds is Crocodile Dundee. That sound instantly catches my ears. It comes through the mix clearly. Makes me wonder what it sounds like from the players position(360 degrees if Mick Dundee was right). The chants. Theres a huge rush feeling to it. It fuses with the tempo to create that ritualistic vibe. There's also some really cool dropouts of the music that just, when you hear it you kinda feel that rush coming back in. The percussion is awesome. It adds to the visualization alot. Stereo panning that creates that 'Im in the middle of this' feel. It's really something that my little mind can't really put into words to well lol. I've had the higher bitrate playing while I type this and I keep hearing things pop up here and there that are new. Wish I could type as fast as I can hear. It's an awesome piece separately, but becomes something really special when it's combined with it's other parts to make the whole. Now I have a long overdue review for Salook. Cheer's n0mad, and thanks for the higher quality versions. :D

    Reply by n0mad23

    Sorry for the delay in response here - I'm not sure how I didn't see this review! I actually have a friend in Seattle still that's got a fabulous bullroarer, and I used to "play" it whenever possible back when I lived up there. Actually took it to a live performance once and had management say "nix" to its use - they were worried that piece of wood might come loose from its leather strap and kill someone - lol. Right on. Dangerous art.

    I agree totally with your reading that this really is a Triptych and not 3 individual tracks. As a whole, the "story" makes a lot of sense that's just not there when listening to each separately.

    I'll be by shortly to check out your audio offerings. Thanks much for the review!

  4. minette
    minette on Sun 20th Feb 2011 - 10 years ago

    oh my... oh my, oh my, oh my... this is ridiculously cool! it is my sincere wish that everyone in the world get to hear such intensely crafted, beautifully native sounds... every day!

    we would be a better species for it! :)

    Reply by n0mad23

    I actually went after the next piece specifically because of a review you once gave me about my use of percussion. Naturally I took a divergent path along the way, but the foundation is ultimately indebted to you - I'll be sure to make a nod there before it's done. I'm really glad you enjoyed this one, Minette. It brings a smile to my face! Cheers.

  5. arkeyetexture
    arkeyetexture on Fri 18th Feb 2011 - 10 years ago

    just got done listening to Stephens version before popping over hear.
    great work on the efxs.
    and all the extras are a nice contrast to the minimal version stephens got up.
    the dub culture is oozing out the poures hear.
    Love it!

    Reply by n0mad23

    Dub culture is a powerful and under-appreciated in the larger context, for sure. Maybe this is good though - it's the dubsters who'll inspire and subvert things without anyone knowing what's going on! Thanks for the kind words arkeytexture!

  6. JohnBoutilier
    JohnBoutilier on Tue 15th Feb 2011 - 10 years ago

    Well, thank you for taking me on that sonic safari. Love the tribal sounds and the chants. Very creative mix.

    I am impressed



    Reply by n0mad23

    Thanks much John. It's always a pleasure getting the thumbs up from artists I admire. Working with Salook and Avonaco on this was really a good experience.

  7. ShortBusMusic
    ShortBusMusic on Mon 14th Feb 2011 - 10 years ago

    So I am back for another pass at this one. I did not realize it was part of a set :) I just finished listening to the other panels and this is just marvelous how you 3 have put all of this together into one comprehensive, cohesive story.

    Being the glutton that I am, it would be wonderful to have this trilogy as one long, wonderful track :) Like a giant audio mural painted by 3 different masters.....especially now that I see/hear how all of this is connected (I'm old and slow, so you will have to forgive me).

    This one is even better the second time around!

    Well done gents.


    Reply by n0mad23

    Hey Bear - thanks for that suggestion on putting them all together as a single track. Changes the whole listening experience! I've had very fortunate collaboration experiences on this site now, and am all ready looking forward to my next excursion. Cheers!

  8. Salook
    Salook on Tue 8th Feb 2011 - 10 years ago

    Digging the updates Sean, always sounds so different hearing it on the loop, still an intense experience, feelings of movement above ones head, ghost like and supernatural the dials are moving up and down on this version the ululations and wailing's giving indications of something trying to enter this world..great mix my man and a pleasure experimenting these realms with you and Avanaco


    Reply by n0mad23

    What is that about streaming music vs. the copy on your hard drive? I've noticed that on the streaming radio station on the other site as well - there's a dynamic that's totally different. This has been a fantastic collaboration experience for me. Thanks again for bringing me in, and for introducing me to Avonaco. Feels like a cabal forming somehow...don't worry citizens, we're benevolent.

    ALXSIX on Mon 7th Feb 2011 - 10 years ago

    Awesome, very creative, unique. Sorry for repeating what's been said, but it was my first impression too : it totally puts you into a state of trance!! Can easily picture the fire, the scents, the shaman dancing around you, saying his ritual prayers...
    Very visual stuff, wonderfully made with unusual sounds to me, thanks for this high quality sonic moment. Fav'd.

    Reply by n0mad23

    Thanks for the fave! Makes me feel like I got it right! I think all the right components were in the foundation, and I was just able to hear a version that would replicate the experience of falling into trance. Thanks for the wonderful review. Cheers!

  10. ParkerMusic
    ParkerMusic on Mon 7th Feb 2011 - 10 years ago

    Fantastic! I can always count on your music to take me on an exciting journey without every leaving my livingroom....Thank you for a wonderful trip. I am looking forward to the final collaboration.

    Reply by n0mad23

    Hi Pierce County Gal. We're currently waiting on Avonaco's version, and then I'm hoping to announce and link the three via the forums. I'm also hoping to post all three on Mixposure so they can easily be played back to back (and in 320kbs form for quality). Had a blast doing this one, and am glad you enjoyed the listen!

  11. TraXnCtrl
    TraXnCtrl on Wed 2nd Feb 2011 - 10 years ago

    [SECOND DRAFT REVIEW - final draft reviews above]

    wow....what can I say that hasnt been said already.....nice to hear the bullroarers and all the other tribal elements make this a real visual track
    excellent work

    Reply by n0mad23

    Thank you! It's been a lot of fun do do, and equally so seeing what other people think about it! Cheers, and thanks again.

  12. ShortBusMusic
    ShortBusMusic on Mon 31st Jan 2011 - 10 years ago

    Hey Sean,

    I'm not sure which I enjoy more, your music or your track descriptions. Both are marvelous and both are an educational opportunity.

    This one had to be difficult to mix with so much going on, yet it is crystal clear and everything is just so well placed.

    You just keep getting better and better. I believe that is because you constantly look for more - you are a real student of this thing called music. When you discover something, you are more than happy to wrap it up with a bow and share it with all of us - with your descriptions and your music.

    You are a treasure my friend. Thanks for all you do, and for this magnificent song. Straight to favorites.



    Reply by n0mad23

    I suspect you like my stuff because like you I come at this from a tradition of beating on skins, plucking skins, and blowing across holes in wood. Olde Skool Jamming. I wish I'd known about this site and you when I was still in Arizona, as I think you'd be a blast to sit down and jam with! Thanks for the kind review, and shoot me an email with your address if you'd like any of my stuff for your collection! Thanks Bear!

  13. Mosaic
    Mosaic on Mon 31st Jan 2011 - 10 years ago

    G'day Sean

    Man very nice piece, extremely entertaining listen, did you do vocals for the piece, being an Aussie, doesnt sound like a Aboriginal voice, but very close though,(Maybe in a track like this has change there sound a litle??) loving all the sounds you have put together to make this piece, have to say you are extremely creative when you do your works, they never dissappoint ever, massive piece, instant fav my friend...oh great collab by the way...Massive Fav...Peace n Respect...Estefano...

    Reply by n0mad23

    Estefano - right you are. Not Australian Aborigines, but I'm playing with the word and concept (surprise, surprise). Seems the word comes from Latin - "ab origine" or "original people" in this case. The title actually has to do with a discussion I had recently with a friend and the question at hand was "how long do people have to live somewhere before they become indigenous?" That, and an ongoing theme I've been discussion with Salook regarding Urban Aborigines (think dumpster diving). Glad you enjoyed the listen! Cheers.

  14. Spivkurl
    Spivkurl on Fri 21st Jan 2011 - 10 years ago

    I had forgotten how utterly creative your works were and are! People have already said it, but this is very trance inducing... in fact I'm finding it hard to type this review... ha ha! You use such creative sounds, you introduce me to sounds I've never heard! The vocals on this one are really something special! Great work my friend!

    Reply by n0mad23

    Thank you my man! Still swimming in the same streams, and had to laugh when I realized the first tracks I posted here I put up as Trance. None of the people making Trance music quite understood that it was really more of a disclaimer than a claim to the genre. I think the vocals came from Avonaco for this one, and they certainly attracted me to doing the collab.

  15. alividlife
    alividlife on Wed 19th Jan 2011 - 10 years ago


    K.. my thoughts...

    Throw the Sine "THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP" on every kick you got trance

    But what seperates this track is the "trance"dental properties of human perception. We are absolutely one.

    I find it odd, when someone wants to fight me because I flipped him off for him calling me a pussyfaggot. It's like ... well who are you referencing?
    I could pull the whole Freudian concept of mother/father relationship, But lets take it further.

    To quote "Waking Life", a very difficult poem/movie on life...

    I've been thinking also about something you said.

    - What's that?

    Just about reincarnation and where all the new souls come from over time. Everybody always say that they've been the reincarnation...of Cleopatra or Alexander the Great. I always want to tell them they were probably some dumbfeuck like everybody else. I mean, it's impossible. Think about it? The world population has doubled in the past 10 years, right?
    - So if you really believe in that ego thing of one eternal soul,
    - Mm-hmm.
    then you only have a 1 in 4 chance of your soul being over 150 years old. And for it to be over 120 years old, then it's only one out of six.

    -So what are you saying then? Reincarnation doesn't exist... or that we're all young souls like where half of us are first-round humans?

    No, no. What I'm trying to say is that somehow I believe...reincarnation is just a-- a poetic expression of what collective memory really is. There was this article by this biochemist that I read not long ago, and he was talking about how when a member of a species is born, it has a billion years of memory to draw on. And this is where we inherit our instincts.

    -I like that. It's like there's, um, this whole telepathic thing going on that we’re all a part of, whether we’re conscious of it or not. That would explain why there's all these, you know? seemingly spontaneous, worldwide, innovative leaps in science, in the arts.
    You know, like??? the same results poppin' up everywhere independent of each other. Some guy on a computer, he figures something out, and then almost simultaneously, a bunch of other people all over the world figured out the same thing.

    - Mm-hmm.

    They did this study. They isolated a group of people over time, and they monitored their abilities at crossword puzzles... in relation to the general population. And then they secretly gave them a day-old crossword, one that had already been answered by thousands of other people.

    Their scores went up dramatically, like 20-50 percent....
    So it's like once the answers are out there, you know?, people can pick up on 'em.

    It's like we're all telepathically sharing our experiences.

    Reply by n0mad23

    lol - "Digital Aboriginalism" got you to think about this?

    I'll send you a email soon as some of your thoughts here are things that I've been thinking about lately, too.

    Singularity underlies multiplicity. You probably already grok this.

  16. toddj
    toddj on Tue 18th Jan 2011 - 10 years ago

    [NOTE - this and previous reviews are for draft 1]

    Truly a dub-tastic swell of organic tribal dub. Totally root's to the core. I really love what you did with those stems. This is a great collaboration. Did you add the delay to the vocals there towards the end? That was spot on man. I really loved the addition of the bull roar and the rattles at the intro.

    Reply by n0mad23

    Years ago when using analog instruments in avant-garde stage performances in Seattle, when asked what kind of music we were doing, I'd say, "Retro." "What, like `50's stuff?" "Nah, more like electronic Neolithic."

    Seems I seem to be swimming in the same river, but the water's clearer up here.

    I actually effected (off and on throughout) the vocals with the freeware SupaTrigga glitch VST which includes some delay. Good ear, my man.

    The next I've posted is maybe a bit edgier, but emphasizes what I was going for with this one. I'm going to see what you've posted since last I looked, but can already tell you I'll HAVE to hear "Destination Space" again while I'm there! Thanks for the review, and listen.

  17. Alen9R
    Alen9R on Mon 17th Jan 2011 - 10 years ago

    Hello n0mad!

    This is a very strong track, I like how you have managed to link all these "unusual"(bull roarers) sounds,thumb up!
    Drums are amazing, these drums reminds me on Drumming Circles,
    they are intense!

    Really have nothing more to add, track sounds great!Fav'd
    Good to see you n0mad, that you're back

    Much respect


  18. Avonaco
    Avonaco on Mon 17th Jan 2011 - 10 years ago

    I really enjoyed the direction you took this. The slight shading and stylistic movements had me listening with my eyes closed.. letting the vibe create the imagery. Remarkable track bro...

    Reply by n0mad23

    Really glad you enjoyed this draft, my man! You and Salook really gave me a lot to work with, so putting my own "vision" behind it has been a real pleasure. I'm currently working on the next draft and should have it done within the next day or two. I'll make sure you get a good copy. I'll also send along my additional stems should you two wish to incorporate any into your own. Thanks much and I'm looking forward to hearing some of your work.

  19. Salook
    Salook on Sun 16th Jan 2011 - 10 years ago

    Man when you mentioned the bullroarers..I had no idea to how it was going to sound and I was curious right away...I dig how you picked out specific instruments and sounds from your head that you reckoned would work..then incorporate...well thought about and the additions do work...after listening again really grabbed me this time and put my neck hairs on end..Intro and track outro is amazing..and you have pulled and teased out some wicked sounds...really full on and inducing...and for me it is almost done already..good to know you are still having phun with that Bullroarer is making the track very menacing and I like it!!

    Thanks turning your hand to this, brilliant job.


    Reply by n0mad23

    Stay tuned - further revisions are happening to this currently, and stems will be coming your way soon. This has been a real delight to do, and I thank you and Avonaco massively for letting me collab on this. Cheers.

  20. theHumps
    theHumps on Sat 15th Jan 2011 - 10 years ago

    Bull roarers? Where did you get those samples? Always liked the Midnight Oil song Bull Roarer. Dang man, it may have been a while that you have created anything but you guys put a pretty interesting track together. The vocal tracks were so effective here and combined with the music I feel like I am in the outback somewhere.

    Maybe a litte more bass would be my only suggestion. Some of the percussion has some bass in it but I want to hear more, I guess being a bass player makes that something I want to hear louder. Maybe a cool sub bass track, in the background filling up the low freqs. Other than that Sean this is a great track

    Will wait to dl the final product but I'm gonna fav this now knowing it is only gonna get better the more you fiddle with it.

    Great job so far, can't wait to hear the final product!

    Reply by n0mad23

    Good call on the bass, Wayne. I actually have been thinking the same, so it's great to have it validated. I'll make it available for download when it's done, too. Thanks!

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