My nescience is encyclopedic
  • From : bern, Switzerland
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About Me

hi, my name is savino and i used to play the piano.
i still do, but i used to, too.
when i am not busy with staying focused in order to avoid getting a taste of that ominous yellow snow, i dabble in shrubbery design and trafficking.

Instruments I play

keyboard, bass guitar, voice.
recently i've considered getting a theremin but then i figured i ain't ever gonna touch it anyway.

Software I Use

s1, rsn

Hardware I Use

midi stuff and a mic

Listening To Right Now

melodic vibes

10 Favourite Albums

herbie hancock - mr hands
jimspter - selected remixes

My Influences / Fav Artists

richard feynman and the monty python crew

My Music Sounds Like

mostly depends on the current moog *ba-dumm tss*

In My Other Life I ...

program stuff and indulge in a hedonistic yet apparently innocent lifestyle without regrets, frequently bringing me precariously close to the horizon of one black hole named decadence.