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Description : Written & produced by moi, vocals & guitar by Sunny War. This is on our protest album, BURNING. One of the 55 songs we completed in the Sunny Sessions. You can check them all out at thesunnysessions.com which I just created this week. Made a video of this song on youtube, please check it out here: https://youtu.be/vTXDOYVJMO0

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  1. KarasAvian
    KarasAvian on Mon 1st Jan 2018 - 1 year ago

    I want this song!

    Reply by CitizenMofo

    Sorry I've been so delinquent in my reply but thank you! I appreciate you! If you want to SEE the song, here's a video I made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTXDOYVJMO0&list=PLwqrYdLC9-Z5qkDNGCjbM0_Q2RNZKwBeN
    And if you want to get the song, all 55 songs that I made with Miss Sunny War are available at https://thesunnysessions.com/
    If you do check out the site, and things don't work right, pls let me know. I am terrible about keeping up with things like that, and I really should get better. Anyway, thanks again.

  2. Spivkurl
    Spivkurl on Sat 3rd Jun 2017 - 2 years ago

    It's a very potent song, my friend! Hard to put into words.

    I was reading the previous comments and your replies, and was thinking about something which was not brought up. It seems that our government, and the corporations which control/support it, value our extreme ignorance - both in the present and of the past. There is, at least locally, a sort of book burning going on. Our library, which used to be fabulous and strong, has been throwing away (not recycling) massive amounts of books each week. Today, I checked the bin, and all of the books were about population growth and statistics. It was a bit frightening. All in all, it feels as if they are trying to control how we think, how we learn, and how history is remembered.

    Any way, back to the song on a second listen.

    The introduction reminds me very much of Depeche Mode, which is awesome, since I generally dig their stuff. The guitar work and tone remind me very much of something I might record, especially if I was a bit better at playing.

    The horror film piano arpeggios add a lot to this otherwise sweet tune. Something ominous and haunting.

    With the vocals, I'm hearing vibes of Portugal The Man, in a way. Also, some of the deeper vocal tracks from Primus. It's all very groovy and strong, but also scary and present.

    Excellent piece, and I can not wait to hear more from these sessions! Fave!

    Reply by CitizenMofo

    Thank you, Spivkurl, and sorry I'm so delinquent in my reply. Your thoughtful comments are fantastic to read.

    Yes, we live in a sea of propaganda, distortion and suppression. It has always been that way. In the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church make it a capital crime to translate the Bible from Latin into any native language. People were burned at the stake for doing so. That way, the priests could say what the Bible said, could control it, and could use their restricted knowledge as means to get money, through the sales of "indulgences" for sin, where people could pay a fee to the church and get their slate wiped clean in heaven, so they were told. It's similar today, except it's not the Bible, of course, but the facts that show our country is completely fucked up.

    I appreciate your detailed comments on the music as well. Sunny did some amazing guitar work on this piece, but then again she did on pretty much all 55 songs we recorded. She is something special. I made a video for this song, fyi, which is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTXDOYVJMO0&list=PLwqrYdLC9-Z5qkDNGCjbM0_Q2RNZKwBeN

    Thanks again.

  3. Orlando51
    Orlando51 on Wed 31st May 2017 - 2 years ago

    Splendid stuff...somehow it reminds me on Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry's
    singing style....great listen for this wednesday afternoon. Faved !:)


    Reply by CitizenMofo

    Thanks, man. Those are good things to be reminded of so, right on. I'm very very happy with the results we got in the Sunny Sessions. Mic drop. The world still doesn't give a crap, but mic drop anyway.

  4. silverman
    silverman on Tue 30th May 2017 - 2 years ago

    Brilliant piece.
    It reminds me of something from the 70's that I can't put my finger on and a voice I can't put a name too.
    Nice to know protest is alive and well.
    Protest is awareness in action.
    I'm in the Anglo part of this dying Anglo American banking empire.
    The most watched people on planet earth now.
    Greed has taken over everything here.
    The protests of the past in America are not happening because they learnt from Viet Nam that a comfortable and well off populace are powerful.
    But when you're reduced to fear poverty uncertainty you won't be protesting hence the lack of mass protest.
    This is very professionally put together and should be on the radio everywhere.

    Reply by CitizenMofo

    Thank you, Silverman. You made my day. Dylan defined a great song as one that seems like it's been around forever, so reminding you of the '70s is all right with me.

    Protest is hope, and hope is in short supply these days. How absurd hope looks in the face of such enormous government corruption and general hatred. When there's no hope then out of hopelessness comes random acts of violence, and these are increasing on a daily basis. I fear that now any protest risks being a violent clash between the people and the government or between the people of one view and the people of the opposite view. We've had a house this divided before, and guess where it led? 620,000 dead. Ah, music. Can it make any difference?

    Jeez, I wish I knew how to get things on the radio or to get any success at all, beyond the intense soul satisfaction that I'm feeling at the moment, having completed the project. But I'm working through the necessary steps, and maybe I can make something happen this time. Thanks for your comment, it gave me a boost.

  5. theHumps
    theHumps on Tue 30th May 2017 - 2 years ago

    Pretty tumultuous times we are living through in America these days. I last saw this mayhem when the Watergate scandal was going on, even though I was young I can remember watching the news and being shocked. It's amazing the similarities to what's going on today but this is even worse. Where has the civility gone in our society?

    I'm glad to hear protest music in something other than folk music. Punk always has seemed to have protest music. Good to hear more electronic based protest music being made. The electric git adds a nice touch to accent the vocals, they have a cool tone and the two tracks playing opposite each other works good. I like the effects on the vocals, big reverb, haunting. With the descending piano in certain parts sets a darker feel. Lyrics are good too. Drums have a Trent Reznor feel to them in my opinion.:)

    55 songs in a session? Wow!


    Reply by CitizenMofo

    55 songs in multiple sessions over 5-1/2 months, not just one session...

    Thanks for the comment and feedback!

    Yeah, these are ridiculous times. When Watergate was going on, which I remember well, we had just come out of the turbulent '60s, the protests, the Civil Rights movement, the riots, the assassinations, Walter Cronkite on the CBS Evening News with the nightly body counts, the Kent State killings, etc. Nixon had just kicked off the unconstitutional and illegal "War on Drugs" in order to target first Vietnam protesters and then blacks, and here we are, 46 years later, still waging that suicidal mission against ourselves. Having been alive for a long sweep of history, I look back and it's pretty clear that that's where the slippery slope really started which has landed us at this low point of moral degeneracy and sheer insanity as a country. I can't even begin to process the scope of our degradation and lack of understanding of the most basic, basic aspects of democracy, freedom, and decency - not to mention the ability to differentiate good from evil. It's no surprise that the stunning violence of Americans on Americans is growing every day. As hopeless as it is, all I can do is make songs as my witness to the insanity and my criticism of the bullshit. Otherwise I'd go crazy. Thanks for listening and for your thoughtful comment, I really appreciate it!

  6. srob1234
    srob1234 on Mon 29th May 2017 - 2 years ago

    Really love the tone of the vocals. Niece work!!!

    Reply by CitizenMofo

    Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment!

  7. kingmadi
    kingmadi on Sun 28th May 2017 - 2 years ago

    Nice work! Love the aggressiveness.

    Reply by CitizenMofo

    Thank you. We've done some harder guitar-driven stuff on the BURNING album too so stay tuned... It's all on thesunnysessions.com though. Thanks for the comment!

  8. Cyberliam
    Cyberliam on Sat 27th May 2017 - 2 years ago

    nice work u done here! track and a video! good job!

    Reply by CitizenMofo

    Thank you, I appreciate that!

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by Citizen Mofo

Everything is burning
It’s all burning down
Everything is turning
To ashes on the ground

[Repeat 4X] Burning burning

If you can’t see the fire
You must be going blind
The flames are rising higher
Right inside your mind

All that you believed in
It has been destroyed
By a flame conceived in-
Side a moral void

{Repeat 10X] Burning burning

Everything is burning
It’s all burning down
Aint no chance of turning
This damn thing around

Watch the burning honor
On the nightly news
Decency’s a goner
We’ve got no excuse

They’re firebombing freedom
Right before our eyes
Easy to mislead ‘em
With repeated lies
We’ve got to stop the flamethrowers
We’ve got to stop the flamethrowers

[Repeat 4X] Burning burning
[Repeat 8X] Everything is burning, burning burning



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