24th Oct 2023 00:07 - 7 months ago
renowned R&B Hip-Hop & Rapper dimestop has shocked the music industry with his latest drop, he's produced and singing vocals on a rock track with Rock Megastar Danke.
Rolling Stones magazine say a grammy in the making....hip hop insiders claim he's sold out
snoop dog was reported saying careful that motha fucka rip your heart out
Time Magazine state this is epic
Elon Musk tweeted #he's my Rocket man... more to follow as the story unfolds.

Comments (34)

If you have time take a listen and give dimestop some feedback.

Cyberflares 16th Mar 2024 16:43 - 3 months ago
perfect stuff you sure do spit out some good lyrics like. has a indie touch to it and me being a indie boy lol loved it nice track overall :)
dimestop replied 16th Mar 2024 - 3 months ago
cheers Rob, i really enjoyed this track and totally agree its indie rock and like you a genre i really like to listen to, maybe if i was really serious and a young man that would be the genre i would work in, yes i love rap and hip-hop but its a saturated market
Modnex 7th Jan 2024 04:02 - 5 months ago
Man, am I sorry that it took me so long to listen to this. Good job on the vocals again. This one is a bit different style than the last one I commented on, but you brought your unique voice on it and it works well. Good job, pal, thinks for recommending it. Adding to the fav's.
dimestop replied 7th Jan 2024 - 5 months ago
thanks for giving me more time bro, i was really happy simply because it was my first time doing rock, i wrote the song and Danke allowed me to add the vocal to his outstanding track and its a bonus for us both as the stats aren't bad ejther considering many possibly seen this as the least likliest of collabs but it turned out great
pseudoble 13th Dec 2023 22:29 - 6 months ago
Great track mate - well deserved accolades

One hell of a vocal performance and great lyric - of course cant really go wrong with Danke (always brilliant) backing you

Doesnt look like anyone else thinks so but I think you are pushing the levels to the edge of clipping (you get away with it obviously) but that is the only thing Id tweak and that'd be hard if you didnt get the stems to mix that vox in. Nonetheless you did amazing
dimestop replied 14th Dec 2023 - 6 months ago
thanks for checking it mate i was super pleased with it, i didnt have all the stems just a single mp3, i listened to it 5 times btb and the song was wrote 1/2 hr later it was laid out and i was singing it off by heart asked for the music 1 take, no more than 2 hrs work max. and its possibly my most successful, well analytics wise anyway,
2nick8 9th Dec 2023 11:25 - 6 months ago
rock on brother !! a real fun one love the guitar melody..
dimestop replied 9th Dec 2023 - 6 months ago
thanks bro, i thought why not give rock a go, really happy with this collab with Danke
Bilbozo 4th Dec 2023 05:53 - 6 months ago
Wow this is a pretty cool collab. Some really nice defined elements and great groove, I enjoyed it a lot !
dimestop replied 4th Dec 2023 - 6 months ago
thanks Bilbozo, really appreciate your listen and comment. it was a cool collab and i really enjoyed singing on Danke' work
Pnnywze 28th Nov 2023 04:03 - 6 months ago
Had to revisit this one, bro. Ur an inspiring dude and I really like this one alot.
dimestop replied 28th Nov 2023 - 6 months ago
Aaron your visits to my work are a pleasure for me, we've become tight knit and all the others that play a part too, we all inspire each other bro, feedback is vitally important to us all, we need a platform and we got one here but it could and should be far better these days, i'll DM you.
silverman 28th Nov 2023 03:09 - 6 months ago
What a winner this track is!
Brilliant and I notice Danke playing... can't go wrong!
He must have thiught you worthy.
Very good and faved.
dimestop replied 28th Nov 2023 - 6 months ago
thankyou so much silverman, it was really kind of Danke to give me a chance, he is extremely talented and i usually rap or sing hip-hop. but this gave me the opportunity to be grown up for once, which i can be, i just love to write songs and tell stories and who wouldn't want to sing lead vocal for a real rock band anyway :)) its not done to bad either for feedback which im happy about, not for me personally but for the collab as a whole,
kingmt77 27th Nov 2023 00:33 - 6 months ago
Paul! Ok! So what we got here is Danke's world-class production with those over the top guitar tones that gave your vocals an excellent foundation for you to express your gift with ease. You know, you are quite the lyricist here. The inspiration you drew is obvious. I can hear you feeling it, and it's no secret. Strong effort mate. Keep 'em coming and flowing. Peace.

dimestop replied 27th Nov 2023 - 6 months ago
thanks for the check out Mark, the track by Danke was exceptional, i really wanted it and tried to put that across in my vocal. maybe the least likeliest collab, but i think the comments prove i done his track justice. you are spot on in your comment about the inspiration, i had it wrote and laid out and i was singing it within an hour of listening to it for the first time, its great when that happens :))
Alien 25th Nov 2023 21:13 - 6 months ago
That description!! Wins all.
dimestop replied 25th Nov 2023 - 6 months ago
the description is so important bro, grab the attention :)) thanks for the listen mate
Tumbleweed 16th Nov 2023 02:00 - 7 months ago
HaHa love that description write up...still smiling as I listen. Good time music, and you do it well. Great job.
dimestop replied 16th Nov 2023 - 7 months ago
Thankyou Ed, i appreciate your time, i always try to improve and i just like being funny at times, the description just happened thats how my mind works, im a rank amateur who acts and behaves like i think im a pro star, making people laugh is always a good idea. the tracks done well for listens and comments but a number have enjoyed the description like yourself,
BeatMaker4real 16th Nov 2023 00:15 - 7 months ago
Nice work on the track dimestop.
Glad to see you still escalating bro.
dimestop replied 16th Nov 2023 - 7 months ago
nice to see you about bro, hope your good, i dont know where this came from Danke' track was sic and i was singing immediately 25 mins to write the song, thanks for checking it out, ive missed your work bro,
rockoff 15th Nov 2023 19:58 - 7 months ago
i like the fact he came out in sang the music sounds like fruity loops sameoh samol fruity sounds why i stped using fruity it has a distinctive sound not original grate track over all
dimestop replied 15th Nov 2023 - 7 months ago
cheers bro, i only use fruity loops daw to build because its so user friendly, but i dont use lots of their plugins, they got some good ones fruity reverb is cool patcher is great but i mostly use third party plugins, dynamic EQ and compressor from Tokyo dawn Labs, reverb plate from soundtoys, better delays obviously ive got Valhalla ive got lots of better stuff that i would use before stock plugins all the music was Attilla' i didnt touch it because it was that good, i only used a little compression, and EQ on the master track the fx were only on my vocal track
LJmbbremen 14th Nov 2023 17:32 - 7 months ago
Hey Paul,
I´m back for a little moment to disappeare. But before that I must say to your song: What a successful invitation for beeing positiv. I know that you mean it like you sang. I really like the desciption.
Hope your fine!
dimestop replied 14th Nov 2023 - 7 months ago
thanks for the check out Matthias, ive had a few controversial ones you've missed but its always good to bring the happiness back, im good too bro, life's not bad for me at present :))
2Sisters 11th Nov 2023 21:03 - 7 months ago
Yes, our trip was good. It has brought us even closer together than we were before. It was a journey to a country where most people are very poor materially, but very rich in their essence and soul. I think this trip has really balanced me out internally. Glad you thought of us. But luckily we weren't near the earthquake. I feel very sorry for the many deaths!
Kind regards, Manuela
dimestop replied 11th Nov 2023 - 7 months ago
glad your time brought you closer, cant wish for a better result than that. and the stark reality of things we take for granted is eye opening when you see others without the basics, inequality in the world is appalling really
2Sisters 10th Nov 2023 17:02 - 7 months ago
Wow! The opening sequence with the guitar alone impressed me. Really great pop/rock piece! Well arranged and mixed too. I really like it!
Kind regards and have a nice weekend Manuela

P.S. nice irony in your description *smile
dimestop replied 10th Nov 2023 - 7 months ago
hi Manuela, hope your trip to Nepal was good, i did see on the news last week about a tragedy in the north of Nepal, funny my thoughts turned to you Angelica and Claudia, i was surprised with this myself, it was so quick everything clicked minimum effort, few hours max that was everything 25 mins the song was wrote and laid out in the hour, im really proud of this one, i was all adult and grown up this time and obviously im extremely grateful to Danke for giving me the chance to sing on his work, thanks for the lovely comment too.

P.S. the description is all part of the production, you know i got a funny side. hope you and your family have a nice weekend.
theHumps 8th Nov 2023 04:42 - 7 months ago
Way to go Paul! Cool lyrics and great to see you expanding your musical boundaries. Always good to see a collab happen around here, congrats to both you guys, well done! Don't you just love when lyrics happen that fast, 25 min, wow!

dimestop replied 8th Nov 2023 - 7 months ago
cheers Wayne, i think you know me well enough now to know i will take on any challenge, ive done some good collabs here but i am most proud of this one, Danke is a Fantastic artist and i never assumed for one minute that i would get an opportunity to sing on one of his tracks, but it happened.
you being a singer songwriter yourself and a huge help to me personally with advice and encouragement, know how that feels when every thing clicks. i pressed play on Attila' music and started singing the chorus line/hook out of thin air, i commented immediatly asking if i could do the vocal heasked for and wrote the chorus down, he liked and asked me to stay on that path, i listened to it 5 times back to back and the track was wrote, an hour later i had it layed out and was singing it off by heart, i was surprised myself how everything clicks, yeah dont ya just love it
Dennel 7th Nov 2023 23:03 - 7 months ago
Wow dimestop this is great man! Using your singing talent gives this track a whole new aspect. And I really like the lyrical content and how you put the song together as whole, it has a semi melancholy feel about it. The Danke music track worked well in conveying the mood and artistry. Fabulous job my friend,

dimestop replied 8th Nov 2023 - 7 months ago
thanks for the great comment Dennel, i know you are old old school long time here, we have only just started our friendship but words like yours give artists a lift to keep pushing, critique but constructive, we all need too, i add. i only got better from people like Rita Micky Manuela Angel Cinco too many to mention giving me feedback. i always reply, and i comment on most if not all the tracks i listen too. its not hard, and if it puts a smile on someons face thats a bonus, since you have only surfaced to me recently, i can tell you are a community player like mee, good on ya bro and your a great artist too.
rockoff 6th Nov 2023 20:53 - 7 months ago
wow good on you on comming out of your shell and i love the lyrics
dimestop replied 7th Nov 2023 - 7 months ago
thankyou bro, nice to see you about, i will have a go at any genre if the track speaks to me, Danke' track did, first ever rock track song took me 25 mins to write, glad you liked the lyrics :))
xstokes 3rd Nov 2023 14:17 - 7 months ago
THIS IS IT!! i just attended the best best music festival of the decade playing this backtobacktoback man you pulled me into atoms spinning round in your droplets now that’s getting personal but anyways big hugs to you and danke for gifting us with this.
you brought it alright, mate!
dimestop replied 3rd Nov 2023 - 7 months ago
thankyou so much Mike to read a comment like that is delightful for both me and Danke. i commented on his instrumental and 25 mins later the song was wrote, it spoke to me somehow, probably the least likeliest collab a rocker metal head and a rapper who is political, but it worked, we both had a part to play and i personally believe we delivered, am i moving musical direction, have i sold out, the story biggest thanks go to Attila though for giving me the opportunity to lets say act grown-up for for once, singing lead vocal on a proper rock bands work, how many can tick that of their bucket list :))
JohnSmokey 2nd Nov 2023 20:23 - 7 months ago
This is a good one Dog! Paul, the production on this is really good. A feel good indie rock track, there are so many depressing vibes out there, its always good to hear something on the positive end of the spectrum.

dimestop replied 2nd Nov 2023 - 7 months ago
thanks again bro, theres enough crap in the world today happiness is always good, cos things aint getting better anytime soon Johnnie
mdeland1 2nd Nov 2023 03:29 - 7 months ago
Pretty cool! Love the guitar
dimestop replied 2nd Nov 2023 - 7 months ago
thanks for the listen and comment bro, much appreciated
BaoBou 29th Oct 2023 18:23 - 7 months ago
That's a Collab I'd never expected. Great fun, well done both!
dimestop replied 29th Oct 2023 - 7 months ago
tell me Bou, the least likeliest collab, i had it wrote in 25 mins 5 plays back to back, i wanted it jealously, thankfully Danke obliged. it had to be my best effort and i don't think i let his music down, he faved it too :))
EricDanielMabins 29th Oct 2023 17:11 - 7 months ago
Cheers mate, this sounds like a hit song, friend. Did you write the lyrics? You are definitely bringing happiness back. Really groovy back track along with your vocals sounds really spectacular.

dimestop replied 29th Oct 2023 - 7 months ago
hi mate, yes i wrote the track in 25 mins after Danke uploaded on here and i asked if i could sing on it, two days later i brought it. i write all my own tracks and people think it is one of my strongest areas, been through alot you see, i obviously produce and i can play a few keys and drums too. the music is a band from Hungary their bass player Danke is a member here and his work is always popular. i rap a lot political and roasting, hip-hop R&B so this collab was probably the least likeliest on looperman, it was my first attempt at rock, the music spoke to me, i surprised myself and comments suggest i done i good job :))
Pnnywze 28th Oct 2023 22:46 - 7 months ago
Certainly surprised by this one man. I'd kno your work anywhere these days, it always brings a smile and invigorates me in my own work. Great as always Paul
dimestop replied 29th Oct 2023 - 7 months ago
cheers Aaron, i absolutely loved this track when Danke brought it, i just had to sing on it. i love it better than i imagined, thanksfor the listen
ZoxoSonor 28th Oct 2023 12:15 - 7 months ago
I sit in front of the machine and sing the chorus :)

Danke, szuper lett, emelem kalapom!
dimestop replied 28th Oct 2023 - 7 months ago
thanks for the listen and time and nice comment ZoSo, your fellow countryman Attila is an artist i've admired and respected from my first days here 3 years ago, this track is exceptional and spoke to me, i just had to sing on it, and thankfully Danke give me a chance and i did not want to let the great music down too, that was important to me, the comments suggest i didn't do to bad, thankfully. this is my favorite work of about 70+ songs ive done
koga100 27th Oct 2023 04:46 - 7 months ago
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't rocking out right now. The guitar is what I Like the most about this one.
dimestop replied 27th Oct 2023 - 7 months ago
cheers Koga when Danke uploaded it i was blown away with it, like you especially the guitar Danke played bass and sax synth, there's 3 band members Batka guitar and smalls on drums. i listened to it 5-6 times back to back 25mins roughly and the track was wrote, i wanted it so badly Danke sent me the music privately. check out the instrumental only in his profile its the same name i changed nothing i wrote the song and sung it and Danke was happy for me to bring my production.
crucethus 27th Oct 2023 02:24 - 7 months ago
Bring happiness back... it never went away, sometimes it likes to play hide and seek for a bit. But it always comes back. Nice lyrics Mate, but it's Halloween soon, and we need a spooky tune from yah!
dimestop replied 27th Oct 2023 - 7 months ago
hello Steven, thanks for the listen and comment hope your good, lifes good for me just started a new position senior engineer for an international company, im busy but i might try put something together this weekend i did like it when i done Incy Wincey, or as you say Itsy Bitsy the year before last, we'll see :))
StarTravels 26th Oct 2023 09:47 - 7 months ago
Good grief, you're really shaking things up in the music industry. Snoop already told me the news... what is he supposed to do now, given this massive competition? However, Elon is currently back in therapy... I don't think he's doing so well because he's said to have heard about the STAR TRAVELS fleet's ability to reach other universes... One thing is certain: you're on your own way. Experimenting is good... that's the only way to move forward. Keep on rockin.
Cheers, Micky
dimestop replied 26th Oct 2023 - 7 months ago
hahaha, great comment Micky, you have a creative mind like me. its so good to see another artist fly with the skit, Elon got big problems man he seriously annoyed by StarTravels successful launches into the wonders of the universe, he DM'd me 3 in the morning saying what do i have to do to compete, all in block capitals too, he was angry, the bloody leutienents gone AWOL and the captain flys solo and STILL get better success than me, i said im in bed you weird b*stard buy his f#cking ship then you gonna need to pay 100 billion though you rich TWIT now stop stalking me, i dont care how much you will give me your not F#cking collab with me, BoomBoom Rita would be pissed with me ask Snoop for god's sake
catch up when your back on terra firma
RitajustRita 25th Oct 2023 00:47 - 7 months ago
Hahaha I'm laughing my ass off at your disription.
Paul!! this is great!!
Old rocker...Mick jagger might be jealous of you.
And I'm proud of you!!
I especially like that part from 0:42 onwards.
The lyrics are great too. I didn't expect anything less from you.
dimestop replied 25th Oct 2023 - 7 months ago
:)) i don't know were my ideas come from Rita, really they just happen. i like a track i write a song 25-30 mins max, yes i believe ive got a knack with words, in life people like us don't have a voice, here i get the chance to have a voice, and i don't think i done a bad job for my first attempt at a genre that is out my comfort zone, although i do like rock music. when i wrote my description it started, i would like to thank Danke enormously for allowing me to sing on this track, i wanted it so passionately but then thought, ive thanked him privately, and i will thank him openly if he leaves a comment, he's under no pressure to leave a comment either, i don't expect it just because the track is his work. anyway i deleted after i thought that, then i laughed at myself and thought i'll do it like im a fooking mega star like im world news. it just happened at that moment, like i said it just happens
snoops my bro too and he wants a collab but i got to much on with the loop for ma bro, i'd collab with you before him anyway. and Elon money man Musk that fucker is always sending me DM's, but he was right I AM the rocket man :))
Shaman77 24th Oct 2023 19:10 - 7 months ago
Yes, it’s more like a prayer, maybe prayers change this world)
dimestop replied 24th Oct 2023 - 7 months ago
thanks for the listen and comment Alex we can pray all we like, things aint changing soon the world is mad at present
CelestiaAngel777 24th Oct 2023 06:50 - 7 months ago
Hey Paul,

This track by Danke is epic & you have written some well thought out lyrics combined with such a heartfelt sing here. Man, I agree with "Keep Praying for the human race & Bring happiness back, ain't that the truth! for all. In any case you have absolutely put your stamp! on this one, such a GREAT! vibe here on this track has a certain Je ne sais quoi something special about this & I like it. Well done! indeed Kudos!
dimestop replied 24th Oct 2023 - 7 months ago
Angel thankyou so much the track was epic, ive never done rock, i think this is probably more indie rock. i listened to it sang the chorus line of the top of my head 5 listens and 25 mins later i had the whole track wrote, i got jealous for some reason i wanted this one so passionately. but Danke had to allow it, i was so happy he sent me the music i hope it came through in the way i delivered it and i can't thank him enough
JohnSmokey 24th Oct 2023 03:16 - 7 months ago
Nice track Paul! Im back on looperman, at least for one track. This is a nice vibe, you have a good message. Glad I came back to catch this.

dimestop replied 24th Oct 2023 - 7 months ago
cheers bro ive had a few decent rap tracks of late and a couple controversial ones too. i'll check your fresh too bro, thanks for the nice comment
CINCOCENT 24th Oct 2023 01:11 - 7 months ago
dimestop replied 24th Oct 2023 - 7 months ago
Wait* im sure i just replied to you...them green gremlins do my head in bro
CINCOCENT 24th Oct 2023 01:10 - 7 months ago
Can't for the story to unfold.
What's important you having fun with it. Music is about happiness!
Great energy man! Bring happiness back!!!
dimestop replied 24th Oct 2023 - 7 months ago
cheers bro appreciate it, i do have bags of fun too. i try my hardest to do i full show that includes my description too, hope it made you laugh bro i always try to bring a smile.

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