29th Jun 2013 18:40 - 10 years ago
Description : Here's my first try on Patricia Edwards Acapella.
The vocals are bombastic !!!

Song still needs some mixing and drum repositioning

Comments (45)

If you have time take a listen and give Megapaul some feedback.

phantomproduction 8th Mar 2023 11:49 - 1 year ago
great track dude, Patricia's feeling is enormous, I would have liked to resume this accapella but the link is corrupted, great job guy !
Micky 8th Mar 2023 10:45 - 1 year ago
sorry, aber "oe's" und "esszett's" werden hier nicht umgesetzt ... war mir nicht so klar ;-)
Micky 8th Mar 2023 10:43 - 1 year ago
Crazy man, that's incredible! I've produced a few tracks myself with Patricia's voice, but I never would have imagined that in rock. You did it incredibly well, hats off!!! Schöne Grüße in die Nachbarstadt - welche auch immer das in deinem Fall ist. Micky aus dem Neanderthal
Megapaul replied 9th Mar 2023 - 1 year ago
Passt !
Gruesse aus Neuss
RitajustRita 7th Mar 2023 23:57 - 1 year ago
I think it's very unique how well you put Patricia's vocal on a rock track.
Her voice works very well on this.
Nice combination of good beat and vocal
MrRivus 4th Aug 2021 16:41 - 2 years ago
The vocals are AMAZING!!! Oh my god!
phantomproduction 25th Jan 2021 16:07 - 3 years ago
hi dude! great song! wouldn't you have accapella of "he did it" because the link doesn't work anymore! thank you in advance !
laurentwirz 4th Nov 2020 13:59 - 3 years ago
Hello! Well done. I like your guitar sound... typical Megapaul! I know pretty well your guitar loops, excellent and so original. Cool you use Patricia's acapellas, i'm fan. This song is now a gospel-rock! Nice. Greets and beats. Laurent
terryjmhitsong 2nd Nov 2020 22:30 - 3 years ago
great job i hearing addictive drums
CitizenMofo2 29th Jun 2019 21:30 - 4 years ago
Seriously yummy. Got to a point where I was really hoping for a kick-ass guitar solo and then, to my delight, I got one. One thing I used to do when I worked with a fantastic blues guitarist named Sunny War a couple years ago was have her play two guitar solos together, sort of in conversation (just because I could, and it was always so interesting to see what she did). I think mid-way through the guitar solo it would be interesting to have a higher-pitched guitar come in and start wailing and shrieking, and continue after the other guitar drops off all the way to the end. As a thought. Regardless, this piece is fantastic. Great job!
GoldenHaben 27th Jun 2019 16:03 - 4 years ago
i'm picky when it comes to rock. but this suits me well!
Lonelyawxy 27th Jun 2019 09:50 - 4 years ago
Omg, that's dope!
MahanMahan 12th Nov 2018 08:11 - 5 years ago
For someone who is not a big rock fan, you sure know how to rock the house, Mr. MegaPaul.

WoOt wOoT
RuslanG 17th Jul 2018 13:51 - 5 years ago
Very cool! Nice work!
KiestyleProductions 16th Jul 2018 00:12 - 5 years ago
Not the biggest fan of rock, but this sounds superb my friend
Megapaul replied 16th Jul 2018 - 5 years ago
Thank you !! I am not a big rock fan as well.
theHumps 2nd Jul 2018 19:31 - 5 years ago
Great use of Patricia's vocals, very strong track. The rock groove you have behind her vox are very cool and a little unexpected with her style. It works though and it rocks! Sounds like something I would hear on the radio, professional sounding arrangement and idea.

Nous2 2nd Jul 2018 19:21 - 5 years ago
Cool Song !
RichieWinn 17th Nov 2015 01:41 - 8 years ago
Really excellent job. Love the feel. Nice guitar sounds. Great job.

Orlando51 11th Jun 2015 15:52 - 9 years ago
How could I have missed this one before?? This is a dope collaboration...dirty guitar (which I adore)and excellent Patricia's vocals...compliments to all involved!

All the best_____Orlando
Eighteen 11th Jun 2015 15:51 - 9 years ago
Wah that's nice xD rnb vocals with rock xD
I like it a lot, awesome man! also awesome vocals

PatriciaEdwards 26th Jun 2014 16:23 - 9 years ago
That guitar, and then those drums come in, uh huh! Love the rock feel, never even considered the rock genre. You've done a GREAT job with this!
Mykael 24th Aug 2013 02:00 - 10 years ago
TRULY ONE OF THE BEST LOOPERMAN COLLABORATIONS EVER!!!!!! I had to scream it because that's how guuuuuud it's "makes ya wanna scream at your mamma" good!

Love & Light

israelporras 23rd Aug 2013 18:47 - 10 years ago
CognacXE 23rd Aug 2013 15:25 - 10 years ago
Very nice twist on this song. You really took this to another level and I'm glad that I,m able to enjoy this song. Awesome Guitars!!
brillbilly 23rd Aug 2013 14:41 - 10 years ago
Man that was frigging En-Vogue tastic.!

Superb vocals,Awesome guitar!

This really got me rocking.!

Fantastic track...great work!
Soap 13th Aug 2013 00:31 - 10 years ago
I dig this song. :)

Great work bro. ;)
Spivkurl 12th Aug 2013 21:38 - 10 years ago
These vocals seem like they're made for a good rock song like this! Jammin guitar work! Very fine mixing on this one too! I like it a lot!
filmsound 11th Aug 2013 02:07 - 10 years ago
Hi!! really nice song!! a like mix and mood your some men! i loved intro is perfect for a scene!!

make more track!!
el3ktrom 9th Aug 2013 18:58 - 10 years ago
deciBel 3rd Aug 2013 15:09 - 10 years ago
I had admired your wonderfull playing styl in your loops several times in my mind so far & glad to hear an instructive track of yours right now , althoughT I'm nit used to use loops in my trials ( traX) buT this buT this inistigates me to enjoY making music by your loops in future .greatest respect dear colleague.worthy of adoration by every respect & my fav mark.___Behnam
Tonality 3rd Aug 2013 07:37 - 10 years ago
wow ! THIS ONE WAS AWESOME ! fantastic !very good guitar very good ararngement very good vocal and when very goods repeat ..
doudei 29th Jul 2013 12:28 - 10 years ago
wow this is a blast, great track! i was looking for 80bpm vocals, then found patricia's vocals and ultimately this track via the comments section and i love it, what a great vibe!
Megapaul replied 1st Aug 2013 - 10 years ago
Thank's for drop some words here.
Great to get some positive feedback.
Tumbleweed 6th Jul 2013 18:18 - 10 years ago
whatever changes you did to the mix have it sounding good Megapaul...when it comes to mixing we all have our own tastes or preferences, but I like the live feel to this one and the guitars have a nice fat sound...Patricia`s vocals are always good...and the composition you developed really works....nicely done....Ed
Megapaul replied 1st Aug 2013 - 10 years ago
Thx Ed...
Yep ... Patricias Vocals are always great.
Guitar Sound is from Line6 Toneport UX2.
I am in love with this device :)
evilarmy83 6th Jul 2013 02:08 - 10 years ago
Awesome track!!!
MrShores 5th Jul 2013 19:48 - 10 years ago
This song has great energy. I mean really GREAT energy. The rock music when mixed with the RnB vocals actually produces a really fantastic vibe. You might want to pan a little more, to free up some space in the mid to low range frequencies. But other than that, this is great!
lostjoe333 5th Jul 2013 17:58 - 10 years ago
love the sounds, a very good collab/ patricia, and i cant say whats already have been from the others though im not one to be an expert on production....but it was very enjoyable for me musically and was that really her rockin out...hehehe
Megapaul replied 5th Jul 2013 - 10 years ago
Hi Lostjoe. Thanks.
Voice was first. Sometimes I use other acapellas, but it's never ends up in a finished song. But working with Patricias voice was very comfortable. Correct tempo, nice structur , 'count in' part and so on.
FastFunghi 4th Jul 2013 01:33 - 10 years ago
Really, Really great. Nothing more to say. To merge a soulful voice with rock seems to work wonderful. Solid track.
Megapaul replied 5th Jul 2013 - 10 years ago
Hi FastFunghi... thanks for droping a comment.
dansjoy4 4th Jul 2013 00:58 - 10 years ago
Wow! This is fantastic! I never would of thought Patricia's vocals could be used in a rock theme but you executed it well! Great job my friend! A plus work in my opinion. =B-)
Megapaul replied 5th Jul 2013 - 10 years ago
Thanks a lot !! You did this wonderful song with some other ladies voice ? Yes ... just checked it. I heard it several times in the last days.
XmafaX 3rd Jul 2013 13:29 - 10 years ago
Very nice ambient sound!
Amazing vocals!
Very good work
Megapaul replied 3rd Jul 2013 - 10 years ago
Thanks ... same opinion ... Vocals are outstanding.
RichieWinn 1st Jul 2013 16:52 - 10 years ago
Really excellent work here. Great track. Super guitar work and well arranged. Love it.

Megapaul replied 2nd Jul 2013 - 10 years ago
Hi Richie .... thank you !
mrwolf14 1st Jul 2013 16:36 - 10 years ago
Totally dig it!
We have a superb song here!
Love the way your music works with Patricia's wonderful voice. The result is very convincing.

Like the guitar solo.

I find the guitar work a bit "un-tidy" but this gives the song a good live feeling.

Regarding the mix, I think TopVega was referring to the guitar melody before 0:35 : it is very hard to hear it and it may be interesting to have it pushed louder a bit (maybe, you are the only one who can answer to this).

That said, the mix is good man: if you really want to "improve" it you may try to have the drums sounding a bit less extreme (light eq can help you here) and maybe the distorted guitars sounding tighter.

But I am not sure the song needs it: it is beautiful as it is.

PS: sorry for the long comment, but I listened this three times in a row and each time I added something.
Megapaul replied 2nd Jul 2013 - 10 years ago
Hi Domenico
Really pleased about your comment ! Thanks a lot.
No need to say sorry. Helpful & concrete comments need some more lines. And your comment is very useful. I will try to modify the mix accordingly.

Regarding the 'quite' guitar until 0:39... I don't want to go like a bull at a gate and directly start with a 'solo' guitar part. But maybe a bit more Volume is ok. Let's try.
MinkSoda 30th Jun 2013 16:11 - 10 years ago
I agree with topvega and trojanman and nice guitar work. At first when I heard it I thought '..can he pull off a rock groove like that with Patricia?' I think you got pretty tight with the vocal line on this one, yeah you did it...
Megapaul replied 1st Jul 2013 - 10 years ago
Hi Windycity !
The Acapella is claimed as Gospel/HipHop. But when I heard them first, I directly thought about to do a Song like Mothers Finest/Skunk Anansie.
Thanks for your comment !
Trojanman 30th Jun 2013 07:57 - 10 years ago
Now that's what I'm talking about got my head bobing right away. some of the early guitar chords seemed to kind of hang in the background kind of wish they would follow beat it just stands out its the long chord in the background otherwise I think the song is great drums were hitting and the singing was so good wish I had a singer like that lol Great job keep the hits coming.
Megapaul replied 1st Jul 2013 - 10 years ago
Hi Trojanman,
Yep ...Vocals are great. While drop a comment on Patricias Acapella, I was surprised to read that she don't liked the vocals.
Anyway ... thanks for leave a comment !
topvega 29th Jun 2013 21:42 - 10 years ago
I also agree with danke and Darkreine. I think the vocals are sitting to up front and we are not getting to enjoy your guitar work and the rhythm you have created. Other then that this song is tight and very solid. Real nice job.

Megapaul replied 1st Jul 2013 - 10 years ago
Hi Topvega, song is remixed now :)
... recording the song needs less than one hour.
Remixing and mastering took me much longer, and I am never content with the result.
Darkreine 29th Jun 2013 21:31 - 10 years ago
Wow man, this is a real feast, I never thought I'd hear Pat sing rock!! A great mix of genres here, love your guitar work as always, but agree with my friend Danke, that your melody is a little lost in the mix.

Really nice work here my friend, look forward to the final cut.

Megapaul replied 1st Jul 2013 - 10 years ago
Hi Kenny ... followed the comments and reduced volume of vocals. But now I feel the drums are to loud.
Mastering is really hard work.
Danke 29th Jun 2013 19:12 - 10 years ago
Hey Gigapaul!!!

That's brilliant. I'm the big fan of your grungy, dirty but "fullfelt" guitar play and tune...
You said more mix needs...for me the only problem that under Patricia I don't really hear your rhythm play...
And the other is that I'm not able to download...:-(
thanx for the upload, great, great, great song :-)
best wishes, Danke
Megapaul replied 29th Jun 2013 - 10 years ago
Hi Danke !!
upps ... download enabled ;) I didn't recognize.
Less Voice ? I will try.
Anyway ... big big thanks for your comments.
Feedback is so motivating for making music.

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