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Tags : | Fusion | 8.49 MB

Description : Psychedelic Eastern cellhop progressing into a heavy and not at all hip hop ending. Lots of cool basslines and killer beats, all at 80 BPM. Cello is the main instrument and it also covers all the bass parts (no other bass instruments used). I didn't have to add any octave lowering effects to those cello basslines. A few synths, including a dark, trippy pad that gets very psychedelic and swirling when delay and distortion are added. Also a lyre to occasionally add an Eastern drone sound and an 8bit lead sine synth in one section. Drums are mixture of programmed acoustic kits and drum loops. You can really bounce to this shit while firing your guns in the air. So, do that and then come back and let me know if you enjoyed it. Criticism, praise, suggestions etc all welcome. Now get ready to bounce...

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  1. Nodog
    Nodog on Tue 18th Apr 2017 - 4 years ago

    Hey Staticnomad Uber cool sitar like vibe better than ravi shanker I think. They say cello is the instrument closest to the human voice. This has a fab eclectic pallete of textures mixed in to a big meaty sonic delight. Thanks for this very inspiring epic sound. Best regards.

    Reply by StaticNomad


    The idea of the cello sounding like a sitar here never occurred to me. It's definitely not better than Ravi Shankar but it does have that strong Eastern vibe and it's an infectious first bassline.

    Yes, I've heard before that cello is the instrument closest to the human voice but I don't know if that's true. Why not the violin? Or other instruments?

    I like the idea of "a big meaty sonic delight".

    This epic sound inspired me a lot, which I guess is how we all make music: get some sounds together that inspire you and try to turn them into a pleasing structure.

    Thanks again.

  2. Spivkurl
    Spivkurl on Thu 30th Mar 2017 - 4 years ago

    Very engaging and entertaining song you've done here! I say this without any scorn or anything like that - You have come a long way in your work! Performance, mixing, arrangement, all of it has been sounding very focused to my ears. One of the best parts of looperman is watching artists continue to create and evolve.

    Your cello work on this song speaks to me especially. I was kind of weaned on cello when I was young, and my favorite times were when I diverged from the classical and americana pieces they made us play... opting for more freeform and experimental playing. Many of your uses of the cello are not what one expects, and I respect that.

    The synthesis added a good measure of psychedelic to the mix, and they sounded clear, with a sparkle to them.

    Cool variety of rhythmic structures which compliment the "bass" work. Did not get dull throughout the song.

    I like the length of this one, especially considering the style. All in all, a super cool track, with enough hints of jazz and hip hop to be very groovy. Fave!

    Reply by StaticNomad

    Hi Spiv.

    Good to hear you enjoyed this one. I had it under 'hip hop' for the first few days but changed it to 'fusion' as I thought that maybe the first genre was putting some people off. I know people are shallow and probably won't listen to something if it's in a genre that doesn't usually appeal to them.

    Have I come a long way musically? I don't know. Probably in some ways though most of my best tracks were made a while ago. This last year has been all about the cello and I've uploaded loads of tracks here based around what I have managed to do with it since starting playing a year ago. I've made about two albums with it in that time.

    Yes, I did read you once saying that you played the cello for about 5 years.

    "Many of your uses of the cello are not what one expects"

    Well, I don't know how to play classical music and I certainly don't know any pieces. I just do whatever I can manage on it, which is much more of blues/rock//metal/funk guitarist's take on the instrument.

    "The synthesis added a good measure of psychedelic to the mix"

    Yes - quite trippy pads used here. After a coupe of minutes, I turn on the swirling distortion, filtering and delay, which I really like. Very psychedelic.

    "Cool variety of rhythmic structures"

    I guess it's really all the same groove for 4.5 mins and then it switches into something else much more like metal though still with some hip hop drums sitting underneath.

    Around 2 mins, the drums move from hat to bells and ride cymbal to provide some variety and an upward, far out boost.

    "enough hints of jazz and hip hop to be very groovy"

    Yes, the foundation is hip hop but I'm not quite sure where the jazz is. Maybe it's in the cello basslines that are a bit like jazzy double bass playing.

    Thanks again.

  3. LXjay
    LXjay on Wed 29th Mar 2017 - 4 years ago

    nice trip on this

    Reply by StaticNomad

    nice comment on this

  4. Evisma
    Evisma on Wed 29th Mar 2017 - 4 years ago

    Greetings, (insert clever-ish bit of alliteration).

    Listening to this in the background while cleaning the music room, nodding along nicely, but giving an "Oooh" at 2:40 for some exceptionally cool throaty synth. A small bit of polish, but noticeable.

    4:36 goes all 2/2 and shit,... getting mental and breathing fire. Second half is more up my alley. Nothing wrong with the first two-thirds. Standard Nomad, just like you can easily identify standard Evisma. Anymore, after 3 years of listening to each other's music, it's those special moments of sparkle that stands out in our tracks that are really noteworthy. Hard to comment much on the rest.

    Plagued by issues and hangups with my present track. The more I hear it, the more I want to replace. Just pushing on...

    I hope all is well.

    Evan, calculating what he will and will not tolerate.

    Reply by StaticNomad

    Word up, you fiendishly clever alliterative track greeter.

    You calculated what you will and will not tolerate and it seems that this little slice of Nomadhop was at least tolerable. Did you use a calculator? Does MJK?

    "Listening to this in the background while cleaning the music room"

    Excellent. That's just how my music is designed to be consumed. Not much goes on in my tracks so they work best as background wallpaper while you're getting on with more important and pleasurable matters such as cleaning. It's OK - I always listen to your tracks while operating a jackhammer on the deck of a fishing trawler in raging storms in the middle of the Atlantic. It allows me to focus on all the intricate details.

    " 2:40 for some exceptionally cool throaty synth."

    At 2:36 I turn on a series of distortion, delay and filter effects on the main trippy pad sound that is first heard on 0:24. Nice, swirling stuff that plays a big part in providing that powerful trippy vibe in the second half.

    "4:36 goes all 2/2 and shit"

    Damn - I'm so bad with time signatures that I'm not entirely sure what 2/2 is. 2 beats to a bar, I guess.

    I am taking Getting Mental And Breathing Fire for a track title and fully intend to pay you no royalties.

    "Second half is more up my alley."

    Entirely as expected. You have to tolerate the hip hop the get to badassery, like eating your first course so you can get to dessert.

    "after 3 years of listening to each other's music"

    Coming up to 4 this summer. Let us celebrate our anniversary with a big party! Perhaps on Facebook.

    "Hard to comment much on the rest."

    Well, a genuine Bass Bro would always have some thoughts and words on the basslines, especially when they come from a non-traditional bass instrument. Maybe you're not the real deal after all.

    "Plagued by issues and hangups with my present track."

    Tell me about it. Same goes for me on most of my tracks, including this one. Sometimes I think it has to be at least a bit difficult, unless you only make unimaginative, unambitious music (which you don't).

    Most is well.

    Standard Nomad, coming back around to show you everything, letting you choose what you will, will not see and then dragging you down like a stone or lifting you up again, spitting you out like a child - light and innocent.

  5. Neomorpheus
    Neomorpheus on Sun 26th Mar 2017 - 4 years ago

    Hey mate! Yeah man this one has a great tempo and really make you want to, as you say, bounce with it. I also dig the bass line which has a very prominent part in maintaining the groove. And this is a real heavy groove oriented track. The other stand out aspect in here for me is the lead there around 2:15. Its very high pitched and extremely cool and well played. I think I hear it again in the latter segments of the track being used more for fills. Its definitely a head trippy sort of melody with a uniquely Eastern vibe. I can easily picture a few young nubile harem girls doing the dance of a thousand veils (or at least a few hundred) to this !
    I am tote-ally deeging it my bro ha! (spoken with the Eastern twang).

    Reply by StaticNomad

    Yo, NeoHipHoppin'Bro.

    Good to hear you bounced to my shit. Perhaps with your Texan guns in the air.

    Yeah, main bassline is just too addictive though I found it hard coming up with changes for this and had to be very patient for new parts to come to me.

    "stand out aspect in here for me is the lead there around 2:15"

    I think it's decent but not amazing. It's only heard in that one section of the track and it's an effective extra mood and a good break from so much cellage. Kind of a chirping lead sound, maybe a bit like birdsong.

    "a head trippy sort of melody with a uniquely Eastern vibe."

    Yes - there's a dancey, swaying vibe that's also very trippy.

    I would be happy to see some nubile harem girls swaying to this. And then they can do some headbanging in the last 90 seconds. That ending is a bit metal, I feel. Some mad, massive, growling cello sounds in those end riffs.

    Static GunMad

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Update: 2017.jun.19: fixed some minor bug in drums.
Applied loops (fully or partially):
POKERFACE06: 1468951-0083117 (Ryan Deshawn - And We Have Lift Off),
THECOSMICEFFECT: 1772500-0095842(808 Mafia Siren FX),
WCKD: 1718863-0091433 (Experimental Neuro Trap Drop Buildup),
BEYODPEACE: 0848088-0064971 (Progressive Space FX),
DJERC7: 0251397-0017658 (rat attack),
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YAPPY: 1172494-0084402 (Cracking the code drum 95bpm),
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Description : A fat groove journey incorporating hip hop, jazz, rock and more. Chilled out and rocking, with some big riffs and basslines. The main instruments are saxophone, piano and cello plus some resonator guitar and banjo. Sax is the only instrument not played by me as the parts here were contributed a few years ago by a guy I know. Anything that sounds like distorted guitar is actually distorted cello. Loads of that, including solos, in the second half. No electric guitar or bass guitar. Not much synth work but there are two synth basses and an organ. Otherwise, it's quite an acoustic "played instruments" kind of sound. Lots of drums, including loops, multiple programmed acoustic kits and drum hits. I know Radiohead have an excellent song called Everything In Its Right Place but I still like my title and there's a story behind it (nothing to do with music). Interesting feedback appreciated. Do you have any favourite or least favourite sections? Details are appreciated...

Description : A while ago Danke posted this track, I can't link you to it
because he took it down, he likes keeping his page clean
and simple...Cool by me...
Anyway I added a Bass, in the Bridge and 2 Guitars to the
track, keeping it as simple as possible. with a little Guitar Rock Space with the Bass and Funk with the Guitar jump...
Now if someone has something to say, with a voice
big enough to ride this Monster...Do your Thing...
Send us a link to hear it...

Having fun...Hope you all like it...


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