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Tags : | Fusion | 8.18 MB

Description : Real acoustic, electric and bass guitars played by me. Drums are loops and programmed MIDI. Played piano and synths. Lots of layers and delay. A gated moog, organ, my recorded finger-snaps and a reversed bass guitar effect that sounds like throat-singing. Three movements, divided by moments of calm. Thoughts and feedback are welcome.

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  1. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Tue 31st Jan 2017 - 4 years ago

    2,017 greetings.

    That's one more than last year to compensate for your hair loss and being a bit closer to death. I hope that extra greeting is sufficient compensation.

    Haha - you finally replying to another very old comment on one of your nice tracks bro. There are still a few more comments of mine that remain unanswered. Maybe you will get round to them over the next few years.

    "How is the Slupergroup not called "Microvag"?"

    Probably because it's a bit too controversial and too much like schoolboy humour. MicroVulv could also be good, as would Vag Magnet (a guy excellent at attracting ladies). They're all good and succinct.

    I'm not totally happy with The Bastard Files but we've rejected so many and have to go with something so that'll do as you guys seem to like it.

    I wonder if you or Mr V will ever send me some musical bastard files, you utter bastards.

    See you back here in 2018...

  2. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Mon 7th Dec 2015 - 5 years ago

    Oh, and I forgot to add that here's your Xmas present: a brand new nice melodic metal track bro.

    Shitloads of guit fiddle and crashing drums and not much synth.

    Still not happy with the title. Maybe you can come up with something better. I'm looking for something that combines beauty and heavy power. And maybe something a bit cosmic and psychedelic too.

    Sorry if it wasn't what you wanted this year but I didn't know what else to get you.

  3. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Mon 7th Dec 2015 - 5 years ago

    Well hello, my endlessly patient but entirely intolerant bassic bro.

    How does it go?

    Just some replies to your replies:

    You may get your "levelling Syria" wish/bet as I think the RAF (British Air Force) have already started bombing. Maybe there will be retaliation bombing campaigns over meth-heavy Ozark regions. Be on your guard and if you see something, say something.

    "we'd have to get Behnam out of Iran before we level it."

    How about not bombing anywhere, you crazy Yank?

    " adding more wang into the picture"

    I promise I will add no wang. Sounds like Constellation might be able to accommodate a 1-incher but 11 will surely be too much for a microvag. Terrible risk of tearing.

    Teeth pain is mainly over but damn it took ages (10 days). Not sure I had any injection sites as I was under full anaesthetic so utterly oblivious to everything.

    "I may be more Sliderboy than Sliderman for a while, till my lap-steel balls drop."

    If you're going with the youthful/inexperienced analogy for your current level of slide proficiency, I think you'll have to be SlideBaby. Maybe I'm more Grand Slide Daddy or Grand Slide Wizard. No, I'm not really that great but I have been doing it for about 10 years. Slide is hard, with lots of accuracy required to avoid undesired notes. I'm looking forward to hearing your first slide creation.

    Try dropping your balls on your lap steel. I do that quite often to get a different tone. And that way you know your music is nothing if not ballsy.

    I was going to give The Evanator an end of year review but I think I've run out of words.

    Nomad, the Chosen One, the One who will deliver the message. A message of hope for those who choose to hear it and a warning for those who do not.

    Reply by Evisma

    How is the Slupergroup not called "Microvag"?

  4. djpapico
    djpapico on Sun 6th Dec 2015 - 5 years ago

    I love the harmonic interplay of the guitars in the opening section, accented by the washes and beat. The overall progression of the piece is impressive, with the heavy bass in the 2nd movement lifted by the synths into a resolution in the 3rd. That reversed bass guitar in the third section is yes, very unique! I really enjoyed listening to this track. thanks for creating it.

    Reply by Evisma

    Greetings, Mr. Papico.

    Thanks for giving this song a listen and for commenting. I always like to get feedback from folks.

    Thanks again.


  5. ValveDriver
    ValveDriver on Fri 27th Nov 2015 - 5 years ago

    Evan, Mister Evan. What's happnin' your way, man? How was your Thanksgiving? Pleasant, I hope.

    Remember that time I said you're on the verge of breaking through into that sound that's all your own? Well, my friend, you are well past that threshold. Granted, this one still has some pretty hefty nods to those who's name shall remain unspoken, but it's like the equivalent of my "Red On The White" in that sense. It's got a strong Floyd vibe, but it's not intended to sound like them. Ya know?

    I have to agree with Tumbleweed, man. This one is clearly your best yet. I kind of feel like saying this on damn near every track you put out cheapens the meaning, but when you come back with each track, it's improved far beyond the last. The composition, the mixing, the instrumentation, all of it is exactly how it should be.

    I have no critiques, criticisms, or suggestions, man. You nailed it as far as I'm concerned!

    I'd still love to do a collab one of these times. You know, put in my synths real Sloe like right into your Bass, uhhh....NO HOMO! I need to go wash off the filth now.

    Later, man.

    Reply by Evisma

    Mr. Aaron. We meet again, in notes on this pegboard in the hallway. Always just missing the other by moments.

    The high praise is not easy for me to accept. It is appreciated. I'm wanting to create my music more closely to what I hear in my mind, and the longer I hold on to them and lay my thoughts upon them, the truer they are to their origin. I had a pretty busy spurt for about a year and a half. Now it's more about quality over quantity.

    "put in my synths real Sloe like right into your Bass hole"

    Just bring the valve oil, baby. You're in for a treat. I'm practiced in the art of Strobe-Clenching. You'll never be the same. I leave dongs looking like they have heat-sinks.

    Take care.


  6. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Mon 23rd Nov 2015 - 5 years ago

    "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Today The Evanator was greeted in a pleasant but unusual manner in an online comment. In other news, Iran was wiped off the map in a sneak US nuclear strike. Too bad guys, you had it coming. Now here's Tom with the weather..."

    Lotta love, and rightly so, for this nice track bro.

    After listening again a few more times, I don't think I have any real criticism or suggestions.

    I would also like to be friends with Constellation. Introduce it/her to some of my tracks and see if it/she feels the same. I don't want to barge in on a complicated relationship situation.

    I didn't understand "Usually about opening new lines of equity", though I can see it rhymes.

    Yes, tracks are taking more like a month for me now as well. I've slowed down after knocking them out at a furious pace in the 1st half of 2015. Made about 5 albums' worth of tracks this year, average track length 8.8 mins.

    Your lap steel tuning doesn't make much sense to me but I'm not really up on alternative tunings. I just know my own (DADF#AD), the one I've used for 10 years. I know you already go somewhat alternative with your bass g tuning.

    Nomad news: On Friday I had my first ever proper operation - all 4 wisdom teeth removed so had inner cheeks cut open and stitched back up. Still recovering at home.

    While I was in the hospital, I thought I might as well ask if they could also do a dick extension before or after the teeth removal. "Sure, why not" was the reply. I asked for 5 inches but they generously gave me 10 so I now have an awesome 11-incher.

    I bet Moby Dick still taunts you. In my library of family books I just found a 248 page copy. I'm guessing it's an abridged version, possibly with the tedious descriptive stuff you mentioned removed. Or maybe they've kept it in and got rid of some good bits. Only one way to find out.

    Best of luck unlocking your inner Sliderman, brush hogging and so on.

    Nomad, getting it on with angels on the sideline again.

    Reply by Evisma

    .......'This is a test of the Emergency Comment Response System. Had this been an actual emergency, a list of homophones would be provided for reference purposes. Again, this is only a test'.......

    "Iran was wiped off the map in a sneak US nuclear strike"

    I'm thinking that leveling Syria may be a better bet right now, and we'd have to get Behnam out of Iran before we level it.

    "I don't want to barge in on a complicated relationship situation"

    It is an awkward one. See, she was seeing a really nice haiku for a long time. Took care of himself, minded his syllables, paused at the right times. Until one day she was swept off her feet when she met a muzak version of Chumbawamba's "Tub-Thumping". Far less pretentious than the haiku, and hung like a beast,.... which holds the problem. Constellation has been cursed with a very tiny vagina, and though she really, really likes Tub-Thumper, he's just too much man. Should she go back to haiku after such an change?? It's all too much right now and adding more wang into the picture will only make things worse. Check back around June.

    "I didn't understand 'Usually about opening new lines of equity'".

    A small joke about god needing money. Disregard.

    "Your lap steel tuning doesn't make much sense to me but I'm not really up on alternative tunings."

    Like standard tuning, but the A tuned up to B, and the D tuned up to an F#. Like fretting 2 and 4 on A and D, respectively.

    Good luck with the healing. I know when I had four out at a time, (everything behind the bottom left canine), the worst part was the injection sites. Not the ravine that was left behind. The needle holes up above the gum-line are the biggest bitch. I'm glad I have all the removing done. Took 9 out. Myriad of fillings. I have a partial that gives nearly all of them back to me. $6,800 after all was said and done. Now it's just two checkups and a crown a year, till all the teeth with huge fillings are replaced.

    "I just found a 248 page copy. I'm guessing it's an abridged version"

    Surely. Mine is about as thick as a pack of cigarettes is wide. I believe I passed 100 pages and they hadn't left the harbor yet. Very engaging till they get out to the open water an start hunting the white whale. Then the story totally stops. Fucking bullshit. I have endless patience,.... but zero tolerance.

    Lap steel is going OK. I may be more Sliderboy than Sliderman for a while, till my lap-steel balls drop.

    Take care.

    Evan, eating a box of Krispy-Kremes at my "need to know" place just outside Area-51.

  7. OmarMuk
    OmarMuk on Sat 21st Nov 2015 - 5 years ago

    Wow I have been blessed with an opportunity to listen to this absolute gem. This is beyond amazing and professional. Not only are you a talented musician but you are phenomenal at mixing. This track sounds awesome in headphones. You pretty much immersed the listener into your world. I am just floating around in this maze of musical magic. Love every second from the guitar to the bass to the piano to that "throat singing" effect.

    What a journey! Great work!

    Reply by Evisma

    Really glad you liked it.

    I'm far from professional, but I appreciate the thought very much. Thanks for giving it a listen and giving a rather stellar comment. Makes my day!


  8. djabs85
    djabs85 on Sat 21st Nov 2015 - 5 years ago

    great work on this! love it!

    Reply by Evisma

    Love on this! Work it great!

    Oh,....... I will.

  9. Musicante
    Musicante on Thu 19th Nov 2015 - 5 years ago

    Hi Evan,

    Long time no talk. I saw your track and alway know you put out some fine quality music, so figured I'd give it a spin. Really like this from the very start. Some very nice elements involve...Good job, my friend.


    Reply by Evisma

    Hey, good to see you again.

    Thanks for the listen! I'm glad you liked this one. I've been digging my last three.

    Take care.


  10. DanGoldstein
    DanGoldstein on Thu 19th Nov 2015 - 5 years ago

    I like the idea of "3 movements" - sort of a nod to classical form - and maybe it gives you more freedom to bring in a variety of styles/genres - which I feel you do in an effective way. The live playing is fantastic. I love that new synth and groove at around 1:15-1:20. The throat singing is crazy fresh. Cool track. Great work!

    Reply by Evisma

    Hello, Mr. Sparks.

    I do like making tracks with separate sections. I don't typically repeat a part once I've moved from it, so it helps with big changes.

    Busy with a new track or I would do your musical image interpretation. Appreciate the offer!

    Thanks again for the listen and the feedback.


  11. crucethus
    crucethus on Thu 19th Nov 2015 - 5 years ago

    Evan..ohh what have you done. @1:15 it gets very interesting. You have elevated yourself as a composer. very nice ideas presented here all based on a common theme. You build tension in very inventive ways using synths and your bass. And you cut it off at 2:54 to add some nice filtered piano's and weird vox sounds. but your command of percussion is really good on this one. It's an exercise in scales but just amazing arrangement of percussion and instruments. great job I loved this one.

    Reply by Evisma

    Mr. Cru, how are you?

    Very deep appreciation for the kind words. I'm glad this one came out as well as it did. I need to work on mixing with more dynamics.

    I hope you are doing well up in the frostiness. Thinsulate is the shit!


  12. Burtsbluesboxes
    Burtsbluesboxes on Thu 19th Nov 2015 - 5 years ago

    speaking of hungarian bands, and HAHAHA Bet you'd never expect to see bagpipes, accordion, fiddles, oud all used in metal! You'd probably like a band called Faun. They use ancient acoustic instruments combined with modern musio, not metal but very good. Alot of your music reminds me of their style. I got a hurdy gurdy vst hoping to make some music with soon as well as loops. Love acoustic guitar, I need a full sized one!! Very cool track! See hat great things come out of experimentation, as long as your not making bioweapons (zombies, monsters, viruses, ect) that is LOL!

    Reply by Evisma

    Hey, thanks for the links and the listen. Glad you liked it. I have marimbas in several tracks and I would think they would not fit, but they do.



  13. Tumbleweed
    Tumbleweed on Wed 18th Nov 2015 - 5 years ago

    There are more than a few very creative people on the loop but I dont think I have heard anything more creative that has been actually played with real instruments and sounds made by the is not only well done is damn good listening...just a great track Evan...fav from me....Ed

    Reply by Evisma

    Hello, Ed.

    That may be the highest compliment I've ever received here. Deeply appreciated. I've been trying to not rush anything with the last few tracks. Hope it shows.

    Thank you again for your very kind words. Kinda blew me away.


  14. SubChief
    SubChief on Tue 17th Nov 2015 - 5 years ago

    Oh man the intro guitars are awesome! Perfectly clean and just the right amount of delay. I always love to hear another guitar players work and this sounds good man. I dig it.

    Reply by Evisma

    We need more guitarists here!!!

    Glad you liked it. The delay was from a pedal so I'm glad it sounds good because it's permanent.

    Thanks again.


  15. Orlando51
    Orlando51 on Tue 17th Nov 2015 - 5 years ago

    Brilliant track...I love the acoustic intro with a little touch of Mettalica...really nice playing of acoustic guitars and bass...and the use of synths and effects is outstanding. Overall balance of instruments is something to admire and production is top notch as well ! Faved !:)


    Reply by Evisma

    Thanks for listening! Glad you liked it. The acoustic are better than I would expect from the guitar I'm using. Sounds more expensive than it was.

    Thanks again.


  16. Rhodesy
    Rhodesy on Tue 17th Nov 2015 - 5 years ago

    This is by far my favourite track i have heard from you since the short time i have been on here Evisma.The bass moment at 1:19 is great,i like the power in this track and the way you combine folk and rock so effortlessly.Fav for me.Think i will play it again now!

    Reply by Evisma

    Glad you liked the track! I appreciate the kind words and the listen.


  17. RichieWinn
    RichieWinn on Tue 17th Nov 2015 - 5 years ago

    Really nice track. Thoughtfully put together and very nicely played. It's a breath of fresh air here on the loop. Great work.


    Reply by Evisma

    Hello, Richie.

    Thanks for the kind words. They are appreciated. Always nice to hear when people don't find your stuff too objectionable.

    Thanks for the listen!


  18. Emolyte
    Emolyte on Mon 16th Nov 2015 - 5 years ago

    Lol to your responce to Ernestking... Its a good on Evisma. Havent heard from you in a while, but I also took quite some time away from the site as well so...But another fade has been added with this one Ev, I really enjoyed every bit.

    Reply by Evisma

    Thank you, Mr. Dye. I'm glad you liked it. I still am playing with the ending, but it's pretty much done.

    Thanks again!


  19. danke
    danke on Sat 14th Nov 2015 - 5 years ago

    just to help you to get that music quickly here is the song:


    Reply by Evisma

    Hello, good sir.

    The video, I must say, was pretty awesome till the chick came in and weirded me out. I liked the music quite a bit. I dislike the look of those violin basses and every time I pick one up, they sound very dull. I've been happy with my Ibanez. Sounds better than others I've played.

    Thanks for the kind words and the listen, and the video with some new music to my ears. My MP3 player's library is getting pretty stale.


  20. danke
    danke on Sat 14th Nov 2015 - 5 years ago

    Brilliant song Evan!

    Maybe I sent to you before (I don't remember, or that was Static) the Hungarian band is called Másfél's (it means one and a half)'s title is Zuma...their music (specially not that song) always reminds me to your's of course not the same music but in feeling...

    This progrock is one of your best...those guitars are both awesome...every part fits perfectly together, we don't miss anything from here...

    My warmest handshake, Danke

  21. JasonCroft
    JasonCroft on Fri 13th Nov 2015 - 5 years ago

    i was tired of hearing guitar loops (which repeats a lot) in musics untill i heard your song
    i truely loved your song
    and felt very nice when i heard it
    if you want someone to sing on it
    hit me up

    Reply by Evisma

    Glad you liked it. Hope you know there are no guitar loops. Only about half the drums are drum loops. I've never used a music-loop unless it was drums.

  22. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Fri 13th Nov 2015 - 5 years ago

    Well I've got some advice for you little bass bro
    Before you point the finger you should know that I'm The Nomad
    And if I'm The Nomad then you're The Nomad and he's The Nomad as well*
    So you can point that fuckin finger up your brush hogger

    Ah, Tool lyrics - the gift that keeps on giving, whether for use as intros or outros. Or even midtros.

    Anyway, you have done a constellar job with this here creative nice track bro.

    Intro acoustic stuff reminds me of Metallica's Fade To Black. A clean sound indeed. You have been polishing your strings.

    First drum groove sounds a little like something I might come up with. Nice, wideo stereo image on the guitar/s. Gentle stuff, with a tasteful little delay conclusion (of the section) around 1:04.

    Then some very delicate, tight playing that, plus the drums, makes me think of something African.

    1:36 and the riffage is heading more towards the badass. But still chilled. A riff I'd be happy to groove over.

    2:08 far out synths remind me of what I like to do.

    2:51 synths are removed and we're back to more tasteful, open spaces acoustic twiddling.

    Then your bass monk enters, chanting away as he assume the lotus (a particular cross-legged yoga) position.

    Tasteful piano enters and stuff is going far out again.

    Ah, a reasonably definitive conclusion. Just letting things hang on delay is a pretty useful way of ending these sort of compositions. Generally better than a fadeout.

    Nomad, under a dead Ohio sky, defending his light and wondering where the hell he has been.

    *Damn, seems like we're all The Nomad. Must be a state of mind or something.

    Reply by Evisma

    My god's will becomes me.
    When he speaks, he speaks through me. (Usually about opening new lines of equity)

    Glad you liked the track. I've been messing with this one for a while now. Tracks take about a month now, instead of a week or two. The throat-singing thing is an analog synth effect on my effects pedal with a reverse auto-wah. I like it and will use it again, but differently. Finger-snaps are always fun to record.

    Next track will probably have bits of Lap-Steel in it. I've tuned it to Em add9, which is all the strings being strummed while fretting 2 on A and 4 on D. I've not even begun anything else yet, but I'm probably done with this one so it's inevitable.

    Evan, born to bear and read to all the details of our ending, to write it down for all the world to see, but I forgot my pen, shit the bed again,... typical.

  23. promenade2239
    promenade2239 on Fri 13th Nov 2015 - 5 years ago

    hello Evan. Acouistic guitars are wonderfully clean on the first section and there is a perfect amount of delay on them. Second part is fine too - more funky and I like synths a lot. There are so many enjoyable details throughout making me want to loop your track again and again. The character of that bass effect corresponds nicely with the drumming. It is definitely a more inventive, creative track from you.
    Also the balance between melodic and dynamic elements is perfect. The narration is very smooth at the same time and it is truly a coherent composition.

    Very enjoyable music to listen to!
    Congratulations on making such a nice track.

    Reply by Evisma

    Hello, Alex.

    Very high praise. I thank you very much. I really enjoyed doing this one and messing with the acoustic. Not an expensive acoustic, but sounds rather good. I always finger-pick the guitar and pick the bass. A bit backwards.

    Thank you again for the kind words and the listen. It is appreciated.


  24. Ernestking78
    Ernestking78 on Fri 13th Nov 2015 - 5 years ago


    Reply by Evisma

    It's in a bit of a complicated relationship situation right now and would feel more comfortable if you two were just friends, but it is truly flattered.

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UPDATE - 20th Apr 2017...Not anymore..-:)

Tags : | Fusion | 9.82 MB

Description : A fat groove journey incorporating hip hop, jazz, rock and more. Chilled out and rocking, with some big riffs and basslines. The main instruments are saxophone, piano and cello plus some resonator guitar and banjo. Sax is the only instrument not played by me as the parts here were contributed a few years ago by a guy I know. Anything that sounds like distorted guitar is actually distorted cello. Loads of that, including solos, in the second half. No electric guitar or bass guitar. Not much synth work but there are two synth basses and an organ. Otherwise, it's quite an acoustic "played instruments" kind of sound. Lots of drums, including loops, multiple programmed acoustic kits and drum hits. I know Radiohead have an excellent song called Everything In Its Right Place but I still like my title and there's a story behind it (nothing to do with music). Interesting feedback appreciated. Do you have any favourite or least favourite sections? Details are appreciated...

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Description : happy new year to all the looperman community!

here my last track! i wrote several tracks since my last passage in this place, i all published them on my soundcloud

Can follow me in this place here:

Description : A while ago Danke posted this track, I can't link you to it
because he took it down, he likes keeping his page clean
and simple...Cool by me...
Anyway I added a Bass, in the Bridge and 2 Guitars to the
track, keeping it as simple as possible. with a little Guitar Rock Space with the Bass and Funk with the Guitar jump...
Now if someone has something to say, with a voice
big enough to ride this Monster...Do your Thing...
Send us a link to hear it...

Having fun...Hope you all like it...


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Description : Real guitars and basses played by me. A short, yet tasty bit of MIDI piano and cello with about 7 programmed drum kits and a few drum loops. It's really a metric shit-ton of layered guitars and different textures. This track, sadly, is also a "Goodbye" to my little Acoustic 3/4 Fender Squier. I've been serving as a pawn-shop for my sister-in-law for about 4 years. Not a guitar you'd seek out, but it's been a friend and has been in most of my tracks. The bright side is, I will be replacing it with something better, and full sized. Acoustic guitar suggestions are as welcome as track comments!

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Description : Electronic fusion of Dubstep/Trap/Hip hop hybrid. Big ups to Danke,Neezle,and Joe Funktastic for the use of some of their loops. The majority of this track is my creativity. Hope you like it and comments are welcome.

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