7th Aug 2014 12:10 - 9 years ago
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Description : Chillout, funky fat 95 BPM organic electro led by some fun, tinkly arps. A bit of an organic, tribal feel, especially when the flutes are playing, and some fat smooth synth basses, plus a big fuzzy one later on as the track gets bigger and heavier. Slide resonator guitar in the second half, including a dual slide resonator solo (2 different resonators playing simultaneously sort of duelling with each other). A few drum loops but mostly 3 programmed acoustic kits. The heavy, double time drumming before the flutes return around 3:53 may be a bit unnecessary (I'm not sure, let me know). Interesting reflections, praise, suggestions and criticisms welcome and appreciated. "Nice track bro"-ers can save that unhelpful type of comment for another track (or 50). I hope listening to this transports you to a magical place, even if it is for only a few minutes...

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If you have time take a listen and give StaticNomad some feedback.

ProgRockDan1 6th Nov 2014 06:21 - 9 years ago
Very nice listening. Easy on the ears and keeps me listening.
StaticNomad replied 6th Nov 2014 - 9 years ago
Thanks. Glad you enjoyed listening. I also make music that is hard on the ears ie heavier...
Snow1983 5th Nov 2014 01:41 - 9 years ago
A very nice and pleasant track to listen to. I really dig the elements used in this piece. A very interesting art piece as well. Well done!
StaticNomad replied 11th Nov 2014 - 9 years ago
Thanks for listening and sorry for the slow reply.

I guess pretty much all my tracks could be considered “art pieces” as they’re certainly not pop music and don’t have any obvious structures or vocals and are very detailed, lengthy and complex. They’re just my sonic explorations in long track form.

This one’s very short for me and was the last few minutes of an 11 minute track. I chopped those last few minutes off so that the track didn’t end up being 15 mins and then extended them a couple of minutes to get up to around 5 mins.

Check some of my other tracks and you’ll see what I mean about lengthy “art pieces”.

Thanks again.
slnicholas4710 5th Nov 2014 00:18 - 9 years ago
Great job. Good song.
StaticNomad replied 5th Nov 2014 - 9 years ago
Spivkurl 15th Aug 2014 13:55 - 9 years ago
Just wanted to take another listen to this and follow up briefly. The monarch butterfly is exactly what I was referring to regarding the "decorations," not so much the human who rules based on heredity...heh. I must say that this track is even better the second time! While you say that you do not technically know music, the things which you listed that you do excel in are even more important to my ears than simple theory or whatever. On top of that, I'm definitely learning the value of those "incremental improvements" which you speak of. Even just setting aside a track for a moment and going back with fresh ears can show an artist what simple changes could take a song to a higher level. I always appreciate your well thought out comments and replies, it's good to have around the loop!
StaticNomad replied 17th Aug 2014 - 9 years ago
"I must say that this track is even better the second time"

I try to make deep stuff that you can come back to and find many, many things of interest you didn't hear/notice first time round. I honestly have trouble remembering all the sections in tracks that I made a while ago.
"the things which you listed that you do excel in are even more important to my ears than simple theory or whatever"

I agree. I'm not at all a proper musician as I'm not trained in it, can't read music and have fairly terrible pitch and can't sing. Always really struggled to work out how to play riffs by listening. I haven't tried to do that in years (since aged about 16). Just as well I couldn't care less about playing cover songs.

I sometimes wonder if many of the millions (?) of people I seem to hear knocking out dull, soulless, lifeless ripoff electronic dance music are people who are quite good technically (ie with software, computer repair, hooking up gear etc) but have very little creativity or imagination and are only really interested in making stuff that sounds just like the limited few genres they're into.

So, I'm imaginative and can just about get my software to work and tune my guitars (slowly) but feel I know a lot about groove and how to balance a track with different sounds and instruments.

"simple changes could take a song to a higher level"

I'm always fascinated with how good I can possibly make something (and spending ages trying is partly why I do such long tracks). I've done loads of sessions where I've added no new riffs or sections, just tweaked loads and loads of things (track levels, delay times etc)that are difficult to remember. But the end result has been so much better!

I shall go back and make some changes to this magical place as I'm sure I can improve a few things.

Thanks for your thoughts and I'm glad you appreciate my reviews and track replies. Clearly I put a fair bit of effort into them though I won't be doing it forever...
BlackKasper 15th Aug 2014 03:24 - 9 years ago
I really love how accurate this title is. That, with the tune itself create massive visuals as you envelop further into this massive track. Very heady and well done.
StaticNomad replied 16th Aug 2014 - 9 years ago
Thanks. I have a lot of problems with the titling of my tracks. I wondered if this title was a bit sentimental and wimpy but maybe it's not.

The track isn't all just pretty, gentle stuff as it gets pretty hard and pumping. But I think there are some magical lead sounds to transport people to beautiful places so that's why I chose the title.

I guess it is quite a massive track but not so much in length (for me). I think it's just a big, powerful combination and layering of sounds.

Thanks for your thoughts.
Spivkurl 14th Aug 2014 14:38 - 9 years ago
Hey man, hope you are well! This is a really cool track you've made! I find myself especially liking the parts which give the impression of being "decorations," like they flutter in for a moment and are gone... a bit like a monarch or something. Really good rhythms throughout as well! The arrangement seemed to build in intensity and complexity as it went on, and I like that too. Can always hear the fact that you know about music and recording in tracks, and I look up to you for that. Fine work! Faved!
StaticNomad replied 14th Aug 2014 - 9 years ago
Greetings, Mr Kurl.

I agree about the "decorations" point. While I'm very much into the whole engine room/foundation of a track (ie bass and drums, groove etc) I love adding fun intricacies on top.

Having things flutter in and out keeps things pretty damn interesting. Your monarch analogy is odd but I think it makes sense. Maybe also like monarch butterflies. I guess they flutter in and out.

You know I almost always build tracks up in intensity as I always feel I have to take things somewhere to justify the track going on and on. Can't just have it sitting at the same level though I guess that is the best thing for chilling (but can also be like wallpaper).

Thanks for the respect - it's mutual.

I don't actually know that much about the technicalities of recording but I do know a lot of music and am good at hearing a good or not so good groove and understanding relationships between instruments and where I can slot inbetween another to get them all to lock together in interesting ways.

I'm more creative and experimental than clinically knowledgeable about how to make music. And I'm good at listening thousands of times and making many, many incremental improvements.

Anyway, thanks for your thoughts. More banging tracks coming soon.
GramoChopin 14th Aug 2014 06:01 - 9 years ago
Listening/review spree, you are officially customer #1558920. Idk, anyways least I know with you and a handful of others I'll always get something quality and pretty interesting to listen to. Nice ethnic sounding instruments used, I hear that in many of your tracks.

You incorporate it well. Steady drumming but alot of minor details added into the mix that switches the gears up. 2:52 Nice bango like instrument, the delay/reverb afterwards is pretty nice.

I'm a reverb/delay addict so I tend to think sometimes reverb/delay makes the track sound better. I used to seriously think this before I knew anything about anything. 3:43 dig this double time drumming and nicely spaced/gated out and open vocal in the background. Perhaps a bit of influence from me? ha no I'm not that good. I'm an average artist at best, maybe I'm just too modest.

Anywaysssss, wow this took a bit of time to review. As most of your tracks do based on the length of them alone. Perhaps my Mecha EP will interest you further when it is complete, as the final track I make for it I'm going to try to make one of my longest tracks ever. Maybe 15min.

Can't upload that on the loop though, the quality would be just horrible. EP will have all the best versions of my tracks though. (Which I will make a thread about) I hope you will listen in on this EP when I'm finished.

The tracks I've uploaded so far are mere childplay to the other tracks planned. Excellent work on this production though Static, could of used this do my homework to a while back lol. Top stuff. peace

StaticNomad replied 16th Aug 2014 - 9 years ago

Yes, I do have quite a few ethnic and exotic instruments in my tracks. Or sometimes I play guitar or banjo in an eastern style. Flute is the main exotic, ethnic in this one, as can be heard on 1:00.

"2:52 Nice bango like instrument"

That's one of my two resonator guitars. No banjo in this track. My other resonator guitar comes in on 3:33 for the "dual slide resonator solo", as listed in the track description.

"Nice bango like instrument, the delay/reverb afterwards is pretty nice."

Not sure which delay/reverb you mean. After what? Maybe it's on 3:12 where I switch to a heavier drumkit with open hat and the add reverb to that slide guitar part to make it bigger and better.

"I tend to think sometimes reverb/delay makes the track sound better"

Oh, I think that a lot. Delay is easily my favourite ever effect. A magical thing that almost is musi itself as it offers so much movement and enhances most playing. Distortion is probably my second favourite. Totally different but really provides some serious balls and grit and power to most things.

"nicely spaced/gated out and open vocal in the background."

No vocals in the track. Maybe you're hearing the delay tail of the slide guitar fading away starting on 3:52.

"Perhaps a bit of influence from me?"

Not sure exactly what you mean or what sound or technique of yours might have influenced me. But I suspect the answer is no.

"wow this took a bit of time to review."

Yes, you've written quite a bit!

I will check out your Mecha EP when you let me/us hear it.

Speaking of 15 min tracks, here's a truly wonderful one from Underworld.

Underworld - Banstyle / Sappy's Curry

Thanks for the review and glad you liked the production and vibe here.
RichieWinn 13th Aug 2014 13:05 - 9 years ago
Such a great feel to this track. The underlying percussion and drums really set it all up very nicely. Lots of interest happening too with your choice of instruments and sections. Excellent.

StaticNomad replied 14th Aug 2014 - 9 years ago
Hi. Yes, the feel and the underlying foundation is perhaps the key to all my work. Then there's all the fancy stuff that goes on top.

But it's really all based on good grooves and foundational links between instruments, as well as groove changes and intensity an tempo changes.

Those djembe drums help add a bit of extra interesting flavour and work nicely with that smooth synth bass.

Thanks for your thoughts.
DESTERO 13th Aug 2014 10:41 - 9 years ago
Hello SN,
very nice piece of Funky Chillout Music like your wicked sounding guitar solo excellent made, nice flow through the hall of the mountain king,keep on,DRO
StaticNomad replied 14th Aug 2014 - 9 years ago
Greetings to you and thanks for checking it out.

I like the resonator guitar stuff in the second half and where the two of them come together for a solo (3:33).

I live in the hall of the mountain king!
dansjoy4 13th Aug 2014 09:52 - 9 years ago
Very good! I especially like the congo drums added into the drum kit. The synths were a great choice as well. The drum session at 3:53 did catch me off guard but I like the switch up....then it slows back down to a regular tempo. This is a little different from some of the other stuff I heard from you but great work none the less. Nice track. =B-)
StaticNomad replied 15th Aug 2014 - 9 years ago
"I especially like the congo drums"

I think they're actually djembe drums but it really doesn't matter. Yes, they help this track a lot.

This track was created out of leftover parts from this pure electro track, in which you can hear also hear some of the same djembes:

P For Pneumatic

"The drum session at 3:53 did catch me off guard but I like the switch"

Not sure yet if the change to fast drums is a bit abrupt or if that's an exciting thing so should stay like that.
Glad you liked my synths. Not much guitar in this and no bass guitar so it's mostly about synths and drums.

"This is a little different from some of the other stuff I heard from you"

I try to make every single track different. They need to all stand out and be memorable and never sound too much like another. Even when I make multiple tracks in the same project (on the same timeline) I can get them to sound very different, even though they're at the same tempo and using some of the exact same instruments. 7

Thanks for your words.
glados666 13th Aug 2014 06:32 - 9 years ago
Nice track bro

Hahaha, but seriously, this is pretty interesting! The whole time, it felt like I was on top of a mountain. I was feeling uneasy though, as I can fall at anytime! Those drums you were unsure about around 3:52 do fit, but needs a better transition IMO. It sorta caught me off guard.

(Never understood these signatures that lots of people add. I mean, my name is to the left of here lol)
StaticNomad replied 15th Aug 2014 - 9 years ago
Nice "nice track bro", bro.

"this is pretty interesting!"

Pretty interesting! is what I always aim for. I like to take the listener up to mountaintops, the bottom of the ocean and even the centre of an erupting volcano or the collapsing sun.

"Those drums you were unsure about around 3:52 do fit, but needs a better transition"

I agree though they're not too bad as they are. I will go back to fix a few small things and see if I can do a better transition. Maybe catching people off guard with the change is good. I'm still not sure.

Yes, why do people sign off with their user name online when it's guaranteed to be there when they post? OK, if it's your actual name you sign off with, that makes some sense (the personal touch).

Anyway, glad you liked my pretty interesting track.

Take care,

Static Nomad
mrwolf14 12th Aug 2014 16:09 - 9 years ago
Hi MrNomad,
Thanks for the new track. Something different this times: the synth sounds here are more "impulsive". Interesting.

Few notes around...

~0:40 I like the "paml muted" notes, they create an interesting rhythmic pattern. Good.
~1:20 Nice "crescendo" with "strange sounds"... one of them seems almost a human voice.
~2:00 I didn't like too much the "bell" sound, but it worked fine to introduce the next section.
~2:30 the drummer goes crazy for few seconds... the first time you listen to the track it sounds strange, but later I recognized this is just an appetizer of what will come later.... funny. Liked it.
~3:00 I won't say much about the guitar here. I think this is one of your trade marks. You have many, you are a lucky guy ;-)
Only one remark: I think the initial volume is a bit too high. Only for the first few notes.
~4:30 the thing that I like most in this fast section is the end. I like how it resolves into a new "chilly section".

From now on, no big surprises.
Well done.

All in all, probably not a "memorable" song but a very good one.

I started to like your music some months ago, even if I think your are not really "writing songs": your tracks are more layer of sounds one on top of the other used to provoke feelings.
But whatever, who cares: the important thing is that I like it. Period.
Ciao, Domenico
StaticNomad replied 15th Aug 2014 - 9 years ago
Greetings. Best review so far is from you. Good detail and thoughts.

Not sure what you mean by the synth sounds being more impulsive.

"0:40 I like the "paml muted" notes"

Yes, well noticed. I am doing palm muting because I'm playing triplets with fingers and want the notes to be very staccato so the muting is for the close control to make the notes staccato.

1:20 human voice.

Maybe. I have lots of synth sounds in my tracks that sound a little like voices - sometimes human, sometimes animal.

"2:00 I didn't like too much the "bell" sound"

I guess the bell sound you're taking about is the synth instrument that has a bell sound to it. I like it and the melody it's playing.

2:30 yes you're right about the double time drum fill making more sense when you hear the heavier, faster stuff later. However, even without the later drums changes, I still think it sounds good. Double/half time is cool - just as long as it's in time!

3:00 my signature resonator guitar. Hope it's not boring. I use it in many tracks but play it over so many genres that I hope it's presented in a new, interesting way.

I hope I have lots of trademark sounds. Can't say I really invented any but maybe it's just the way I use them that stands out.

Yes, fast section drop back down to the regular tempo chill is good.

"I think your are not really "writing songs": your tracks are more layer of sounds one on top of the other used to provoke feelings."

I agree. They're definitely not songs. Just me being creative with sounds and instrument playing and arranging etc. I'm just exploring things I haven't heard people do before and enjoying and celebrating some of the great sounds I'm able to use and combine in new, strange ways.

I hope it is a memorable track for some people. I try to make every track like that. DOn't want to make simple, easy pop music that sounds like too many other people.

New music coming soon...
steve010101 12th Aug 2014 11:10 - 9 years ago
Pretty awesome track here. It is rich and layered without being overwhelming. Has that nice tribal feeling, with a somewhat ambient flow at some points. The introduction of the guitar is great and then the track develops into something much more energetic and wild. Top track sir.

Kind regards,

StaticNomad replied 12th Aug 2014 - 9 years ago

This wasn't its own track until last week. It was the last few minutes of a much bigger and better and more aggressive epic that would be easily about 14 mins if I had kept this as the ending.

So, I took those last 3 minutes and added a couple of minutes to it by making a 2 min intro and adding in the double time, fast section around 3:53 (the flute return).

I think it has quite a pretty, gentle but funky feel. Djembes give it tat tribal feel and the flutes then add to that mood.

All my stuff you could say is rich and layered though the difficulty there is always not to make it too overwhelming. Except for short sections that you want to be intense and overwhelming.

I think the slide resonator guitar takes it somewhere else again and then I just felt it should build to something bigger and heavier, even though it's not really that kind of track.

Thanks for your thoughts and not just writing something like "I like it".
FreeRadical 11th Aug 2014 15:03 - 9 years ago
Great stuff from you again. I'm hearing Orbital influence in this one with that ace arp work. Dig the vibe, dig the melody but i think the percussion is my favourite part. The guitar is cool, it has an almost kazoo kind of effect to it, backed up with some nice distortion. Now it's all gone a bit hectic and momentarily the "chill out" vibe was no more.
Quite a short one by your standards but no less a cracker (as usual)
StaticNomad replied 13th Aug 2014 - 9 years ago
Word, FreeRad.

Yes, I totally agree about Orbital. There's a particular track or two that really remind me of some of my tinkly, delayed arps in this. But I cannot remember which one/s!

Not intention to emulate those Orbital chaps - just how it came out at the time.

"percussion is my favourite part"

I'm guessing you mean the djembe part. Maybe also the fat drum loop starting on 0:30. Or maybe just all the drums.

"guitar is cool, it has an almost kazoo kind of effect to it,backed up with some nice distortion"

No idea which section you're talking about. I think you must be mistaking some other synth sound for guitar. No distortion on any guitar parts in this. And there aren't many guitar parts.

Kazoo vibe perhaps comes from the flutes on 1:00.

"Now it's all gone a bit hectic"

You know I love to do that. I see the track as a big, funky chiller but it also seemed to lend itself to being made much heavier (and with double time drums, so up to 190 BPM).

Yes, short by my standards but this was the extended last 3 mins of a 14 min track that I chopped off. So, that one's now only about 11.5 mins. Had to restrain myself in adding more stuff to this one. Very easy to do!

Good for me to have a bunch of mid length tracks so that not everything I do is a lengthy epic. I still think this is a bit of an epic, just done in 5.5 mins.

Glad you enjoyed my no less of a cracker.
M8TN 10th Aug 2014 10:17 - 9 years ago
Let us download man. you take yourself very serious.
ps Nice track bro
StaticNomad replied 11th Aug 2014 - 9 years ago
Nice comment bro. Actually, I’m not sure it is.

This looks like an attempt at an insult: “you take yourself very serious”.

You don’t know anything about me so I don’t think you should really be trying to guess what my personal character is like. But, yes, of course I take my music seriously. Why wouldn’t I?

I have politely written many, many times in track replies about why I don’t allow downloads to people who have asked for downloads. I’m not going to go over it all again to you now. Anyway, I don’t need to as it’s my choice not to allow downloads from Looperman of my music. It’s my music so I’m free to do what I want with it.

Insulting me is not a good way to get me to allow you to have something for free that I’m not yet ready to give away at all as it’s not yet fully mastered and finished.

If I’ve misinterpreted what you wrote, you’re free to comment again and explain yourself. But try not to make guesses about my character as you don’t know me and probably never will.
Jkingz 9th Aug 2014 14:54 - 9 years ago
Hey dude,

This is a great track, I really like the bit where the slide guitar comes in :) for me, the crazy double time drumming is pretty cool. It kinda jumps in and goes crazy which grabs your attention again, and then drops you back down into chill mode ha ha !

Good work
StaticNomad replied 10th Aug 2014 - 9 years ago
Yo. Not really seen your name on here before.

Yes, I like all the resonator guitar stuff. When the track goes heavier, I just add some extra reverb/delay to make it a bit bigger and more far out. In its more chilled out mode (when you first hear it), it has some interesting delay on it but no reverb so it’s quite close to the listener.

I use slide resonator playing in many of my many tracks. It’s kind of my signature unusual sound. Yes, I do some blues tracks but not regular obvious ones. But I’ll put the slide playing in pretty much any genre – electro, metal, funk, jazz, hip hop etc.

I’ll just be honest and say I’ve never heard another slide player use it in so many different genres. There are much better slide players than me but they tend to work exclusively in country or blues or rock (though Harry Manx is someone who mixes it up with Indian sounds and scales).

The double time drumming I like but I’ve done it in loads of my other tracks so perhaps I was wondering if it’s almost a bit predictable in this one. But, unless you know a load of my other tracks, I guess you can’t comment, except to say that you like it here.

Yes, I like it when it returns from that fast, heavy section to the regular time chillout groove.

More tracks coming from me soon.

Thanks for your thoughts.
promenade2239 8th Aug 2014 18:45 - 9 years ago
Hi man,
great sounds, good stuff and very inspiring.
So this is some music I came up with after listening to this.
I really like this one.
Keep up the productions!
StaticNomad replied 9th Aug 2014 - 9 years ago
Thanks. I will check out some of your work, especially as I now see you have tracks on Looperman, not just Soundcloud.

I will keep up the productions. This track's bigger, better and more epic brother coming in the next few days.
DesignedImpression 8th Aug 2014 00:15 - 9 years ago
Hey, Surprising developments you've been onto. Heck yeah, knew you could achieve the magic structure to carry it through. Imprinted static space station. My opinion a perfect illustration. Dig all the cool and fun sections throughout. A weird trip, fun though. Smooth and enjoyable when things thin out again when it comes back heavy its own age. Nice balance with the levels. 3:40 that is my favorite part. What stringed instrument did you use there? Banjo? Syntar? Really cool man. Props for the inspirational chill. Keep livin it shares interesting stories.. Peace.
StaticNomad replied 8th Aug 2014 - 9 years ago
Greetings. Glad you liked the magic structure.

Space stations are best when they're static and not moving about too much otherwise it's harder for other spaceships to enter them (I guess).

Not sure what an imprinted static space station is. Maybe one with my imprint in it?

"3:40 that is my favorite part"

3:33 is when the second resonator guitar joins the first one (which has been playing since 2:52). And then they do a bit of duelling, as I said in the track description.

I supose that second slide resonator could actually be a banjo or sitar, as you suggest, as it has a slightly strange (but cool) tone to it.

"inspirational chill" is hopefully what I'm all about. This gets pretty busy and intense but I think it has fat, fun chilling at its core.

This track's big, epic brother coming to Looperman next week. See if you can spot some of the similarities in sounds and instruments used.
Danke 7th Aug 2014 18:53 - 9 years ago
Great, great, great!!!

That magical place is like your avatar shows least for me, after listening to your new one...

Good evening, Mr. Nomad!

You wrote this song with a sensational bass rolling and with your special drum sound...awesome...
You are addictive to that slide stg...I better prefer your simple solo tone for every place I hear that instrument but
this is your taste...:-)
Flute is coming back at 4.03, am I right?
It has to come back...awesome...
Sensational track again, hope all is well with you...

Respect, Danke
StaticNomad replied 8th Aug 2014 - 9 years ago
Greetings. Glad you liked it. I thought maybe you had given up on commenting on my tracks as I haven’t heard from you for a few months.

Yes, my avatar is of a beautiful sunset with rice paddy fields below (where rice is grown and harvested). I was thinking of somewhere maybe more magical (and not on this planet) for this track but I still agree with you.

“You are addictive to that slide stg...I better prefer your simple solo tone for every place I hear that instrument but this is your taste”

I’m still trying to work out what this means. I think (but am not sure) you’re trying to say that you would prefer it if I used just my regular electric guitar in place of my resonator and its slide playing.

I love the sound of the slide and it makes me play in a different way and gives me a different feeling when I play it. Sorry you don’t like it (I didn't know that) but there is quite a lot of it in my music (I hope not too much) and I think it’s something that gives my music some unusual character.

With my question about the return of the flutes, I didn’t ask it properly. Yes, I agree the flutes should return. I was just asking if making the drums go double time (fast and heavy) is also the right thing to do. Maybe I’ve already done that in too many other tracks.

Thanks for your thoughts and yes I am OK. Another massive new epic upload from me next week. This track is quite short…

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Description : Return To Forever was a group that started my love of fusion jazz and this is my attempt to cover their 1976 track, “The Romantic Warrior. I know I wore out several inceptions of this album from LP, cassette and 8 track. The original track was over 10 minutes long, so I abridged it some. Hope you like and download.
28th Jul 2015 15:57 - 8 years ago
Description : A moroccan traditional song from 70s titled "Toudart" which means "Life" in Moroccan berber/Tamazight, revived and composed in a modern way, I used minor2go's piano loop which you can hear on the background, everything elese is from me.
1st Jan 2022 06:56 - 2 years ago
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Description : Chris's new track mixed in with my new track

Drum and bass(?) and Jazz and Dub

Nuts : )

HNY (despite covid)
1st Oct 2021 14:03 - 2 years ago
Description : Found some 70's funk drum loops that I liked and added some funk horn loops. Then I found some effects and percussion loops that worked well with the bass loops I found. Yeah, all loops but 1 vocal track of mine. :) Funk/fusion? Might be cool to have some hip hop styled vox on this, any takers?
22nd Apr 2019 06:02 - 5 years ago
Description : Cinematic/Classical,Jazz,Funk,Fusion,Electronic,Rock,Weird...
I strongly suggest you not be wearing headphones @2min6sec of this track!
22nd Jan 2016 19:03 - 8 years ago
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Description : violin and clarinet duet sheet music
30th Sep 2017 22:30 - 6 years ago
Description : A Blend Of Death Cad For Cutie meets Coldplay before they sucked.
5th May 2015 18:27 - 9 years ago
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Description : It is pretty hard to set a genre to this music sorry. So if someone have a better idea about what genre it is feel free to tell me.For that one I focused on the melodies instead the complexity (a lot of instrument with fx). So basically this tune is a piano one featuring piano, organ and 2 synths only no drum or fx.All those instrument follow the same melodie(composed by myself took me hours for that XD) The name is due my mom loved that one as the one I did for her long time ago.This is more a experimentation for me so plz have that in mind when you will write a comment.Also there are a surprise at 1:42 min.Hope you will enjoy this one.I also profit to say all my works will be avaliable to download without having to post a comment for the may 30 only.the reason is a mystery.