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if you cant be good be good at it
  • From : London, United Kingdom
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About Me

I used to be indecisive, but now i'm not so sure.
I've been a pathalogical liar ever since i was the first man on the moon.
I've never given money to a dwarf with learning difficulties because it's not big and it's not clever.
I bought a house off a dungbeetle once. It was a complete dump!
I think that farting in elevators is just wrong on so many levels.
I like to give solid and useful, philosophical advice such as "It doesn't matter what temperature a room is, it's always room temperature."
Or "When you go for a drive, Put your mobile phone in a large sea shell. That way when it rings you can just answer it by picking up the whole shell & placing it to your ear. Then if the cops drive past they'll just think your listening to the sea!

Instruments I play

The toothpick, The shoebox with the rubber band around it, The stylaphone, The theramin and the styrafoam cup.

Software I Use

A toothpick, A shoe box with a rubber band around it, A stylaphone, A theramin and whatever else i can get my hands on. Oh and FL studio sometimes as well.

Hardware I Use


Listening To Right Now

My backside performing the origional bat man theme.

10 Favourite Albums

This is actually a really tough question.
But after working it out via a complex mathematical equation i have concluded that the answer is in fact too many.

My Influences / Fav Artists

My influences come from greggs the bakery, They influence me to get fat. Horray for George Osbournes hot food tax! He'll sort those evil pasti cooking so and so's out!
Musically and seriously for a moment, Most of my influences come from the great array of singers and musicians on this site & that is worth being sincere about for a moment...........
But now back to business, my other influences include, Reg the bus driver, Steve my binman, Ivor the engine, Sponge bob sqarepants & that guy who wasn't pancherello out of chips. You know "Ron" or something.

My Music Sounds Like

Well, you know that noise that people make when they stick their hand under their arm and pump it up and down in the style of a chicken?
It doesn't sound anything like that.

In My Other Life I ...

Hate pixies. Especially the invisible ones.
Oh and i can't stand it when my house gets infested with estate agents either. Everywhere they get. Under the sink, behind the kitchen counter, down the back of the sofa. Bloody parasites! Seriously, is anyone actually still reading this b0ll0ck5?