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Description : Riff in E

Description : Solo Guitar for E

Description : Ska Guita B D C# E

Description : I will put both versions on this superfantasticplacetobe. And here's the one without solo.
I am not sure regarding key. ( Guitar is C(H) D(G) F)

Description : I will put both versions on this superfantasticplacetobe. Here's the one with Solo
Hope the Key is correct

Description : funky Guitar is looking for a funky drum/bass.
I am in A with a bit Bminor.
only serious reply pls

Description : ... synth riff in E

Description : Bassguitar in E

Description : Last one for today ... I wanted to do some King Crimson style loop.

Description : Reggae Guitar Am F C

Description : Funky Guitar Riff in A

Description : Delayed Guitar A F D

Description : Guitar loop d C F C F A#

Description : discoguitarloop

Description : 3 dirty guitars.. fpunk

Description : Delayed Guitars in C-Am

Description : Dave Fielding Tribute !

Description : smell the smoke ... guitar in C B F

Description : small riff in B(A)

Description : Bass Loop from the Reverend Ebhard and the Followers of Funk Sessions

Description : A - D Delayed Guitar ( key might be F# )

Description : I think it's my first loop with my acoustic guitar... strange

Description : rock riff in E - A#

Description : Trance Synth Loop

Description : I quickly played a guitar for the synth loop.

Loops 76 - 100 of 249
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