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Description : replayed a old song of my band.

Description : try this one ....

Description : Bass Loop ( deleted the first version )

Description : Guitar loop from my tribute song for my bike.

Description : Guitar Riff D C G F

Description : short funky Guitar Riff in A

Description : as usual : 3delayed Guitars E-Fis 110bpm
I am not sure about the key B or E

Description : new year, new equipment, new loop.
I bought a Korg Kaossilator... nice toy.

Description : short Riff in C Part 1

Description : short Riff in C
happy new year

Description : Last Loop of 2012..seeya in2013
Delayed Guitars Gsus-em

Description : Here's the according solo part.

Description : Main Riff ... I will add solo part as well.
Chords are G-E-B(D)

Description : 3Guitars A-F 120bpm Top Boost Amp
Comments are welcome

Description : small Guitar Riff in Bm-A6

Description : Bass Riff in E

Description : small Riff 130Bpm Class A-Top Boost Amp

Description : 2 delayed Guitars 115 bpm Blackface Amp.
Comments / Request for different versions or according bass loop are welcome...

Description : Short Riff with lowD tuned Guitar

Description : A C 85bpm 530ms Delay
Classic Top Boost

Description : Small Riff. Comments are welcome.

Description : 3 Guitar Loop / 8 bars / 135bpm
Sounds a bit like FooFighters.
Recorded with Ibanez Roadstar / Line 6 Toneport

Description : 120 Bpm 8bars

Description : a moll 120 bpm 4bars
as a first test

Loops 226 - 249 of 249
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