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Description : funky Guitar

Description : old RXOnly Song in Em G

Description : Hip Hop Guitar in Am (C) F6

Description : crunchy Funk guitar

Description : clean funky guitar in E

Description : same like the bass

Description : no sports but a funk bass

Description : spooky solo

Description : spooky

Description : I gone through my 1000never finished songs.
This is worth a upload. I have done it on a cool acapella from boletesoup

Description : for the job

Description : Shit... just read that Malcom Young needs to leave AC/DC. :(
Angus Young is perfect, but Malcom Young is equal or even better.
All the best and Greetings from

Description : Disco Disco Disco

Description : funky Guitars bit reggae

Description : Edge D Guitar

Description : bit psychodelic

Description : Guitars in D / Bminor

Description : not sure regarding key A or C#minor

Description : auf geht's

Description : might be a bit to loud and muddy, but I decided to upload it

Description : simple guitar riff in A G

Description : I was asked to do the bass for this loop
here it is

Description : Reggie Guitar in A

Description : I don't know

Description : Hip Hop Guitar in A

Loops 26 - 50 of 249
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