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Description : Enjoy and link tracks :)

Description : * Ominsphere Presets*
Sounds like Lil Pump or Smokepurppp to me :)

~ feel free to post the beat you made with this sample and leave some feedback

greetings Chvmpion

Description : Honestly idk how I made this one
Post any links to beats using this

Description : Organ(ish) sound.

Description : x blockade 140

Description : A nice melodic synth melody I came up with that can be used in various genres. Do something creative with it and link dat boi

Description : A soulful SATB choir sings a progression in an expressive space.

Harmonies: B-----E6/B

Description : bells ideal for:

Kawaii music
bright electronic genres

Chords used:

AMaj13-B-B(inverted in 1st position)-Eaug-D9aug-B
-It's in a minor key
Inspired by Evangelion's "fly me to the moon"

Description : Masterpiece...

Description : Made on macOS FL Studio 20. OooOOOHH faAAAaancy.

Description : Fat bass to complement all the other elements.

Description : Synth with gross beat following the piano.

Description : Bell with gross beat following the piano melody.

Description : Soft pad following the piano chords.

Description : Piano melody made in Xpand. Simple chord progression.

Description : the key is b major.

Description : tm88 drum type

Description : Free VST and Half time used

Description : Comment if you want the MIDI file.

Description : The noise and fury
si do# ré# mi fa# sol# la#

Description : I have the sample pack consisting of single phrases and small riffs (Sax) matching each other, so you can make up your part or solo, or whatever you want with it.

Recorded live on Yamaha YT-62 tenor saxophone in my studio. Up to one hundred of the highest quality mixing ready samples. Both dry and mixed with the ambience.

Click on my profile pic to find out how to get it.

Description : If you use this, please send the link so i can hear it!

I used spire to make this lead, it's inspired by synthwave

Description : Enjoy and show me what you can do.

Contact me if you want this loop in a different key or tempo, or need a custom loop. A lot of you guys ask me if I have\do sample packs or .midi files. YES I DO, contact me for info.

Recorded on real vintage acoustic upright piano "WELTMEISTER" (MADE IN GERMANY in 1938). Captured by two mics (chamber and room).You can heat the actual sound of pressing the keys and the mechanism, I left these noises in case of you want your beat\song sounds more live.

Description : Made with ElectraX

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Description : Dark Piano loop

If you want this loop in another sound or tempo check out my profile or message me if it isn't there.

If you make something with this please send me an email or leave a link! ;D

Do you want a MIDI file of this? Check out my profile!!

Can't wait to hear it!!

Loops 1 - 25 of 1856
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