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Description : made out of 808's

Description : C#m F#m

Description : triplet drums.

Description : standard psytrance kick and plucky bass, goes from D#m to A#m

Description : cute/creepy pluck, left it dry so you can add your own effects

Description : suits the other phonkhouse loop

Description : oooh soo original

Description : Lex Luger Type beat

Description : no idea, was messing around making 808s

Description : basic cowbell driftphonk melody, you hear these in millions of songs

Description : generic dubstep drums

Description : Chief Keef type drums

Description : idk sounded nice ig

Description : 808 pitched up goes boop

Description : doomshop

Description : .............................................

Description : chords are Bm and Em

Description : idkaaaa

Description : could be used for trap metal too i guess idk, its kinda sloppy made it on my guitar

Description : im really bored

Description : made this and didn't have any ideas how to incorporate a melody into it

Description : Izotope Vinyl for extra crispyness, i didn't add an 808 so you can make your own bassline to fit your song

Description : jazzy

Description : Suicideboys , Three Six Mafia type melody , phonk , trap spooky

Description : the sound used to make this melody was actually me blowing in a bottle

Loops 1 - 25 of 119