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Description : Piano loop with some background noise recorded on my piano and ran through tape
Let me know if you make anything with it, Id love to listen

Description : I did this bell loop in a dark, mysterious style, like I was in a dream. With a lot of reverb and a very marked delay.
It's a basic progression, the treble layer well up front and the bass progression in the background.

Description : Can be used in styles such as wondagurl, don toliver, Tyfontaine, SoFaygo, and Trippie Redd

Description : Bass goes rah-tatatatatatata
Made in Serum.
No delay
No reverb
GrossBeat Chopped.

Description : Made using fl and ample sound, with some texture in the background using arturia. Hit me on IG for collabs and more loops

Description : With relaxing side chain in the background. Perfect for minimal future garage and post dubstep.

Description : same type of lofi piano as the other one. this ones a bit more energetic. sounds like jazz cafe background music. if you used the sample make sure to put your beat in the comments. stay cool.

Description : A sad, melancholic lofi piano loop where every second chord is slightly out of tune, to create the classic lofi sound. Made with DPiano-E (Dead Duck Studios).
Would probably sound great with some rain in the background.

Description : Some mute toned chords that go nice in the background of the other Dreamy Land loops I uploaded. Let me know if you use it!

Description : sad piano melody with background harmonics

Description : Some nice music box sounding chords using Omnisphere and crackle vinyl in the background. Enjoy!

Description : Key of E minor, have fun please show me your work :)
soul, Rnb, lofi, k rnb, lounge music, 90s, guitar, synth

Description : i made a sample i didnt like originally, then i reversed it and added some vocals in the background. The original Sample sounds nothing like this and im happy how it came out enjoy

Description : Leave your creations in the comments :)

Description : A pretty melody with a background rhythm. Please send me a link if you use!

Description : A pretty melody with a background rhythm. Send me a link if you use!

Description : Um Idk. I used beepmap which essentially turns picture into sound and got this sound using the harmonics feature and the "blue" function which is all the blips in the background. I then used vallhalla supermassive for reverb and a fast vibrato. Enjoy! :D

Description : (Use this snyth loop as a background melody for my "BROKEN" acoustic guitar loop)
If you want the MIDI file to this snyth melody for free, just click on my profile picture and follow the directions there.

Description : Heavy riddim, 150 BPM, etc etc.
Extra background choir for added spice :)

Description : Mai part 2, very emotional guitar melody. Light vintage feeling. Strong background delay & quiet ambient reverb. Mai part 1 & 3 also available on my profile!

Description : Dark, percussive, water-like texture fx. Creepy feeling ideal for dark trap beats. (Background, ambient, reverb, sinister, halloween, horror, hip hop) Click on my avatar to find other parts of this loop in my profile.

Description : This is the second part of my demo song called "Demo67".
Used this part throughout the whole song, it's good for the background. This also can be played in C major.
Plugin: Addictive Keys

Description : pierre bourne, playboi carti, lil uzi vert,
view my profile to connect with me via social media.

Description : background melody
See My New Song made with this loop linked in bio

Description : background guitar riff

Loops 1 - 25 of 534
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