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Description : Wet and Dry on second part

Description : All wet..Demo track up soon..

Description : Only wet. If u need them dry for commercial track let me know..chck out my demo track

Description : Wet and dry,Check out my demo track on my tracks page..

Description : Forgive me mother.

2 part vocal wet and dry

Description : First part 3 layers wet. Second part dry split. High Mid and soft.
Sync with my beat on loops page

Description : Wet and dry..see my demo track on my tracks page.

Description : It's a world gone mad..Wet and dry..

Description : Wet and dry..sync with my beat on my loops page

Description : Wet and dry..

Description : layered wet and dry split.
U can check out the full vocals on my disco track here on my tracks page. Title: Come a little closer

Description : wet and dry

Description : Wet and dry

Description : Sang this to a Utube instrumental wet and dry..reference track on my tracks page.Actual tempo is 91.5 not 91bpm

Description : I've only uploaded the wet vox this time..let me know if you need them dry. I have a demo build track with just plain beat for collab if u are interested. check it out on my tracks page.

Description : First part dry layered. Second part dry split

Description : Some of that arabic flavor to the chorus. My beat for this is up as well. Chorus on 3 layers. 2nd part all dry and split.

Description : This is the exact wet acapella from my demo track on my tracks page. If you need it dry you can send me an email on my profile page..

Description : Wet and dry. extended on 190619

Description : Multi genre. Wet and dry.

Description : Dont take this too seriously...First partt wet and layered.
second part dry split. Sync with my beat

Description : Sync with my trap beat on my loops page. Wet and dry

Description : Just the way it is..Wet and dry

Description : Sang this to a fantastic youtube instrumental by FreeMiiind.
My demo track is on my tracks page
..Updated with rap.
Utube music video
Fighting against myself 2nick8

Description : A quick geography and history flash.
Sync with my Drop Down Beat on my loops page. wet and dry

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 360
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