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Description : From my sample track on my tracks page.

I split the second chorus and sound efx

Description : Only wet sample..check out my sample track on my trax page

Description : Match with my beat same name

Description : Starting my new song sketch...
Only wet

Description : Wrote and sang this to an acoustic instrumental by Ryini Beats check out my sample track

Description : Feelin the club hook

Description : Catchy Dance Rap..Maybe a a rowing fitness class..

Description : I love this song. My rendition sorta of an in between anka n buble..
Sang it as close as possible to the F# key so that the autotune would sound more natural.
Check out my sample track on my trax page

Description : From my demo track..if you like the vox dry for a commercial track let me know
dsnick73 gmail

Description : Naseeb Meri means my fate or my luck in hindi
It should be on a G key
Check out my sample track

Description : One of my Favourite Elvis classic..
Don't ask me what key it's in coz i sang it more or less freestyle with the song playing in my head..well call me a fool..

Description : Synthwave acapella..wet

Description : Slightly different tempo from my original with added vocals..Only wet..

Description : Yummy mummy, i'm the Milfman..hahahhhhaa
I split the second chorus and extended vocals

Description : Sang this to a sad trap instrumental..check out the sample track
Email me if ya need it dry or split.
dsnick73 gmail

Description : Now if u r not crying or wanting to jump off a cliff after listening to this then i can sing it more sadly..
: (

Description : Kismet means Fate in Hindi
Check out my sample track

Description : Sang this to a synthwave house type instrumental..
only wet if ya need it dry and me
dsnick73 gmail

Description : A short vocal sketch a little twisted but amusing.... Lemme know if u need it dry..

Description : The original is so good..Tried to put my own emotion into it..
Listen to my sample track
If u need this withut efx and split email me
dsnick73 gmail
Cheers, Nick

Description : I resang 2 of my earlier acapellas on the same tone with a different groove
Sorta Hip Rock
First part is how i combined all the layers and then i split everything up on 8 bar each
All dry

Description : Yeah tell that rotten x of yours in a rap..Merry Xmas

Description : This is the verse and chorus extension for my original acapella chorus.
all dry
This acapella is slower thsn the original chorus(132bpm)

Description : Only wet mix..If ya need it dry email me
dsnick73 gmail

Description : Working on the chorus for a new song of mine...
3 segments of the same vocals
Combined/Backing efx/Dry vox
Check out the extended vocals on a separate upload

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 636
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