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Description : Aaaah now this is a song for all occasions..

Description : Only wet with efx..

Description : U heard it. Wet and dry. Beat up too

Description : A slightly slower soulful version from my original acapella with a second verse and some mood hums..
Wet and dry

Description : I'm imagining a young tarzan boy..

Description : U r a captive of your choices.wet and dry..

Description : Sang this to a utube instrumental on my tracks page.
Wet and dry

Description : Extension from my chorus hook. Wet and dry

Description : I gotz dem celebrie
Wet and dry

Description : My version of this beautiful song.(only wet , let me know if u the dry vox) Remember to get your own rights if you putting this up anywhere. There is a demo track with an acoustic beat on my tracks page if you wanna collab with some acoustic guitar and soft pads..cheers. Nick

Description : Sang these vocals to fellow looperman user Cygan trap instr. Check it out on my tracks page.
Wet and dry

Description : Sang this to a utube instrumental(on my tracks page)
Wet and dry,
Updated 070519 resang more intune with instr.

Description : Annunaki.Nibiru. Awaken to the Truth.

Wet and dry..check my demo track.

Description : Wet and Dry..

Description : beat upped too

Description : For fellow looperman friend Damon B track Same Name. wet and Dry. Refer to the demo track on my song page.

Description : The start of something U ..Check my demo track and beat upped too..

Description : My Beat and a demo track is up too..All dry

Description : From my demo track. Wet and dry..

Description : Wet and dry..just an idea..i'm always happy to collaborate to extend..

Description : My own take on that legendary prince masterpiece..
i've got a fractured electronic bedtrack will be it soon..cheers.If you've got a good track and need them dry let me know,..

Description : Just an idea if you wanna collab and extend it hmu.. My Demo track and beat upped too..

Description : Bringing back dat Michael Jackson groove...wet and dry. Check my demo track> loop upped as well.

Description : ne of my older compositions resung. Wet and dry.

Description : This is the slower more acoustic sentimental version of my original acapella. Wet and dry. You can jump in on my demo track if you wanna a quick collab...cheers,Nick

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 334
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