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Description : If ya like yer food dry hmu..i'll take away the water..

Description : Only wet..

Description : Second part I have split the backing from main

Description : Straight from the mind to the mic no backing..30 mins

Description : Wet and dry..

Description : From my demo track on my trax page.

This is my own custom english cover of Khaled Famous arabic song called Didi
Disabled the delay efx from the demo track

Description : This is a new indie stle version i've sung to a tube instruemental refer to my trax page.

The much older original is also up

Description : Refer to my sample track with utube instrumental by JAcques Toni

Acapella is wet if you have a good commercial track let me know if you need them dry split..

Description : Ever get that feeling? No? only me..?

5 layered wet mix on first section and dry split all layers..

Description : From my demo track on my trax page. 1st part wet and second part is dry..

Description : a short vocal sketch ..wet

Description : Enjoyed writing singing and layering the vocals on this the mix...hope it's ok..if u need the split dry wavs, my email is on my profile page..cheers.Tried a moombahton beat with this works well.

Description : Humanity going insane..nature will fight back

Description : Part two babies..

Description : Includes ad libs chorus and backing vox..wet only..

Description : Wet and dry . 1st verse section is the chorus

Description : Mama always told me not to mess wit girls like U

Description : I M Fire..made the beat too..check it out on my loops page..

Description : I'll crack u like a twiggy..

Description : From my demo track on my trax page..without the delay on the main vocals

Description : A slightly more loungy downtempo version of the original by Depeche Mode .From my demo track on my tracks page.

Description : I'll keep fighting till my last breath..

Description : Freestyle vocal melody that i worked through...but you get the idea..

Description : Just a little efx to balance the vocals and clarity and a sprinkle of reverb..
My bedtrack with a beat is up on my trax page..

Description : First part wet layered second part dry split

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 457
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